The update to the mulligan system brought back the consistency that we all loved about pre-homecoming Gwent. As a result, we have seen the return of leaders like Unseen Elder and Morvran Voorhis, since they are no longer held back by too few mulligans. Moreover, it’s easier to run low provision bronzes and situational cards now, since you can mulligan them or find them much easier as needed.

Some notable cards from the current meta are Geralt: Yrden, Hanmarvyn’s Blue dream, and Lippy Gudmund. The increase in provisions from some leaders such as Crach An Craite allows you to fit Lippy in. Hanmarvyn’s Blue Dream mainly finds it’s value through an additional Unicorn or Chironex, but can also steal a giant from Woodland’s graveyard to deny them the consume target. With the addition of new leaders and a balance update coming next week, we’ll have to wait and see how these changes shift the meta.

Special thanks to my teammates Johaggis, Sevenzh, LordBushWook, and Kacodo for their help and suggestions.


Emhyr Shupe

Emhyr Shupe has so many great things going for it. First, the obvious, being able to replay your win condition (Shupe) will often win you the game. Second, the strong bronze package with the thinning from witchers and roach means you find the cards you need and are able to stay in the round. Also, traehern can get rid of your opponents win condition. The addition of Bribery into the list is due to Shinmiri2’s recent analysis on the cards current value in every matchup, which can be found here.

Crach Scorch Control

Crach an Craite continues to dominate the meta with its tempo and control. This deck list that makes use of Scorch, since most of your units will be 5 points or below. The inclusion of Mastercrafted Spears allow you to line up a devastating scorch, as well as a huge point swing with Wild Boar of the Sea.

Eredin Sabbath

Despite the decrease in popularity of this deck, it is still top tier. It uses the same giants and consume package as Woodland for massive tempo swings and thrive synergy. Eredin’s buff and immunity ability on Sabbath makes facing this deck in a long round devastating. It’s biggest downside is being bled round 2.


Crach control w/ Lippy

Lippy has made a comeback due to the increase in provisions from Crach. The inclusion of Lippy makes the deck even stronger than before by allowing you to replay high value cards again in round 3. Enraged Ifrit is a solid neutral gold with removal that fits this deck list perfectly. Also, the flexibility of Harnmarvyn’s Blue Dream really suits this deck. It can find great value if you get a Unicorn or Chironex from the opponent’s graveyard. It can also be used to deny Woodland’s strategy to consume a tall unit with Ozzriel or steal Eist’s resurrection target, Jutta.


This deck hasn’t changed much since the last snapshot. Replacing Ghouls makes it less susceptible to tall unit removal and resets such as Geralt Professional, Yrden, and Regis: Higher Vampire. The addition of Werecat is great to punish row stacking and helps with passive points from the thrive mechanic. The inclusion of two Werewolves denies removal value and can be a great target for your leader ability if you don’t have last say or if you need to save another card for your last play.

Harald Dagur

Most decks are prioritizing artifact removal so Mastercrafted Spears have lost favor in this deck list. Arachas Venom is a great counter to the Witcher trio and tends to get value regardless of whether they are running the Witcher package or not. Bomb Heavers are great if you match up with a Crach or Harald deck that runs spears and can be easily discarded with Derran, Birna, or Heymaey Skald if you think your opponent doesn’t run any artifacts.

Morvran Bribery

This list is a pretty standard Nilfgaardian deck with a couple additions. We are seeing Morvran Voorhis consistently in the meta due to the mulligan and provisions update. His leader ability is used to keep cards like Octivist and Isbel of Hagge safe, as well as giving you extra tempo whenever it’s needed. Once again, Shinmiri2 made a strong case for why Bribery should be played in Niflgaard decks here. The deck gets great value and additional engine removal out of Slave Drivers by including so many lock cards.

Brouver Midrange

This deck seems to be in every meta, and for a reason: it has consistent tempo for round 1 and a few power plays that can win games on the spot. The newest iteration features Saesenthessis with ponies to lock in Unicorn value with the immune tag. Another addition this patch is Geralt: Yrden, as he wins some games on the spot, particularly vs decks like Woodland. As Yrden’s ability is row-wide, it pairs naturally with Brouver’s ability and Vrihedd Dragoons.

The deck has a fairly controlling game plan and uses its bronzes for consistent value and removal, rather than as engines. Some versions play Hanmarvyn’s Blue Dream, as you’ll often be able to find something strong in your opponent’s graveyard. With Unicorn and Chironex in so many decks, getting 12 points for 10 provisions isn’t just a dream.

Gnurrsubi Elder Deathwish

Unseen Elder has been making a comeback since the mulligan update went live. Gnurrgard and Wusubi created a highly optimized deck list that has been spreading like wildfire.  Unseen Elder’s leader ability allows him to bleed round 2 making certain matchups easier by reducing long round value. Also, the deathwish units counter control adequately enough. Finally, the inclusion of Count Caldwell and Old Speartip give the deck a strong short round finisher.


Adda Hugebert

King Foltest has fallen heavily out of favor in the current meta and has made way for Princess Adda. This deck has a strong finisher with Princess Adda’s ability combined with Hubert Rejk, which tends to single handedly secure a win with last say. The combo has even more synergy and can see a massive point swing when combined with Mastercrafted Spears, Tainted Ale, and Octivist in long round 3. The Reinforced Trebuchets can see good value in a long round and tend to force row stacking enabling more value from Sabrina Glevissig. Vincent Meis pairs great with the Kaedweni Revenants and can get great value on its own in certain matchups, like vs Woodland. Finally, the Blue Stripes package has returned to the meta due to the consistency from the new mulligan system.

Eist Warriors

This deck is still performing relatively well in the current meta. It no longer runs cards like Geralt:Yrden, Sigdrifa’s Rite, or the Witcher trio as it did previously. It gets great value from Count Caldwell but can be tricky finding the correct sequencing to keep him on your side of the board. Lacerate tends to find great value, since most opponents will try to play around An Craite Warrior’s limited 1 reach, and thus stacking the ranged row.    

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