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If there wasn’t enough ruckus about the forthcoming update for Gwent, the new faction Syndicate, Pawel Burza and some leaker who broke the NDA* spiced up the situation even more.

* Non-disclosure agreement is a legal contract between at least two parties that outlines and seals a confidential relationship as well as material, knowledge, or information that the parties wish to share with one another for certain purposes, but wish to restrict access to or by third parties. These third parties are not only limited to competitors but also the public at-large.

All of this happened when Pawel Burza, the Community Manager at CDPR, released the 4th leader, Whoreson Junior.

This wouldn’t be anything special as we have seen some controversial art released before, but shortly after the official release people started to ask what happened to the original art they weren’t supposed to even know about. And that means someone had broken the NDA and talked about stuff they weren’t supposed to talk about.

It is yet to be discovered who the person, or people, were that broke the NDA but it certainly took CDPR by complete surprise.

More happened on Twitch when a user that goes by the name of “sosi_nogu” brought up the question about the Whoreson’s card on SirPumpkn’s stream. After typing the message multiple times it started to snowball as the other users posted the same question. Pumpkn, out of curiosity, clicked on the link shared by sosi_nogu and after looking at the image he realised he should not be showing it on the stream and quickly closed the window. He laughed it off and said he hopes not to get banned with smile still on his face.

All of this aside, there are many people that believe the version posted publicly by Burza is just a Chinese version. This choice could have been made based on Twitter policies, and the original one will be released with the full update. On the other side, many people are claiming that this is the final version that will be used for wide release.

(Editor’s Note: The following sections operate under the fact that the NDA breach is now full public knowledge and that the art in questions is readily available in the public domain)

But why did CDPR even changed the art on this card?
It’s probably long forgotten but Call of the Forest (Morenn: Forest Child) used to have a more revealing art that was later fixed. The same happened with the Nivellen card.

These three cards got changed and people on reddit were quick to point out the fact that Orianna is literally feeding on children in her card art and that’s okay.

And as it is customary, trolls always make fun of every situation possible, not disappointing even this time. They introduced their own Chinese version of Whoreson’s card.

So, the question remains, why did CDPR changed the card art? It’s still a mystery that has yet to be unraveled and, hopefully, the upcoming Dev stream is going to give us more info about this situation!

EDIT: We didn’t have to wait long, the next day when I woke up I was browsing Reddit and I stumbled upon a funny meme about this situation.

And, as usual, I wanted to see people’s feedback so I got to read the comments where I found a heartbreaking message.

According to Burza’s comment on Reddit, it is official, they have massacred our boy in a truly brutal way. There was, indeed, an artistic change from the leaked original.

People continued to show their displeasure, pointing out some flaws in the new design.

Now we can only hope that CDPR will make up their mind and let us have the original art! Or, at a minimum, give us some insight as to why it was changed.

EDIT 2: The censored Whoreson Junior art has been officially released.

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