Disclaimer: I recorded the games before the balance patch was announced and have written this article after. The article may or may not have spoilers for the video. For the best experience, it may be best to read after watching.

Well boy howdy, everyone! Had this article and video planned for a minute. Wanted to get it out last week between the ETS Invitational and the Eternal World Championship but just didn’t quite get around to it. Now, they’ve announced Balance Changes which should in theory surely shake up the meta possibly making this deck and article null and void. However, I don’t think that’s the case. I think we have a very strong deck here. So let me outline what we’re doing in this article. We’re going to discuss the conception and theory behind my Sediti, Decree and Me deck at greater length than in the video, the balance changes, my opinion of those changes and how I think the meta will shift going forward all while sprinkling in thoughts of this deck for the future. Let’s dive in!

Oh yeah, one other thing. I plan to release a video every Friday here on TeamRankstar.com that will usually (but not always) have an article about the deck along with it. I’ll be giving members of my Patreon access to the video two days before hand once I finish editing it, usually in the evening on Wednesday. Now, let’s dive in!

Sediti, Decree and Me
by ThePlatypusKing

Carg Choices & Deck Theory

Everyone is (or at least was) convinced that Rakano Valkyries is completely overpowered and broken between the buff (or rather un-nerf) of Icaria, the Liberator and Sediti, the Killing Steel finally having his potential realized by the community at large. Sediti has been the strongest card from Dark Frontier (honorable mention(s): the entire Insignia Cycle) since Day 1 of that set. I was high on the card from the moment it was spoiled. Curse of Provocation was and still is an insanely powerful card worth building your entire deck around. I’m honestly surprised that it took this long for the majority of players to catch on and start jamming this card. Leading into the ETS Season 2 Invitational, I was trying to think about how to beat Sediti. Generally, I knew that I wanted to be proactive and attempt to make the card bad rather than try to be reactive and blow up the Curse after the fact. My conclusion for the best ways to do this were as follows: A) a lucky Royal Decree with Onslaught and B) just having Face Aegis leading into their turn.

The Rakano deck generally had 8 ways to remove that Face Aegis — 4 Torch and 4 Rizahn, Greatbow Master. If they used Rizahn to get rid of it, that’s fine. We’re late enough in the game that we should be ready for the future and we can minimize the likelihood of Torch by pressuring them early with strong early units. In the case of this deck, Hojan, Crownbreaker would be a good example. So once I decided I wanted to be able to generate Face Aegis consistently, I looked up my options. The best options were Cobalt Waystone, Rime Conclave Smuggler, Eilyn’s Favor and Mistveil Drake. Drake is definitely going a bit deep but I wanted to test it. I was happy with the results. It’s a lot like Jotun Hurler but the card you draw is Face Aegis which I believe is definitely worth a card. No matter what deck we built, it was all but a sure thing that we would be including some number of Merchants so that drew me to playing Hooru. What better way to beat Rakano Valkyries than to counter their Sediti and play your own?

My first attempt was a deck featuring Reweave, Copperhall Porter, Hojan, Sediti and Cobalt Waystone. I used the cheap units to allow me to afford to play 4 Cobalt Waystone in a deck with Sediti. Before you at me to say “but Platy Rakano plays up to 4 Granite Waystone and 1 Fire Sigil” let me tell you that I think they’re complete fools doing that. Rakano has Bulletshaper taking over the Insignia role and had Privilege of Rank to help cheat on influence, but I think it was wrong to play all those non-Justice Influence producing Power cards. But that’s just me, apparently. This deck was sweet and definitely had some powerful interaction potential, but I ultimately didn’t think I could tune it enough before the event.

In addition to wanting Face Aegis to counter Sediti, I wanted a little more play against Icaria than just a market Royal Decree and getting lucky. This led to me putting in main deck in my second deck (which became this deck) and choosing Citywide Ban as a market card that could help answer either problematic unit. This led to me playing one of my favorite cards that folx are currently sleeping on – Bam, Sneakeepeekee. Bam is good against all decks with Markets but one of my biggest incentives to play the card was to snipe their relic interaction from their market in the match-ups where Citywide Ban was good and help inform my gameplay decisions going forward after they inevitably cast a merchant, giving me a better idea as to what they grabbed. The information you get from casting Royal Decree, Bam and to a lesser extent, Citywide Ban is not to be understated. In the event that a Curse ever did get through, we still had Vision of Austerity to make sure it never happened again!

Now that I had the core of my deck theory crafted, I plugged in some efficient units and interaction through-out my curve and jammed enough games against Rakano Valkyries with my teammate I_Am_Monstrum and against the ladder at large that I convinced myself I had hit another home run. Being the Best in the World™ has its perks. In the event that you’re not convinced that Mistveil Drake or Finest Hour are right in this deck, you can instead slot in Jotun Hurler. Finest Hour is lowkey great in decks like this. Sometimes it’s a counter spell. Sometimes it’s a removal spell. Other times, it’s a burn spell. It’s just so versatile!

Balance Changes

There are three changes in the balance patch. One is completely irrelevant. We’re going to talk about Privilege of Rank and Curse of Provocation. Privilege now costs 2J instead of 3J and only grabs you a single Justice Sigil instead of two. This is the biggest nerf of the patch. It is definitely much harder to justify the inclusion of the card in most decks that would have previously considered playing this card. I think this is a healthy decision as a design like this always has the potential to be busted. Privilege was so key in the Rakano Valkyrie deck that Popotitos deck from Worlds played 3 Savage Denial alongside his 4 Display of Instinct to negate the card. It was that important to the deck. I think Privilege is more or less a dead card that will see little to no play now. I am still hopeful that we’ll get more cards like it in the future, however.

On the flip side, Curse of Provocation was basically untouched. It now has a much more confusing text box of “At the end of the cursed player’s turn, if no damage was dealt, draw a card.” instead of “At the end of the cursed player’s turn, if you didn’t take damage, draw a card.” In my mind, the curse was inherently untouched and Sediti is 98% as good today as it was a week ago. Sure, if I suicide attack my unit into your Sediti to make sure you don’t draw a card, you don’t a draw a card. Except, you did. You drew a free kill spell. If I torch your face to stop you from drawing a card, that’s a win for you. You made me waste a torch. Sure, if you had some small unit I could give with it, fine. While there is ever so slightly more counterplay to the Curse now, I think if people stop playing Sediti by and large because of this change, they are fools. Which brings me to the final topic.

The Future of Sediti, Decree and Me

I think this is the default best deck with Sediti now if it secretly wasn’t already. Maybe now we can just play a more traditional Hooru Midrange shell rather than some of our more nichè card choices. Maybe move Decree back to just being in the Market. Maybe cut Mistveil Drake and just rely on our Smuggler’s for that effect and add more interaction to the deck. I’m actually not sure where I’ll be taking this deck in the future but be sure to stop by my Stream and ask for an updated build sometime.

Until next week, Au Revoir and don’t die.

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