Hello, my name is Bruhsiah! You may know me as the Prophet of Punts, the Master of Misplays, and the Titan of Top-Decks. But, I am here now to welcome you to the third edition of Seat of Impulse. This is an article series where various Team Rankstar team members give their first impression and their impulsive opinions on the latest announcements for Eternal. Today’s topic will be the newest Hero that goes to 11. Diogo Malaga, Elonze.

I quickly sat down with some TRS members and poked their brains on this new card. They had this to say:

“Love the flavor, just unsure of how powerful he will be. On one hand, playing a lot of smaller spells to fly in for tons of damage could change the course of a match, but then the amplify would more likely give little spells destiny whereas you can also forego the flying ability altogether and build a deck to ensure you give expensive spells destiny. Either way, love the flavor, idea, and art, but the 7.5 comes from a strict playability stance.” – 7.5/10 CaptainTeembro

“I like it. It seems like a silly card to brew with. Plus casting him for 6 or 8 isn’t super hard. I don’t know that we will see any tier one decks slamming this dude, but I see people wanting to tinker with it.” – 6/10 RedGoingGray

“Really cool design. Another build around. Could actually end up being in a competitive combo or value deck. Happy to see this character return.” 10/10 ThePlatypusKing

“There is the best combo deck that’s possible with this card. Run both merchants in Jennev. Have Diogo and Celestial Omen in the market. T6, play Diogo, T7, play Celestial Omen and then win. But there are quite a few days that this deck can be defeated: it needs to hit its combo before it mills out, and there is a cap on free cards that can be played in a turn. But with a little bit of luck, there are definitely some wincons that can be consistently established with being able to play a ton of cards for free. The way the deck wins is nearly irrelevant though since the actual combo will be fun. My only concern is that this is the sort of deck that DWD doesn’t usually like, so it might get axed fairly quick and there may even be preventative measures, like stealthily nerfing Invoke the Waystones to not copy the keywords anymore. But as long as it exists, it will be glorious.” – Isochron

“Medium effect and 6 power to get a free spell. Pledge is nice, especially in those factions, but I don’t see giving your team flying as that good when the card has to compete with DARUDE. Paying 8 power to get two free spells isn’t that powerful, especially when the free spells are removal. I don’t know exactly how to break it, but I can see a ramp deck getting to 6 and then giving a super expensive spell destiny off the top. It will be interesting to see where this card finds its home.” – 5/10 as a fair card, 8/10 for a combo piece, Dunkelwerk

“I am not a fan of Diogo, as there are no other good ways to make “spellslinger” deck viable. The only other card we have that supports such a strategy would be something like Calderan Cradle, and the units produced by that already have flying. Most likely will never be more than a spicy one of in a FTP Mid range deck.” – 4/10 Tiny10Hands

“Cool art for another member of the triple-color pledge club. The man, the myth, the musical legend! The ability is quite fringe, but in theory, could be combined with some other effects to enable some powerful combos. Watch out for him in homemade brews and destiny-laced Decimates!” – Calebovitsch

“Diogo Malaga, Elonze, even the name says it, this guy goes to ELEVEN! The pledge is great on three faction cards I feel, having that flexibility if he is in a starting hand to secure power and influence is very fun. The text box and Amplify are both VERY niche though, you need a lot of cheap spells to trigger the flying, and that includes the aspect of having other units that are also already on the field. The Amplify ability is also very cool, but again, a little limiting, being forced to cast spells is scary sometimes, but hitting something like a free Decimate or Strength of the Pack or something like that is very exciting for the Johnny in me.” – 6/11 card 11/11 Art MantidMan

Now, in my personal opinion, This card has the potential to break some games in the right deck but I think it’s a one-off chance that stuff like that really happens in a best of 3 set. I would have to see a list perform well in a tournament setting to truly decide on it. Personally, I would rate this card a strong 7 to light 8.

What do you think about this card? Will you experiment with it? Voice your opinion in the comment section below!

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