Team Rankstar, in partnership with, is hosting a month-long Magic the Gathering: Arena tournament series with over $1600 in prizes! Here is are specifics of this series and what is to come!

Dates, Times, & Signup Links

Details pertaining to whole series

  • The series will consist of 3 small, qualifier events and 1 large main event.
  • All matches will be played on MTG: Arena.
  • Format: Standard Best of 3
  • Players do not need to complete in qualifiers to play in Main Event, but there are rewards for doing so!

Details pertaining ONLY to qualifiers

  • These events will be swiss standings based only. There will be NO top 8 bracket.
  • These events will Not be streamed by Team Rankstar.
  • Player entry will be capped at 128 People.

Details pertaining ONLY to the main event

  • This event will span over 2 days: Swiss Day 1, Top 8 Bracket Day 2
  • Player entry will be capped at 512 players, including those who won byes in the qualifiers.
  • All Top 8 players will be required to stream via
    • Game play is all that is required. Face Camera and Voice Commentary are completely optional
    • By playing in this event, you give Team Rankstar and its Affiliates, permission to use this streamed footage of the event for broadcasting the footage from their own Twitch pages!
  • During the stream at we will also be giving out lots of goodies to our viewers! MTG:Arena packs or gems? Team Rankstar Swag? Maybe even credit to purchase your favorite cards from an online store! Just tune in during the stream and type ” !Giveaway “.


  • Qualifiers:
    • 1st: $100 & round 1 Bye in main event
    • 2nd: $50 & round 1 Bye in main event
    • 3rd-4th: $25 & round 1 Bye in main event
  • Main event
    • 1st: $400 & Top 8 playmat provided by Inked Gaming
    • 2nd: $200 & Top 8 playmat provided by Inked Gaming
    • 3rd-4th: $100 & Top 8 playmat provided by Inked Gaming
    • 5th-8th: $50 & Top 8 playmat provided by Inked gaming

About of Sponsors : The main sponsor for the event! Without their help and contributions, this series would not exist! GamerSensei is a coaching platform in which players can find hourly coaching from top tier players in many games! From CS:GO to League of Legends to our favorite, MTG: Arena! You can hop over there now to browse each coaches rates, availability, and contact information to set up a time to improve!

Inked Gaming: Inked gaming is providing top 8 playmats or mousepads of the players choise for our Main event! These high quality mats are amazing! Check out their website at to get your own customized mats and remember to use Code TRS12 at checkout to get that sweet 12% off your total purchase!

Contact information

If you have any questions or concerns, please join our discord ( and ask in our #Rankstar-Arena-Rumble Channel!

For live updates and announcements regarding the tournament, Remember to follow @teamrankstar or our tournament organizers @TRS_Joshsampson and @WatchFlake on Twitter!

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