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New update has arrived and so did the new beginning for the great Northern Realms! I myself was really looking forward for the patch and I certainly wasn’t disappointed as it breathed a new life to the faction.

The Deck Guide

The deck



In your first hand you are looking for Roche: Merciless, Reinforcements, Blue Stripe Commandos and Blue Stripe Scouts to be able to set up your combos for R3. It’s also really great to draw Pavetta to be sure we can shuffle back our Commandos. Lyrian Arbalests are also a great way to assert our dominance in R1.

Note: Usually we use all of our redraws as we can’t really get bricked and you can almost always find a better card.
Note 2: Drawing two commandos R1 doesn’t really matter as you are now sure that you can pull them out R3.


If we were able to draw Lyrian Cavalries or Lyrian Arbalests we usually place them first to get most out of their abilities. What I like to do is to place a Mauler before my Arbalest to lower the chances of the Arbelest being removed(this is optional but works really well for me).

DON’T hesitate on using some of your removal we have plenty of it but still mind your opponents deck when depleting your resources!
Using Keira or Falibor is a great way to get the control of the round so play them carefully – again, don’t worry about using your cards we have plenty of “aces up our sleeves” still!


We usually seal the deal in R1 and win. If not it ain’t the end of the world so let’s just focus on the next rounds.

If we won R1 we typically just play Pavetta and shuffle our Commandos back in the deck with her.
Depending on our hand we can push. But keep in mind you really want to keep something to summon the Commandos out of your deck and also the Draug.

Note: Be sure to keep at least ONE CHARGE of your Leader to be able to summon the Commandos in R3!


In R3 we usually begin like in R1 with the Lyrian Cavalry and then the Arbalests to maximize our value on them. We then continue reacting to our opponents plays using our cards or just casually playing what’s remaining.

Be sure to have enough space on the Melee row to summon all the Commandos there later to turn them into Revenants and use the remaining Arbalest/s to set up the Revenants. Blaze and Vincet can help you set them up too.

And now it’s the easiest part! Simply enjoy your win!

This is it for the deck guide you can find more tips in linked video bellow and feel free to ask further questions in the comments!

Thank you for your time and see you next time!

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