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It’s already a month onto the new expansion, and we can see how Saviors of Uldum is already affecting the meta. This post will feature all the new lists that are seeing success recently.

Togwaggle Druid made a resurgence, with Sleight piloting the deck to legend. Joybuzz makes it relatively easier to combo, while Juicy Psychmelon had a sound reintroduction! In a meta sprinkled with Reno and combo decks like SN1P-SN4P, Togwaggle Druid can be a fine choice.

Another grizzly veteran that has found its way back into the meta is Mech Hunter. The aggressive deck is well designed to kill really early on by both going wide and going tall, which makes it a fine deck into the top meta decks like Secret Mage and SN1P-SN4P Warlock.

Even after the nerfs, Pocket Galaxy still proves to be strong enough to carry Reno Mage to rank 1 legend. Reno Mage is seeing a massive resurgence, with many variations being legend viable in Pocket Reno, Tempo Reno, Quest Reno and N’Zoth Reno.

Who would have thought Zephrys would be that powerful, right, right? Well Memnarch certainly thinks it’s enough to leverage a seemingly forgotten deck back into the limelight! He’s still faithful with the combo version, which seem to be very effective against many decks in the meta right now.

The existence of Prismatic Lens opened up new avenues to playing Murloc Paladin. Much like its Standard counterpart, Wild Murloc Paladins are utilizing Lens to fetch a very cheap Tip the Scales, which can settle the game from as early as Turn 4 with the Coin.

Odd Rogue and Kingsbane Rogue are still go-to decks if you’re looking for a successful climb with this class. Kingsbane is really good into SN1P-SN4P with Saps and huge weapons, while Odd Rogue has been always strong into the meta in general.

SN1P-SN4P Warlock is stronger than ever thanks to Plague of Flames. The card can do so many things: clear a big minion, clear many small minions, and providing an extra win condition in Mecha’thun should your main gameplan go sour! This might be the deck to beat in the near future.

This anti-aggro version of Even Shaman brought success for guiseitsme on the American server. I personally think with all the SN1P-SN4P Warlocks in the meta, it is better to play big boys and Windfury instead of a Thunderhead package.

Last but not least, a deck from yours truly! Pirate Warrior is probably the strongest Warrior deck right now, with a flexible package of weapon you can choose to include or exclude part of. Wrenchcalibur is really good into Secret Mage and Reno decks, while Livewire Lance is great into tempo decks. Spellbreaker is a fine choice if you’re seeing many Warlocks.

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