Massive thanks to RenoJackson, Hijodaikan, Beeozan, xtuliop, Goku, and Memnarch for sharing their deck creations!

The new expansion is descending upon us (tomorrow, in fact), and we have gathered here all the theorycrafts from our esteemed Rankstar experts! In this article, we are going to showcase these theorycrafts by classes, and within each class, we are going to have a brief overview of how the new cards will change the decks we have seen and create new archetypes in the next expansion.

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Druid has received quite an interesting set in this expansion. Although it only has three new class dragon-related cards, they are all pretty solid. Breath of Dreams is a great conditional pre-nerf Wild Growth that can support early game in a Dragon deck with big minions, where the new Emerald Explorer can provide both protection and value.

Embiggen is probably the most anticipated card for the class comes the new expansion. People have already thought about including the card in Aggro/Token-based strategies, for it is such immense value with a manageable drawback. Priests’ Surrender to Madness is crying in a corner somewhere right now.

The rest of the set are Treant Druid support cards. Treant Druid is somewhat like Discard Warlock of old, trickled with a new addition every expansion but has never been quite good enough. However, this expansion might change that. So many cards have been printed to support the archetype; it might finally become good this time around.


Hunter has gotten some pretty weird cards that at first glance didn’t seem to support any archetypes, but they don’t look half-bad upon closer inspection. Although the dragon support for Hunter doesn’t look like it’s going to work, Odd and Even Hunter has some pretty neat support cards. Odd Hunter is all about damage, and Toxic Reinforcement is a good help in that regard. Dwarven Sharpshooter is a good board control tool as well, although it can also be used as a generally good 1-drop in Reno Hunter.

With Even-costed Inspire-esque cards printed, Even Hunter might become a half-decent deck, although it might be a distance away from being playable. Dragonbane in particular also has application in Mech Hunter, a deck that has existed for quite some time.


Mage has received many strong cards for this expansion. Violet Spellwing has to be one of the most powerful one-drops in the game in the context of the Mage class, with so many ways to abuse a powerful 1-cost spell in Arcane Missiles. On top of that, it’s an Elemental, so it might fit in many Elemental strategies along with Elemental Allies.

Many of Mage’s dragons are strong. Malygos is really flexible and fairly cheap for what he does, while Arena Explorer can be used both as a spell power outlet and as extra value. Dragoncaster opens up avenue to combine dragons with big spells, and can be used alongside Solia in Reno Mage for consistency.

The Elementals are pretty extraordinary. Chen’vaala is a way better Dragon Soul in a class that can abuse spells so much better (Quest Mage, anyone?). Mana Giant is an extra Arcane Giant, which can be really useful in decks like Reno Quest Mage.


Paladins have received a number of interesting cards this expansion, each for different purposes. The dragons they received are mostly defensive ones, with Nozdormu the Timeless being a particularly amusing card. The best use for this card might be in decks like Exodia Paladin, where you want to ramp to 10 mana early so you can play Uther of the Ebon Blade immediately, or so you can gain access to your clear combos versus aggro.

Sanctuary is a 2 mana delayed 3/6, which might be a good defensive card or an option for Even Paladin. On the other hand, Righteous Cause is great in token based decks like Odd Paladin.

Class Card Paladin might take the shell of the old Recruits Paladin, as it already used a great number of class cards anyway. They might not be enough to bring Pure Recruits back to their former glory, but we will have to wait and see.


Most of the cards offered for Priest are Galakrond-related cards and value cards. The value cards like Mindflayer Khaarj and Murozond the Infinite might find themselves fit in value Reno Priest quite comfortably, like how Madame Lazul found its home in Reno Priest, while Whispers of EVIL can replace another low-cost card as fuel for AK47 style Reno Priest.

Galakrond cards, however, require to be built around. One might think that Galakrond might not be strong enough as a Wild archetype, but Fate Weaver might change that. Being a dragon AND having a Thaurissan effect, it might be worth it to switch existing the Mind Blast core to a Galakrond build, so you can cheese some value should your Velen be disrupted somehow.

Goku’s Reno Priest (because of technical reasons we are not yet able to take screenshots of Reno decks from this point on. We will have that updated as soon as possible)


Rogues are seeing experimental branching towards new archetypes, as can be seen through cards like Stowaway, Waxadred, and Flik Skyshiv. These cards don’t fit in any archetypes right now, but have potential to be some of the very strong cards in the future.

The new 1 mana pirate solidify some of Rogue’s strongest archetypes in Pirate Rogue and Odd Rogue. Necrium Apothecary is the dream card for Big Rogue, while the new Umbral Skulker provides an OTK option within a Galakrond shell.

This article is being updated live. Come back soon to find decks for Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior!

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