Hello, my name is Bruhsiah! You may know me as the Prophet of Punts, the Master of Misplays, and the Titan of Top-Decks. But, I am here now to welcome you to the second edition of Seat of Impulse. This is an article series where various Team Rankstar team members give their first impression and their impulsive opinions on the latest announcements for Eternal. Today’s topic will be the newest Hero to be stuck in a coffin. Deleph, Cursed Prophet.

I quickly sat down with some TRS members and poked their brains on this new card. They had this to say:

“So, I think this card is a 8/10 and would be rated higher if it didn’t compete with other, better cards in that same 3 power slot. (Cough, merchants) Statline-wise, it’s good. 1/4 unblockable means it’s always getting in and cant be torched. Defiance might be an issue, but I would think the majority of the time this thing eats a premium removal spell (please come up with good pun about premium) and either lets you curve into your good threats, Vara and DARUDE, or you can start to run away with the game. Ability wise, it is very strong. Now, it’s hard to put a number on how good the average activation is, but drawing the best of two cards (or giving your opponent to one they cant have in some cases) gives your enough agency to control the pace of the game. This kind of effect has been seen before in (DWD developed) games before and has dominated.” – Dunkelwerk

“I like Deleph, and think it is for sure a playable card. It dodges most situational removal such as Torch and Annihilate, and its effect is easy to proc. As far the effect goes, the only bad situation that could arise is when Deleph produces two very good cards such that both players receive one. It will often produce two bad cards, or one good card and one bad card, and you will always have the option to take the best card. My biggest worry is that Deleph will not have a deck that it fits well in, and only time will tell on that.” 6/10 – Tiny10Hands

“I love this card design-wise, it has an interesting effect that plays out differently each game that basically always gives both players an out. For a competitive perspective, I don’t see this card making a splash, its body is a bit too awkward combined with the fact that it has to attack to trigger instead of say, a summon effect makes it too weak to stand out compared to other 3 drops. 3/10, although extremely fun and interesting” – NotoriousGHP

“Deleph is essentially a Contraband on a stick, but he can help and hinder, if nothing else it gives you and your opponent market fodder, or stack up hand size if he is left unchecked. The fact that you get to see the cards gives a lot of information and if he continues to go unchained you can quickly overload what you opponent can do. I think he could be useful in decks like modified Maul or something of the sort, or generate enough value for you that it does not matter what your opponent does” 6/10 card 8/10 story – MantidMan

“Decent defensive stats. Doesn’t provide card advantage exactly, but given that you pick first you are probably getting the better card + you know what the opponent is getting. Very cool concept – as it is usually with the monthly promo cards. Great in fully RNG, Contraband/Nictotraxian/Knucklebone decks! The only downside is that the 3-slot is heavily occupied – merchants, good units and removal.” All in all 10/10 design 6/10 potential. – Calebovitsch

Now, in my personal opinion, this card adds a weird element to a game that tries to stay away from RNG. I would like to see a deck that can use it, but I don’t think it has the right slot. Personally, I would rate this card a strong 5 to light 6.

What do you think about this card? Will you experiment with it or grind it into sweet, sweet shiftstone? Voice your opinion in the comment section below!

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