This article was written by SynergyGod3773 and edited by Sevenzh.

Gwent’s 2020 roadmap was just released and it brought some people to tears while others rejoiced to hear some of CDPR’s 2020 vision (pun intended) for Gwent. The Gwent team, led by Pawel Burza and Jason Slama, recapped Gwent Homecoming’s first year and brought to the forefront their aspirations for the upcoming calendar year. These topics included all of the following:

  • PS4/Xbox One – Support will be discontinued for consoles starting immediately. CDPR will allow all console players to clone their ONE (1) account to a GOG linked account so players can keep all vanities, cosmetics, and achievements earned. While Gwent will still be playable on console, it will receive no new seasonal modes, patch support, or updates between now and its official shutdown in six months.
  • Android Release – Gwent will be released on all Android mobile devices in Quarter 1 of 2020. The exact date is yet to be announced.
  • Masters Season 2 – Gwent Masters Season 2 has been announced and will begin on January 1st 2020 and continue through December 31st 2020. CDPR expects that every season going forward will last exactly one year, with the Gwent Masters final for Season 1 coming in March of 2020.
  • Tournament Format – Four Gwent Opens are expected to happen in Season 2 with monthly qualifiers. CDPR mentioned that with the help of the community, bigger prize pools will be awarded to the participants of these events. No details regarding the qualifiers or the prize pools were mentioned.
  • Tournament website / Plug-in – CDPR will be launching a new website to allow community organizers and teams to organize tournaments using this new approach.
  • Tournament Spectator Mode – CDPR announced that a “Tournament Spectator” mode will be available to organizers that submit their Community Tournament through CDPR’s website. More details for this are pending.
  • Leeks and Sneak Peeks – Jason and Pawel previewed two new card backs, a card art for an upcoming SK card which will be represented in the upcoming expansion, as well as a mysterious sword which will represent a new card mechanic.
  • Cosmetics – CDPR intends to continue releasing various leader cosmetics. They showcased a new Gascon leader which can be used by any leader ability from any faction.
  • Arena Update – Jason Slama stated that an Arena update will be launching for Arena mode some time in 2020. This update will make arena look more modern and it will also have an improved version of drafting, based on the leader chosen before the draft.

Here is what some of the Team Rankstar members had to say about the upcoming plans for 2020:

SEVENZH: My predictions regarding the Season 2 were on point and I expected them to drop the Challenger tiers from the tournament season, given how much of an investment that is, but i wish we got more information about it. While i am not exactly interested in anything cosmetic related (and I’m sure I am in the minority), I am happy to see some great art introduced for the card backs, leaders usable in every faction, etc. Even though it was handled poorly, I also happen to agree with the drop for console support and there are many reasons why that is a good thing, with the most important one being a very restricted ecosystem for users; unfortunately, features like Crossplay (with all other platforms) dont rely only on CDPR’s allocated budget for Gwent, but also on Sony (which is well known for not agreeing to such features, until more recently, and only with a few games that are able to generate enough revenue for Sony, out of their 30% cut).

SYNERGYGOD3773: I am truly excited about Gwent Masters Season 2 beginning again. I was at a point where I thought it was never going to arrive. Now I have a renewed sense of competition and expect to give it my all, starting January.

GULOX2: For me, the single biggest announcement in the roadmap was the implementation of a dedicated tournament website / client / support, along with the possibility of a Tournament Spectator mode being available for these tournaments. The ability to have local, grass-roots avenues of support for competition in the game is a huge boon. This support will, in my opinion, lead to long-term growth for the game more than anything else announced. While big tournaments and new cards are always nice, the possibility for more people to be invested in the game, and to compete at different levels, where they may feel more comfortable, is a big one. If you get people invested, you get people that want to stick around. That’s good for the game, and allows for more opportunities for the game to grow in more ways. This old man might have some tournaments lined up for you, so be on the lookout for Gulo’s Gambit next year.

OWIII: I have mixed feelings overall and I will start by saying that I am happy to see a Roadmap. Regarding the competitive scene, there wasnt any information about the Qualifiers or the prize pool. They also teased the new expansion only with a card art, but they did not say if it is coming this year or next year, just that it is coming “soon”. They could’ve done a much better job even with how they handled dropping the support for consoles. The decision of closing the console accounts is not as professional as it looks, nor is it respectful towards players, because they are now forced to buy iOS devices or Windows PCs, to continue playing in the same environment as everyone else. Lastly, they should be more acknowledgeable regarding bugs in the future, because we had many of them this year and I would be very disappointed to see the same amount of bugs next year.

TRYNET: Any news about Season 2 is good news. The stuff they showed with the tournament website is really interesting too, depending on what they mean when they say “integrated”. If it bypasses needing to send friend invites, and deal with bans out of client, that would improve the flow of online tournaments considerably. Keeping tournaments all within the Gwent ecosystem, rather than relying on a combination of Discord, GOG, Challonge, and Google Docs would go a long way towards making online tournaments feel good to play in.

JOHAGGIS: While admittedly, I get excited about Gwent announcements pretty easily, there’s a lot to be excited about in this roadmap. Season 2 seemed pretty touch-and-go for a while, and that’s huge, so I’m excited to try and qualify for a LAN. A Tournament Client / Tournament Spectator mode is also huge, as someone who’s been on every side of community tournaments, and interacts with LordBushwook a fair amount. But ultimately, while the tournaments are the most important announcement, it’s not enough to keep the game’s momentum. Gameplay and new content will do that. And while new content is slowing down, a dedication to reworking unused cards is very exciting. Besides, slower expansions that help flesh out archetypes is exactly what Gwent needs. And damn, those cardbacks and that teased artwork are a pretty powerful hook for keeping me around. Say what you will about Gwent, but it has hands-down the best art in the CCG market.

BRINGEROFWINTER: In my opinion this wasn’t a roadmap. It was filled with stuff that has already been promised, and the lack of true Spectate mode is really, really sad. Also the fact that tournaments have to be organised through their own site to even be spectated, smells like a lot of control issues and sets a dangerous precedent. I guess we’ll see what happens next year.

REDRAME: I’m happy that there’s a Season 2, and while I’m reserving judgement until there are more details, the large number of qualifiers and the fact that it’s starting relatively soon was very encouraging. The drop for console support was a good move, as playing with a controller was miserable and diverted resources from things that could actually make the game more appealing and play to the project’s strengths. Not too interested in the expansion schedule, as I suspect that’s loose and subject to change. It seems like there might not be enough new content being added to freshen up the game if the status quo is kept on patches etc., but if the devs actually step up their game when it comes to reworking the current card pool and mixing up what we have, like it sounds they want to, then I think that’s a good approach.

VILLEKS: I will keep my opinion short and sweet. All i have to say is that i am super happy that competitive Gwent is back and Pro Ladder has a meaning again, which makes me feel really good.

THEABEASTY: The eSports factor is a game changer and will subsequently incentivise many more players to enter the world of Gwent. I’m very excited for Gwent on Android and believe it to be a worthy replacement of the console. The more time CDPR puts into the development of the game, the better. Different platforms is a necessary point of concern, but not something that time should be wasted on in excess. The visual enhancements, sound impacts and polished animations is definitely the icing on the cake. The future of Gwent seems promising, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

EKAMI: With the release of the new roadmap CDPR definitely managed to breathe new life into the slumbering competitive scene. The eSports calendar for 2020 seems ambitious, but if everything works out smoothly everyone who is interested in competing or watching will have many qualifiers and events to look forward to. Furthermore, I am happy to see them focusing more on quality rather than the quantity of expansions. I’d prefer to see less frequent, but better fleshed out releases, that don’t feel rushed. This should be more healthy for the longevity of Gwent. Moreover, I am happy that they are aiming to improve the Arena game mode which has been widely overlooked in the past, and is in dire need of improvements.

WHATSUPWOODY: Personally, I thought the roadmap was far from a roadmap. Yes, there were announcements, but other than Season 2 starting in four weeks and consoles being given a week to say goodbye, we weren’t given another date. The mention of expansions is not news, they announced the 3-month plan a year ago, so we knew expansions are coming; maybe actually telling us about the first expansion and a rough date on the next expansion would have actually been news? I like the route they are taking with Season 2 (a year-long and smaller tournaments), but Season 2 clearly wasn’t ready to be announced. It’s starting in 4 weeks, we know nothing about it, how people are going to ‘chip in’ for it or even how they are going to qualify? In all honesty, I thought this felt like a ‘here’s Season 2 so now stop hassling us’ and a ‘let’s see what else we can throw into the “Roadmap”’. The idea of having a ‘season pass’ or ‘battle pass’ is fine but will never work. They are taking the route of big, popular competitive games like Fortnite, LoL and MTGA. I would love to see Season 2 work for the community, but I just can’t see it happening if they are heavily relying on us filling out half the prize pool. Finally, I was really disappointed by the confirmation that Spectate mode isn’t coming. A year ago they said Spectate mode is coming, but in the Roadmap they said that only Tournament Spectator mode is coming, not Spectate mode. Tournament Spectator mode is a great feature for competitive players but that’s it. If a casual player wants to go back to look at a replay to see where they went wrong or how to improve they cant. This is a mode in almost every CCG (not MTGA) and I can’t believe they are ignoring it! As I said, overall I thought it was a very shallow press release glitzed up to a stream. It made me (personally) re-confirm why I left the game and that I still believe the devs don’t have a set vision as to where they want Gwent to be, very much developing the game by the edge of their seats.

LORDBUSHWOOK: The single biggest news for me, and the tournament scene in general, is the announcement of the Tournament Spectator mode. I know that it may seem like a small, nice quality of life change, but this will change how viable community tournaments are for the whole game. Being able to actually make content without ridiculous tournament entry requirements (like being forced to stream games) will be huge for sponsors, prize pools, and the health of the tournament scene. Several other great things were announced like Season 2, and a tease for a new expansion. Very happy to see the positive direction that Gwent is taking and the biggest question for me now relies only on getting more details regarding the Gwent Masters Season 2 circuit and prize pool.

JAVIS99: I was most excited about the information on eSports, so I like it very much. They have told me everything I wanted to hear and convinced me that they had a plan for the game and its further in development. Hopefully, next year we will witness more marketing, maybe even a collaboration between CDPR and Netflix, and an increased popularity of the game.


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