Hello and welcome to the Weekly Stream Recap with Weissenberg! In this segment your humble servant and the loyal subject to the Nilfgaardian Emperor provides a written testimony of his adventures in the realm of Gwent. Each week we will try our luck with a creative and non-competitive deck and each week we will try to achieve the peak of Gwent memery.

The Empire of Greed

My dear friends, it’s that time of the month again. No, I’m not talking about the endless grind to the top so many of you engage in, but about about my own personal tradition. And that tradition is to play assimilate. It seems like we haven’t learned from our previous mistakes and once again decided to play an archetype that is doomed to fail. But, this time around we actually got some new tools to play with. Tools that can potentially make assimilate at least semi-viable while playing the greediest and the most ridiculous version of it.

But, how do you achieve this ultimate greed? There is only one answer to that question: by embracing the somewhat controversial defender mechanics. Some love it, some hate it and some just want to play Gwent without having to engage in a heated debate about it. For us, the Nilfgaardian defender, Ffion var Gaernel, is simply crucial. It protects Stefan Skellen and Letho: Kingslayer that we mean to transform into another Skellen which in turn would allow us to play triple Bribery as our finisher. It’s a finisher that can potentially pull you out of a 50 point deficit and cause at least three angry posts on Reddit complaining about RNG.

Match #1: Ursine Ritual

First game of the day and we queued against Skellige.  According to various snapshots as well as the common knowledge Skellige is not to be feared this expansion. Which means, that with our ultimate memery we actually had a chance to win!

While the islanders don’t really seem that interesting with every single deck running the freshly revived play idiot, play boat interaction with some bandit seasoning on top, we should not get ahead of ourselves. We had a very precise game plan to execute and had to stick to it. Our main goal round 1 was to thin like there is no tomorrow. Luckily we drew Portal, Artorius Vigo and Menno Coehoorn which made it possible. In the end, what is the point of ultimate round 3 greed if you don’t draw the cards that you need? Even though we had some limited control at our disposal we allowed our opponent to play their own game. It was to be a round of solitaire. A round that after all didn’t seem to last long, cause with 6 cards in their hand and a 21 point gap to close my opponent decided they’ve seen enough and it’s time to move on.

As you might remember from my previous assimilate adventures a long round 3 is necessary for this archetype to stand a chance against the usually more refined decks. With that being said playing Imperial Diplomacy to clear our hand seemed like the best play in this short round 2. I said short, because immediately after that we passed content that we secured the last say.

 And just like that we arrived in round 3. It was time to see what our deck was made of. Our hand was not that great, but we still had enough tools to find the right cards. Our opponent with the Iron Falcon Troubadour meaning he’s about to set up some armor engines. We answered with Glynnis which eventually was a mistake, because we should remember that back in round 1 our opponent played Stunning Blow which is capable of removing our strongest engine. Which they obviously did. But, we still had plenty of things to smash on the board. We played and replayed Ramon which gave us two assimilate engines that we protected with our defender. With three cards left in our hand it was time to get down to business. Skellen, Kingslayer and Bribery were all available and ready to roll. Over the next two turns we set up our final play. We were trailing by 12… but what is 12 points compared to triple Bribery and five assimilate triggers? We taunted our opponent with a spicy soundboard effect… that they did not hear, but it definitely create a more dramatic atmosphere in the stream. First Bribery and we got Triss: Telekinesis which means an additional create trigger. We were already in the lead. Second Bribery and the RNGesus presented us with another Triss… our opponent conceded. We did understand that they just wanted it to end, but breaking that glorious finisher combo was not cool.

Match #2: Strategic Withdrawal

Strategic withdrawal… is that mill? Of course since both soldiers and assimilate got some interesting tools it could actually be one of these archetypes. But somewhere deep down we knew that was mill. And mill has to be punished.

Round 1 looked fairly similar to that against Skellige. But, since our opponent revealed his true identity during the first turn we had to play around it. So, instead of thinning with Artorius we created another engine and now had four of them on the board. But, we didn’t have any viable create options to trigger them. And we only had 9 cards left in the deck, half of them quite viable, so every time our opponent moved one of them to the graveyard it would hurt us immensely. Thinning normally works in your advantage, but whenever you queue against the mill scum your game plan helps them more than it helps you. But, despite all of that, mill puts very few points on the board and when our lead grew to hefty 26 points our opponent had no other choice but to pass. And we knew that we had to 2-0.

Our hand was looking great. Sure, we had fewer cards and our opponent would mill the four cards we had in our deck in no time. You could feel the tension in the air… that is until MissLadyJay hosted the stream with the alert ruining the atmosphere. After playing Glynnis we did the Ramon combo which effectively meant we had three engines on the board and one in hand. Our opponent answered with a free Tibor and we knew that Vilgefortz was to follow. Not having any units left in our deck started to show. But, so far the RNG was on our side as we created another assimilate engine. Now we had six of them on the board. Also, our opponent misplaying his leader ability definitely helped us. But then it was time for Bribery to show its value. This time we only had two of them since Kingslayer got milled, but we were confident we could generate quite a few points. First try and we got Artorius, which meant two more assimilate engines and one more trigger. Things were off to a good start. Second Bribery and we got Cantarella, that pulled Experimental Remedy and gave us two more triggers! Ladies and gentlemen… we just got 52 points from two Bribery plays! 52 points! Our opponent was trailing by 72… only Geralt: Yrden would win them that game. A card that they did not have. And just like that the mill scum was punished once again.

Thanks for reading!

That does it for this episode of the Weekly Stream Recap! Thanks for joining us today, I hope you enjoyed the read. You can catch us live at: www.twitch.tv/weissenberg

See you next week!

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