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The META of Gwent has developed and it came up with decks that thin to zero or only few cards left. And that made me start to play my deck child, Mill, again with great success. This Mill deck I’ve been playing from the start of Homecoming (obviously with some changes) has taken me to Rank 1 while devouring the likes of DJ, Foltest, and Hyperthin decks and also decks than DON’T thin at all!

Though I had a great success with this deck, it’s one of the hardest decks to pilot in all of Gwent so am going to try to bring as precise guide as it can get with some additional tips on the video!
Keep in mind that the more games you play the better you will understand the deck and its different match ups!


The deck



It’s pretty straightforward with this that what to mulligan and what to not mulligan. Try to find as many milling cards as you can. One Magne Division or Nauzicaa Sergeant are good for you to have some sort of engine as our main problem is lack of points. Also, try to have one Courier in your hand or Trahaern to be able to see your opponent’s deck before you start milling them so you can set up the best mills for you!
One of the most important parts is also having the TiborAlchemist combo about which am going to talk about later!
Finally, mulligan Damien so you can pull him out with your Ihuarraquax!


If you have the Magnes or Sergeants, smack them down on board so they can start gaining you points! Place Magne depending on which row you are going to play later!
If our cards get removed, don’t worry, it means we baited out some removal and it’s more unlikely for our opponent to remove our more important cards!

Then we start with our Milling process. Start with the Couriers so you have a look at what you are dealing first and set up the order of the cards in the way that is best for our Cantarella or Viper Witchers.
After we have played the Couriers next we play Cantarella or Vipers as mentioned above. When that is executed, go for the Trahaern and discard the best card possible!
Note: We try to leave our opponent’s milling cards in the deck so they mill themselves even more(other copy of Mahakam Volunteers etc. in some cases even Portal).

If at any point you find yourself lacking points, it’s time for a big point play in the form of Tibor – Alchemist combo. Start with playing Tibor and then next turn swap the power of Tibor and a unit as small as possible after you do this pick up Tibor and either play him to catch up with the points of your opponent or play another card worth a lot of points!
Another big point play can be Vilgeforz – remember to pick him up as he is a really good card!

In round one we also try to play our Ihuarraquax to pull out Damien, but most importantly our opponent’s win con! In many cases being Igor the Hook etc.

If you get your chance, play Isbel and Stregobor also with the help of Letho.
Note: If you don’t have Letho in your hand spare one of them.

Also, push round 1 as hard as you can, you need to win it even at the cost of going 2 cards down!


We never pass! Mill as many cards from your opponent as you can with the remaining milling cards! After your round one milling, there’s not much left of your opponent’s card and you should be able to make them draw zero to maximum of 2 cards which are not going to be that great if you milled correctly! Don’t worry if you go card down to round three as you are drawing more cards than your opponent!


The last round of the game doesn’t really have a tactic. If you managed to draw some engines, play them first. If your opponent has played some, try to removed them.
In a case you have spared your Leader and Vilgeforz, you are almost guaranteed to win as it’s a really powerful combo. It’s also really likely that you are going to win with your bad bronzes!

Check out the embed video for more tips and also my other Mill videos to get even more insight on the deck!

This is it from me and see you next time!

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