For those who don’t yet know about Mythgard, it is a free-to-play digital ccg set in a world where ancient mythology and near-future technology blend together to create a vibrant world where Norse gods are talking to their Twitter followers and cyberninjas may be perusing Tinder profiles in their downtime. It is currently in alpha testing and will be moving to open beta shortly. Anyone interested in checking it out can get a key for whichever device they prefer in the Mythgard Discord.

Team Rankstar is proud to introduce our newest Mythgard creators. We have writers and streamers (new and old) actively producing Mythgard content multiple times per week. Let’s join together in welcoming the new kids on the block!

Team Captain – NoahC92

Hi! I guess if you’re reading this I’m dea……. wait…. wrong document. My name is Noah and I’m the team captain for Team Rankstar’s Mythgard team. I’ve been playing card games since discovering Yu-Gi-Oh! in late 2002. I played Yu-Gi-Oh! from 2002 until 2010, when I took a short break for college. I got into Magic: the Gathering in 2012 and picked up Yu-Gi-Oh! again shortly after.

I’ve also played pretty much any digital card game you can think of, with Eternal being the game I’ve got the most time in; though Mythgard is rapidly rising toward the top spot on my Steam account. I got into Mythgard in February of this year and started producing content almost immediately. I was hooked. I write articles every Wednesday and stream 5 days per week.

I’m honored to work as the team captain and help drive content for this game that I love so much. I am eager to see where this team is a year from now. (hint: at the top)

Writer – erobert

Hi, I’m Evan but you probably know me better as erobert in Mythgard!
I started playing Magic in Revised and I’ve always loved every aspect of Collectible Card Games since then. From obscure games like White Wolf’s Arcadia to digital games like Shadowverse, I have always loved every aspect of these games from deck building to organized play and rule systems.

I had been searching for a new game to play on mobile and the alpha of Mythgard has been everything I wanted and more! I was happy to join Team Rankstar, writing articles to explore this game as it fits into a long history of card games and bring others into the fold of this excellent new game.

My Mythgard content frequently veers into the more abstract and philosophical, historicizing aspects of Mythgard in the history of card games. While literary studies, where I work primarily as a scholar and instructor, has some burgeoning interest in video game studies, card games generally are woefully understudied even among these scholars. With Team Rankstar I’m happy as well to have the opportunity to write more about digital and paper card games in this context!

Writer – Tenchuu

By accessing this page, you’ve fallen into my trap. If you are some type of small feline, curiosity has now killed you, satisfaction might bring you back soon enough.

I am Tenchuu, typing from Argentina. Tenchuu is a Japanese word that means “divine retribution” or “heavenly punishment”. My 15 year old self thought was the coolest thing ever. I’ve been playing CCGs and competitive games since my very early teens, and haven’t really stopped. My main love has been Legend of the 5 Rings, where the mechanics and lore blended so harmoniously that the game served not only as a channel for the fires of creativity and competition, but also as rich reservoir of metaphors to deepen my understanding of the universe.

Mythgard’s lore and mechanics intrigued me. The mix between science fiction and twisted mythologies scratched an itch I didn’t know I had, and the mana and lane systems are designs I respect as a gamer and scholar.
I believe words are magic and I’ve been brought on to TRS for Applied Wizardry. You can find me writing about flashy multilayered decks that may or may not work, and refining the best of them to hopefully lethal levels of polish.

Streamer – Tune Star

Hey there lads and lasses, my name is Jackson Casanova (Yes that’s real) otherwise known as TheTuneStarMaster or simply Tune Star. I’m a streamer from the land down under and member of the TRS Mythgard team.

My time with card games starts, as did so many others, with Yu-Gi-Oh!, which I have played for over 15 years now and judged for 6. I’ve dabbled in Magic: the Gathering, Vanguard, Force of Will, Pokemon and just about every other TCG out there. Sadly, my judging does prevent me from taking part as a player in as many events as I would like, but I have managed to sneak in a few Yu-Gi-Oh! top 16 appearances in my time.

I played Hearthstone for a while after my housemate in University first showed it to me, I played it and Duelyst off and on for a few years. That lasted until I was introduced to Eternal which I played since open beta but never found the time to take as seriously as I did paper games. Finally shown Mythgard by my good friend Noah. Mythgard now dominating most if not all of my card gaming time. I look forward to bringing top-level content from Mythgard to Team Rankstar.

Tournament Player – Denwop

My name is Denwop and I’m a French dude living in Chile. I speak English, French, and Spanish.

I started playing MTG in 1995-1996 and was very excited about the game, as it introduced a heroic fantasy world around a strategic game. I played until 2002, before stopping to travel and start my professional life. Even without a local player base, I kept myself involved in CCGs with Hearthstone, Might and Magic, Shadowverse, Gwent, TES:L, Eternal, and now Mythgard.

I’m exclusively a tournament/ladder player and can be a tuner or builder, but am primarily a pilot. There are many considerations I make when looking into a CCG. I appreciate strategic aspects, skill cap, lore, art, economy…. all of it. I’m always happy to help anyone and stay motivated to improve their skill as I improve my own.

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