After Desert Obelisk was instantly considered to be one of the worst cards of the Saviors of Uldum set, and maybe of the whole Standard format, I just knew I had to find a way to make it work!

This would prove to be a tough task due to the high cost of this minion, five mana, and due to how understated it is, being only a 0/5 that can never trade on its own and that rarely sticks on the board more than a turn.

Last but not least, Desert Obelisk needs to have two of his fellow Obelisk brothers around to activate its deal five damage to an enemy effect, fifteen in total with the other two Obelisks.

This is a very underwhelming reward for the amount of resources, both in terms of card-value and tempo, that it takes to play out at the very least three Obelisks in a short time span.

The cherry on top is that this damage is dealt randomly, so it could go face when you want to clear the board, or it could get soaked by minions when you’re trying to finish the game! As you’ll see below, you can manage this RNG if you clear the opponent’s minions off the board before you combo.

Although it will never be a top tier deck, it can still win matchups where the opponent doesn’t have a way to gain armour since this combo deals thirty damage from hand.

So the plan is to get six Obelisks by having a Carnivorous Cube eat the original Obelisk before copying it with two Faceless Manipulators. Afterwards you clear the enemy’s board and pop the Cubes with the mighty Deathwing!

Without any other targets to tank the Obelisk damage you should be able to focus all the burn on the opponent’s face, assuming there were no Deathrattle summon minions like Voidlord or Haunted Creeper in play.

Discounting all these cards isn’t an issue, because Aviana and Kun give you an almost unlimited mana pool as long as you’ve got an Innervate. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think or any combo ideas you’d like to see next!


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