Hey guys, it’s iowa. Today I have 9 deck lists for each hero in the game that you can take to the Grand Prix on October 18th. Not sure what Grand Prix is? Go check out my detailed explanation here.

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Meta Prediction

The Grand Prix will be a very difficult format, because the meta shift is significant. Normally we can play with all cards available in TEPPEN. With Grand Prix they are removing TEPPEN CORE expansion which is the first expansion and contains many counter cards we know and love. The goal for any player in Grand Prix is to stay in Group A and go undefeated in the final round – a single loss in the final round ends your journey immediately. My prediction for the Grand Prix meta is that 4 MP Purple will be the most played deck, Green players should love this format because big beefy cards will excel due to there being few counters to stop them, and Black is a decent counter to 4 MP Purple. That’s where this article comes in: I am hoping that if this article spreads, the meta will be unpredictable. Today I have for you my competitive perspective on all 9 heroes in Grand Prix format.

Note that on the meta, Green will not have seal or resets available to them. Hard removal options have been downsized. Decks that play big threats will be rewarded in this meta and are a good counter to 4 MP Purple.

Ryu Explore

Hero Art: Shinku Hadoken

Deal 7 damage to target enemy unit.

Deck Type: Tempo


Red Explore plays tempo style, meaning it plays a decent neutral game and you are pushing and protecting your threats. Like all Explore decks, the deck is trying to gain 3 Explores as soon as possible to unlock additional effects on their cards. The bread and butter of the deck is Ryu’s Shinku Hadoken, as being able to destroy most enemy units with your Hero Art is very powerful. This deck will be unfavored against fast decks or green.

Rathalos Explore

Hero Art: Wrath Awoken

Give target friendly unit flight and +X damage where X is the number of times you have played an action that buffs damage.

Deck Type: Tempo


Originally we tried Red Green Rathalos. It didn’t work out because the buffs available to us are color specific for targetable units. It makes more sense that if we are playing Rathalos that we attempt to keep the same damage potential, and Red best fits the criteria. The deck is much slower, however can be deadly due to the format having fewer answers to handle on-board threats. This deck list is not meant to be aggressive and will take more time to secure the win.

Jill Valentine Explore

Hero Art: Antibody Activation

If you have explored 3 or more times, target friendly unit gets +1/+3 and <Shield>.

Deck Type: Tempo


Red Explore plays tempo style. It plays a decent neutral game and you are pushing and protecting your threats. Like all Explore decks, the deck is trying to gain 3 Explores as soon as possible to unlock additional effects on their cards. The aesthetic feature of this deck is it’s fair in its pacing, as the deck is not too slow. With Jill, she can use her Hero Art to protect the threats, making them bigger and harder to deal with.

X Resonate

Hero Art: Charge Shot

Gives “When HP is boosted: Gain +1 Attack” to all friendly units.

Deck Type: Combo


This deck is a little prone to bricking but not too much. It is necessary for its explosiveness. The deck runs 16 units and 14 actions. The goal of the deck is to play a MP Boost unit [Felyne] or [Layer] and use the other 2 board slots for ideally [Bertha] and/or [Trish]. Those 2 units gain the most from this deck but are not necessary for the deck to pop off. Charge Shot gives a buff to all of your current units on board when the Hero Art is activated. Each time those units gain health, they also gain +1 attack. Our deck plays actions that give a lot of health or minimize damage making this deck ridiculous. The goal is to play a board and beef them up quickly.

Chun-Li Boss Monster

Hero Art: Yawn

Gives “when this unit leaves the field: gain 4 MP” to a friendly unit.

Deck Type: Tempo


The goal of this deck is to make Willow or Armor Soldier the threat, and everything else in the deck makes them bigger. Yawn helps so that if your opponent somehow manages to kill your threat in a format where there’s not a lot of removal, you can gain 4 MP to begin your climb back.

Morrigan 4 MP Purple

Hero Art: Shadow Blade

Deal 4 damage to an enemy unit. If that unit has flight, deal 6 instead. Gain life equal to the damage dealt.

Deck Type: Midrange Tempo


4 MP Purple is still oppressive and consistent, because with the new format we do not lose many cards that are core to the deck. However, if the meta shifts because of this article, and players decide to play big units, then 4 MP Purple will struggle dealing with the meta because high health and 5 MP cost units cannot be targets for 4 MP Purple. The deck focuses on abusing [Beltway] and [Four Eyes] to set back the opponent. Shadow Blade Hero Art is very strong as it pairs as an alternate win condition to drag the game out to time and win by health alone in the situation of a time out. This deck has a high skill ceiling due to the deck requiring a strict line of plays to always stay ahead, where a mistake with this deck can significantly lower your chances of winning.

Dante Big Resonate

Hero Art: Devil Trigger

[Dante] takes no damage for 10 seconds.

Deck Type: Combo


Big Resonate is very viable in this meta. Seal and resets are gone and there are less hard removals. This deck focuses on [Trish] and [Dante] being the main threat and giving them unblockable from [Stealth] using [Ada Wong] and [Sting Chameleon].

Wesker DD

Hero Art: Dark Destruction

Destroy target enemy 5 MP unit cost or lower.

Deck Type: Midrange


The aesthetic of this deck is the numerous hard removal options. The revenge units are best used defensively and the matches will be grindy. [Licker] is essential for black decks in the format because we have access to [Tyrant (T-103)]. [Licker] becomes the most efficient outlet to destroy [Tyrant (T-103)] to transform him into [Super Tyrant].

Nergigante Spike Divebomb

Hero Art: Spike Divebomb

Gives +4/+4 and self-destruct on attack to a friendly unit.

Deck Type: Tempo


I really enjoyed playing this deck on stream. It is a very fun deck, focusing on Spike Divebomb synergy with the units in the deck. [G-Adult] is essential in the deck, buying time and allowing for conserving MP. Spike Divebomb should be triggered before your unit blocks an attack for maximum value, because in this scenario your unit will destroy the enemy and continue to attack your opponent with +4 damage.

I hope you guys enjoyed this short write up and series of deck lists. Stay tuned for more content this month. Good luck and have fun.

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