We are deep in the spoiler season ready for next weeks release and every day we get another piece of candy. I’m not ‘fraid of no cavities – spoil me away!

Today I got my spoiler and I think this is a spicy one with applications in both draft and ranked ladder play in a few currently unseen brews. So lets pull the band aid off so I can get to the juicy stuff.

Alchemists Concoction, is everything I like in a card and more. With the newly spoiled spellcraft mechanic we get to have a dual use for this card we can either have a cheap weapon that gives our unit a random battle skill or we get to have that plus a small unit removal spells and a bit of late game reach or way to pop an enemy aegis.

Random battle skills may not sound too great but I really enjoyed Tranquil Scholar in the first few versions of the Argenport midrange deck. This type of random really generates a story where you get the ultimate bad beat and epic win where your one outer was to highroll and hit Charge on your fatty boom boom or where your opponent managed to give deadly to their Black Sky Harbinger with Crown of Possibilities. These stories are great because they generate narrative in a game that for the most part is focused on the PVP element.

I feel like however this card can be trialed in two different archetypes though as it’s a cheap weapon it can really help with any cheap weapons matter strategies that you can get from playing Gunslinger decks or even trying out in a Quartermaster combo deck where you just try to draw your entire deck and cobble together a victory with your rag tag band of units and their weirdo weapons.

This can also go another way by really leaning into a battle skills type of deck that wants to use cards like Hero of the People and Deepwood Ranger to get some extra value. Deepwood ranger could be real close as it is just a ball of stats coming in at a 10/10 or bigger if you’ve got a few other unseen in play.

Of course I think the real home for this will likely be in draft but I’m looking forward to seeing someone break this. I’m not sure how the curated packs are going to work yet but if we still get to play with the old strategies like Argenport Weapons Matter, Gunslingers and Battleskills matter then we could go really deep with this.

Ultimately this is perhaps one of the best mechanics we’ve had to date as it’ll really help people to get value from the times they feel flooded as well as being able to just have more options in the games. You get to make more decisions and this can only be good as you get to pin point where you decided to hold on to a spell to get more value if you decided to hold on til you hit your next power drop and this style of play also creates tension and stories that you can pass onto your friends in your discords and other messenger groups.

For the TL:DR I also have a video 🙂 where I also cover some of the other cards with the same mechanic!

I’d like to thank Direwolf Digital for the spoiler and to all of you for tuning in to the channel, it’s an eternal journey but we’re all in it together. <3


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