A biweekly podcast where we discuss everything Gwent, from the freshest of leeks and patch news, through the meme and content creation, all the way to the competitive scene!

If you’re a fan of Gwent tournaments, their atmosphere and intensity, you will definitely enjoy this episode. Our guests this week are the iconic caster duo of McBeard and Flake. They are both long-time members of the community who through their hard work earned the utmost respect of the Gwent playerbase. We’re not only going to talk about Iron Judgment, the latest Gwent expansion, but also about their background story as tournament casters, their experience with the Gwent community throughout the years and their outlook on the future of the game and its competitive scene.

Episode 3 will be streamed live on Twitch (Saturday, October 5, 1PM CEST) and will be uploaded on YouTube a few hours later. See you there, my friend!

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