Hello, my name is Bruhsiah! You may know me as the Prophet of Punts, the Master of Misplays, and the Titan of Top-Decks. But, I am here now to welcome you to the fourth edition of Seat of Impulse. This is an article series where various Team Rankstar team members give their first impression and their impulsive opinions on the latest announcements for Eternal. Today’s topic will be the newest Bat to burst into the market, Ponysnatcher

I quickly sat down with some TRS members and poked their brains on this new card. They had this to say:

“Extremely powerful, but may be held back by the influence requirements. It’s great to see market hate in general, and i definitely can see decks like Xenan Midrange, Argenport Midrange, Feln anything and Stonescar Aggro looking to pick up a new two power play. it should be mentioned that we haven’t seen many strong 2 power creatures in recent set’s, and now with a extremely powerful two drop being printed it could help shadow aggressive and midrange decks. I’ve already mentioned how strong i think the card is, but between a solid body (2/2 flying Quick draw for 2), and a super powerful ability allowing you to tear apart strategies (For example, hitting Talir or Voda vs Talir combo is probably game), or just disrupting what is planning against deck’s like FJS, hitting tomb or rule gives u so much information towards your up coming plays. I think this card will definitely see some tournament level play 9/10 card, just worried about influence” – NotoriousGHP

“FINALLY! Here comes some Market hate. The art is great, the flavor is great. The card will see play and it will be another kill on site or suffer card. Expect to see this little fella terrorizing the ladder ASAP. 9/10″ – RedGoingGray

“This little guy is on a MISSION and is much more playable than his dad (Horsesnatcher Bat) in constructed at first glance. I am at a bit of an impasse personally because there is not a lot of story to be derived from this card, which is fine. The effect is bonkers though. If you get a few hits off with this little monster you can cripple the market plan of your opponent pretty readily. I think this hate effect coupled with the awesome art puts this at a solid 9/10. ” – MantidMan

“This card is great and the only reason I don’t rate higher is I’m not sure how its going to play out in the meta. I am definitely going to be trying this snatchyboi out in AP Mid, Scream, and whatever other low to the ground shadow deck I can think of. Stealing a random card makes me want to play Smugglers so I can try and play their cards, but we’ll see. If anything, hampering the answers they have hidden away is gonna be lit A.F. 8/10″ – Dunkelwerk

“I think this is the type of effect that is becoming necessary in Eternal. Markets are quite abusable, and having ways to attack them outside of making the cards cost more through effects like Disciplinary Weights will be useful, as Weights often is not relevant late in the game anyway. However, I am sad to see that this card is playable in FJS, which is the most common abuser of the market mechanic. The card is absolutely strong, but it might be strong for the wrong reasons. 8/10” – Tiny10Hands

Now, in my personal opinion, This card is easily one of the most impactful cards we have seen in the last year. Crippling markets is huge and I would be this card will see a ton of play. Personally, I would rate this card a strong 8 to light 9.

What do you think about this card? Will you experiment with it? Voice your opinion in the comment section below! If you love the art, or art like it, head on over to Inkedgaming.com and use code TRS12 to get 12% off custom art playmats, accessories, and more.

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