Simic Flash is both a much loved and much-hated deck in Magic: The Gathering. It’s loved for the fact that you can quite literally shut down your opponent’s game plan by countering all the spells they cast, which is also why it can be infuriating to play against – hence the hated part.

This budget build is missing some of the big cards, mainly Nissa, Who Shakes The World. But even with some key cards missing the core game plan still works; play counterspells to slow your opponent down, then drop Nightpack Ambusher at the end of their turn and just watch it pop out mini wolfs (which can pack a sizable punch on their own).

The Deck

You can export the deck from Aetherhub here

Staple Cards

Nightpack Ambusher

Frilled Mystic

Brineborn Cutthroat

Deck Play Style

Simic Flash can be a very tricky deck to play, especially as a new player. Almost all of your plays are on your opponent’s turn and timing them correctly is really important. When it comes to countering your opponent’s spells you’ll need to be selective in what you counter. If you counter all the early game spells against a control deck then you’re playing into their late-game presence. If you don’t counter early spells against an aggressive deck then you’ll find yourself in a lot of trouble.

Nightpack Ambusher is a card you always want to play at the very end of your opponent’s turn. Hopefully, they will have exhausted all their land and it will resolve unanswered. This allows you to attack with it next turn and it will pop out a wolf if you don’t cast a spell during your turn, which is usually the case with Simic Flash.

Deck Strengths

-The continuous barrage of counterspells can really shut down you’re opponents game plan

-Can be very strong in the mid-game phase due to the power of Nightpack Ambusher and all their little wolf friends

Deck Weaknesses

-This budget build lacks power in the late game of a match and if your counterspells end up getting countered then it can be very hard to recover

-Due to the limited number of creatures in the deck you can have games where you just won’t have anything to resolve on the board, this can lead to your opponent resolving a creature and winning through chip damage

Key Cards to Upgrade The Deck

Nissa, Who Shakes The World – Is there a green deck that Nissa doesn’t fit in? Although Nissa goes against you ‘playing spells on your opponents turn’ she’s just too strong to not put in this list. Through playing Growth Spiral you can play Nissa turn 4, and nobody likes a turn 4 Nissa!

Brazen Borrower – This rather annoying fairy is one of the best cards in standard and perfectly fits into this deck. They’re basically an opt but with a creature’s body. What’s even better is that Brazen Borrower has flash, so you can play them in on your opponent’s turn, which can make your Brineborn Cutthroat even bigger!

Hydroid Krasis – Krasis isn’t necessarily a ‘must-have’ card here, but they can really help you see a game out. Even if they don’t resolve you still gain the life and draw the cards, all dependant on how much you pay into Krasis. This alone can be huge as Simic Flash can see your hand size quickly diminish if you’re constantly countering your opponent’s spells.

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