He’s the easiest hero to pick up in TEPPEN, but he’s also difficult to master. Ryu has been the starting point for countless Capcom video games because he doesn’t require a lot of knowledge for beginners. But mastery for Ryu in TEPPEN is similar to the fighting games he’s known for. Precise timing, optimal trades and a lot of practice will separate an average Ryu player from an expert. The goal of this deck guide is to help you elevate your play to that level.

Ryu is a strong contender during Season 4. Much of what made him so strong when the game released is still played today. However, don’t expect to craft the optimal version of this deck with ease. It requires many epics and a few legendaries.

I must give credit to Xcede, a Canadian top player and the undisputed Ryu master in the TEPPEN community. He posted a version very similar to this in the Discord earlier this Fall. I borrowed many of his ideas for this deck guide and greatly appreciate him publishing some of his secrets.

Give the deck a try and let me know what you think! Good luck on the climb.


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