After this year’s rotation we saw the best Mecha’thun decks leave Standard. Among them are Mecha’thun Druid which lost Naturalize, Mecha’thun Priest that no longer has Ticking Abomination and Mecha’thun Lock that saw its Cataclysm & Bloodbloom go to wild.

I saw this as a challenge to try a Mecha’thun OTK in every class. Some of these lists are new and others had already been done before, but had been overshadowed by the superior Mecha’thun decks and now have a chance to shine.

Before listing the decks I should mention that although Jepetto Joybuzz enables a lot of crazy combos, it ends up making the different ways each class can win with Mecha’thun feel the same. By that I mean that you always rely on not drawing Mecha’thun before playing Jepetto, and are forced to run a deck with mostly spells. I’d rather play less highrolly versions of Mecha’thun for each class that have unique ways of comboing, so I’m not including him in these OTKs.

Galvanizer(89891) (1).png

We’ll start with one of the more viable lists in standard right now, Mecha’thun Rogue. The strategy with this deck is to discount Mecha’thun by one mana with a Galvanizer, then draw your entire deck with Myra’s Unstable Element. Once in fatigue you dump your hand and clear your board, then play Mecha’thun, Preparation and Walk The Plank to for the win!


The Druid version has more of a typical miracle deck approach, attempting to draw through the whole deck with cheap spells alongside Gadgetzan Auctioneer. Later in the game you Dreampetal Florist when the only minion left in hand is Mecha’thun to discount it down to 3 mana, so you can also cast two Crystal Powers for four damage and double Wrath for six to destroy Mecha’thun.



Priest’s gameplan is very similar to its Nomi Priest counterpart, that just cycles with Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Acolyte of Pain and Northshire Cleric with many low cost spells, Wild Pyromancer and heals. Throughout the game you play two Galvanizers for Mecha’thun and copy one of them with Seance so you can Shadow Word: Death it.

Deck code: AAECAa0GBpcC0wr7DPH7AuaIA5ibAwz7AeUEpAf2B6UJ0gryDL3zAtD+Atf+ApeHA+qMAwA=

Captura de Ecrã (613).png

The Mage deck list is one of the worst ones, because it requires a lot of setup and has subpar AOE. For this to work you need to get three Galvanizer discounts by bouncing one back with Youthful Brewmaster, besides casting the first Conjurer’s Calling so aren’t stuck with the second one in hand while comboing.

After dumping your hand and removing your board, you just Mecha’thun and cast Conjurer’s Calling for the second time! While you do summon another two minions, Mecha’thun’s deathrattle goes off before that happens so despite appearances it works. This may be just a coincidence, but whenever I’ve pulled off this combo the game lagged so it at least seems like the spaghetti code is unsure how it should work too!



The Shaman list OTKs with Da Undatakah and two Lightning Bolts or a Lightning Bolt and a Zap!, after you’ve killed off Mecha’thun and two or less other deathrattle minions.

Although this list risks losing to a transform effect on Mecha’thun such as a Polymorph, Hex or even Tinkmaster Overspark, it makes up for it with the plentiful draw, AOE and removal at its disposal.

Deck code: AAECAaoIBPsI9vAC8fsCi4oDDYoBnAK0AvkDgQT1BP4Fsgb7DMXzArP3Aq2RA4qUAwA=


A fusion between the mech package and plenty of spells for Auctioneers seems like the way to go in order to survive until the late game with Hunter while drawing as much as possible. In some matchups you just need to magnetize Missile Launcher on a Venomizer to control the board until you can combo, so try to hold those two minions back if possible.

After getting two discounts from Galavanizers, and clearing out your hand, deck and board as usual, you buff your Mecha’thun with Goblin Prank so it dies at the end of the turn! I’m not going to lie, I’m quite pleased I finally found a use for this quirky spell!

Deck code: AAECAR8ExQjx+wKC/QKggAMNigGNAbUD7QakB5cI3O4C4vUCufgCqPsC1/4C7JYDtpwDAA==


Mecha’thun Warrior is the most competitive of all the Mecha’thun decks without a doubt. It runs most of the control Warrior core cards, which are renowned for being some of the best in Standard, alongside tools to kill off Mecha’thun and almost any minions you might have on board and one extra minion from hand.

Once you’re ready, you play The Boomship to pull out Mecha’thun, Malygos and another minion if you have one. Then you Inner Rage Maly and Mecha’thun for six damage each, and follow up with a Whirlwind to another six damage to all minions to queue the epic sax!

All your non-combo minions have less than six health so you should clear everything with the Whirlwind, but if you happen to have dicsovered a bigger mech earlier from Delivery Drone just be sure to rush into an enemy minion first. If it still survives or if the opponent has an empty board all that’s left to do is play it out and hope to get Zap Cannon to whittle it down before OTKing.



The Warlock deck plays for most part like an old Handlock deck, with plenty of draw to get to your many  AOEs and removal spells, while also trying to cheat out early threats like Mountain Giants and Twilight Drakes to fight for board control.

Once you’re in fatigue and are left with Mecha’thun, Dollmaster Dorian, Plot Twist, Shriek and Grim Rally with an empty board you’re good to go. Just Dorian, Plot Twist so you get a 1/1 Mecha’thun, Grim Rally Dorian to remove it from your board, and Shriek to discard Mecha’thun while killing off your little 2/2 Mecha’thun!

Deck code: AAECAf0GCrQC7QXbBsLxApz4AvH7AqCAA9KGA9yGA9qbAwr7AZwC+wa2B+EHjQjECMwI8wzF8wIA

Kangor's_Endless_Army(89818) (1).png

And last, and absolutely least we’ve got the list that tries to win by playing Kangor’s Endless Army after having played double Missile Launcher and Mecha’thun, then following up with an Equality.

In addition to being susceptible to any transform effect on any of its Mechs, this combo costs eleven mana so it only has a chance when you go second and get The Coin! You know a deck’s bad when its winrate is pretty much capped at 50%.

I guarantee that it’ll catch your opponents off guard though!

Deck code: AAECAZ8FBooB7QWPCfH7AvH+AuOGAwz6AfsBnALcA/QF9gf7DKj7AoT8Atn+As+GA+yGAwA=

If you want to see any of these awesome post-rotation combos in action check out my compilation on Youtube here! If you have any suggestions or thoughts I’d love to hear about them in the comments below, so don’t be shy.

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