Casters have it pretty good during tournament season. We get to fire up our microphones, get a tall glass of water, and enjoy the best gameplay that TESL has to offer. But, sometimes, a bit of jealousy sets in. We’re on the desk, watching and talking, and nothing more. Sometimes, that competitive itch hits and we can feel it in our bones. DeadBrokeNerd and I can’t sit idly anymore – it’s time for one thing, and one thing only…


That’s right! The Dapper Duo is at war, and only one army of memes will stand tall at the end of Saturday night! We’ve been hard at work this week crafting top tier “Meta-Adjacent” decks and it’s time to smash them at each other in a best of 3 Conquest format match and see who is left basking in glorious meme-tastic glory.

If you’d like to witness history in the making for the first ever Caster Clash event, then tune in to watch at 7:30 PM EST this Saturday, June 15th. I will have my perspective at, and DBN will be streaming his side at So join us for not-so-witty banter, poorly directed competitive spirit, and a belly full of laughs, and we’ll see who truly puts the Dapper into this Duo.

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