Hello everyone! Heywhyyou is here to deliver some high quality™ jank.

THE decklist ™


This is a good old Mind Link list with some additions from the new set (merchants and Substitute are one of those). The core idea of the deck is to control the board while setting up all we need to roll (playing Mind Link, Crown, etc.) and even knowing this deck doesn’t have Harsh Rule doesn’t hurt you at all since a lot of Elysian removals start giving extra value with Mind Link – like playing Rain of Frogs on something with 2 Mind Links and a Crown on board will get you at least 2 frogs with a random battle skill (4 if 2 cards are removed from the hand, 6 if 3 are removed, etc.).

Some useful tips:

-Wanna be less jank and more competitive™? Swap those Crowns with anything you want (Vital Arcana for card draw, Unseals for hard control metas, Darudes for anything, etc.);
-Sometimes you might want to use Equivocate to pop face aegis (which is going to clear the way for Rain of Frogs);
-Keep in mind that playing Shimmerpack with Destiny while having a Mind Link on board may cause you to get stuck in an infinite loop. 😉

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