Hello, my name is Bruhsiah! You may know me as the Prophet of Punts, the Master of Misplays, and the Titan of Top-Decks. But, I am here now to welcome you to the first edition of Seat of Impulse. This is a new article series where various Team Rankstar Eternal team members give their first impression and their impulsive opinions on the latest announcements for our favorite game. Today’s topic will be the newest Hero to hopefully grace our Rakano decks. Milos, Unwavering Idealist.

I quickly sat down with some TRS members and poked their brains on this new card. They had this to say:

“A potentially fun card to build around that is unlikely to be competitive in any format that it’s legal in” 3/10 – Theplatypusking

“I am not the best at building, but because of the way priority works in Eternal, coupled up with Warcry or other buffs this card could see some interesting synergies or combos. While the card itself is probably only mediocre, the story that Milos brings is setting up for some really cool stuff. I am very excited to see what the community and DWD do with Milos moving forward in the game and the narrative.” 5/10 – TheMantidMan

“Probably unplayable. Really weak and doesn’t do anything upon entering. Might be powerful in a dream scenario; Milos with Bear Arms on him and then play Assembly Line = profit” 3/10 – I_Am_Monstrum

“In a world of snowballs and torches, he is in trouble. You don’t get value until your following unit play, and that value is pretty low, but has potential. I don’t see him snagging up slots in Rakano aggro anytime soon. But he may find a home.” 4/10 – RedGoingGray

“High chance of being playable; I see a good future in an FTJ token deck”
7.5 – CaptainTeembro

“Its a card that you need to build around and on top of that you would need a lot of things to go right, including no one killing it before you can start creating an advantage. Personally, I don’t like decks with a lot of moving parts and this demands a bunch of cards that don’t do much without Milos. I don’t think it will see any real play but it’s a cool card.” 3/10 – Dunklewerk

“Unplayable. This card needs to cost 1- 2 power or while remaining at 3 cost have better stats to support it while it gets going.” 4/10 – Magikarp

“Milos is a neat idea, but unfortunately, it fails to slot well into the Rakano deck. As it is widely run now, Rakano cannot afford a 1/1 for 3 Power with payback on that investment no sooner than turn 4. The only line that deck currently has that makes it viable is playing your Milos on turn 3 to drop Red Canyon Smuggler into Warhelm on turn 4. I think Milos may have potential to open up strategies that are not currently viable, but I’m not sure what those strategies may be.” 4/10 – NoahC92

Now in my personal opinion, I feel that this card will be an absolute unit in the right deck. While it does have some very obvious weaknesses, I believe that once you can guarantee this card’s protection it will be a great support unit that we have not had the chance to see in action before. Personally, I would rate this card a strong 6 to light 7.

What do you think about this card? Will you experiment with it or grind it into sweet, sweet shiftstone? Voice your opinion in the comment section below! – Bruhsiah

February 22, 2019

2 Responses

  1. He’s gonna be great next set when “not-Naya” tokens becomes a deck. Currently though 1) existing token decks aren’t in a great spot and 2) the one that’s decent is Praxis which is not the right colors. Milos has potential but he doesn’t slot into a deck that exists right now and isn’t gamebreaking enough to make a new one by himself.

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