This budget build of Selesnya Enchantments looks to get Setessan Champion on the board as early as possible and basically make her huge by attaching enchantments to her. Not only can she become an absolutely massive mid-game threat, but the continuous card draw she offers is incredibly good.

Other cards like Destiny Spinner and Nyx Herald also offer some good mid-game presence, especially Destiny Spinner’s ability to create an X/X land where X is the number of enchantments you control, oh, and this beasty land also has haste and trample…not too shabby.

Staple Cards

Setessan Champion

Nyx Herald

Season of Growth

Banishing Light/Prison Realm

Deck Play Style

This is a very heavy combo deck that looks to buff cheap creatures with cheap enchantments to give you some big presence in the midgame. You want to be finding a couple of creatures in your opening hand, ideally Setessan Champion to play them on curve and then start buffing her with a tonne of enchantments.

Deck Strengths

-Very cheap mana curve, allowing you to build a strong early to the mid-game presence

-Can be very threatening during the midgame with a lot of power ramp

-Great card draw through Season of Growth and Setessan Champion

-Very effective against midrange-aggro decks

Deck Weaknesses

-As with any combo deck, if your combo card is removed it can be very slow to build back up to power

-A large number of enchantments in the deck can mean it’s hard to sometimes find creatures

-Really struggles against long game control decks

Key Cards to Upgrade the Deck

Heliod, Sun-Crowned can be a great addition, he adds to the enchantment synergy and his lifelink ability can really help with longer matchups

Bronzehide Lion is the first card I would put into the deck. It can help keep your combo creatures alive and adds more sustainability to the deck.

Calix, Destiny’s Hand Is a great planeswalker to add, he offers some more consistency with finding your enchantments and can provide some key mid-game control

Siona, Captain of the Pyleas is a must-add when you have access to her. The ability to pull enchantments from your deck early is great and her soldier spam is also great against more aggressive decks.

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