Age: 26

Birthplace: Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

Team Affiliation: Seek Power Gaming (SPG)

Most Notable Eternal Achievement: Season 1 Invitational winner

Playing Since: July 2017

Do you consider yourself a Builder, Tuner, or strictly a Pilot: Tuner. I am unable to build powerbases. I like looking at an already established archetype and modify it to tackle a certain meta.

Favorite Deck Archetype: Control, especially decks with Relic Weapons as their main Win Condition.

Favorite Card: Starsteel Daisho. The bigger, the better!

Most Disliked or Damaging Card to the Game: Talir, Who Sees Beyond. I think Talir Combo is the most ridiculous deck we’ve seen in a loooong while and according to DWD’s past balance decisions, this archetype shouldn’t be competitively viable.

Eternal Wish: Have an event with every competitive players meeting IRL. There’s a lot of players I would really like to grab a drink with, but unfortunately, we’re in different continents or miles apart. Some kind of SeatStory cup (HS), but for Eternal.

Personal Mantra: The only constant in each of your losses is yourself.

If you could have One Custom Eternal Card what would it be:

MantidMan: TonyGeeeee, one of the two people that I can say got me to stick with Eternal. Honestly, When I came upon the Armory Decks in the early days of Omens I was smitten. So, to all of the readers out there that want someone to blame for my existence, this guy is a prime suspect. I have been following your work for a long time. Not just the decks that you put out, but the content you have taken part in producing, and the commentary you give in the Discord and on Reddit. You are, by no stretch of the imagination, a galvanizing force in the community. My first question is always a softball, sort of an introduction. Tell us a bit about yourself: What do you do, how did you get into Eternal, did you play games before this? And why the HELL are there five E’s at the end of your name?

TonyGeeeee:Haha well thank you for the kind words, it means a lot! My name is Antoine Gélinas. I work for Statistics Canada as an interviewer. I used to be a lawyer, but I wasn’t happy when working in that field, so I changed. I used to play Hearthstone a loooooot but never got the courage to play competitively. One day, my roommate told me about a crossbreed between HS and Magic, so I tried it. I never looked back. I got to masters a week after playing and I started streaming about a month into the game. One of my viewers, Reec0 (one of the greatest guy I’ve ever met online) dared me to try playing in the ETS if I ever got to rank 1. Well… I ended up getting rank 1 not too long after that and then I played my first ETS weekly… which I won! I’ve been living on that high ever since 😛 I got my name from League of Legends. I wanted to make a play on words with my name (Antoine = Tony, Gélinas = Gee). Unfortunately, TonyGee, Geee and Geeee were taken, so I went with 5 e’s. It’s also a nod to a player named ClakeyDeeeee who used to play for team Marn in the first ever split of the NA LCS.

MantidMan: Let me get this straight: Superstar Lawyer, Professional interviewer, Eternal Card Game CHAMPION after 1 week. I am feeling a bit outclassed, but there are also apparently 3 more of you out there as well? WOW! All jokes aside, you are one of the fathers of the Armory archetype. Any time a new armory card comes out that I think may be good I look to you out of the gate. Did you like the draw of this play style strictly for this game, or has it been something you enjoyed in others in the past as well?

TonyGeeeee: Hahaha you’re not at all outclassed! I’m just a nerd obsessed about a videogame! When I played Hearthstone, I only played Control Warrior and Freeze Mage. When I played sports, I was always in defensive positions. I guess defense is my best offense. I really enjoy answering questions, rather than asking them (although my biggest achievement yet was with an aggressive deck). I feel like Relic weapons in general have always hit the spot for me. They overlook so many abilities (aegis, flying, deadly, etc..) that are often crucial to your opponent’s game plan. I also think that there’s no better feeling in this game than hitting your opponent with a big daisho!

MantidMan: I mean I cannot fault your desire to swing around a big Daisho, who does not enjoy doing that not once, but twice? As an aside, I can tell you are a pro interviewer because that was a stellar transition. Lots of my previous guests have picked meta-defining cards as their favorite, you have picked an arguably more niche card, which I fully support as well. Can you speak to WHY Starsteel Daisho holds such a special place in your heart?

TonyGeeeee: spent the majority of my first year playing only Armory. It was one of the best deck in the format. (now it’s dead) I love having weapons as my primary win condition and in this game, there’s pretty much only 2 cards that fit this criterion: The Last Word (which sucks) and Starsteel Daisho, which was a super important card in Armory. I think I won more games with Daisho than with Icaria and Tavrod combined. It used to kill multiple units in one turn or just kill your opponent very quickly and I loved every game of that era.

MantidMan: I do not think I ever GOT to kill someone with Daisho, only because when it hit the board people just left the game. Speaking of negative stuff though lets transition. You said you really disliked Talir, Who Sees Beyond. That card and the deck’s it is in is something people sort of tongue-in-cheek complain about, but it never seemed serious. You, on the other hand, seem to be deadly serious. Can you elaborate on this disdain?

TonyGeeeee: Talir is played in a combo deck that instantly wins the moment it gets its pieces together. I’m not saying the deck is too strong. It loses to most aggressive strategies and cards like Maiden just destroys them. My problem is that this kind of infinite combo is too long, completely unfun and cannot be countered. This kind of pattern has been seen before in Echo Makto and was promptly (and rightfully) nerfed to the ground. It’s not about the innate strength of the deck, but rather because Talir combo creates an unhealthy play pattern. I think this deck should and will be nerfed soon.

MantidMan: If you were on the Dev team making the decision HOW to nerf it, what do you think the best course of action is? (As a note, this interview was done BEFORE the announcements, it speaks to TonyGeeeee having his finger on the pulse of the game, so I did not go back and re-frame the question)

In my opinion, here’s what they should do:

1) Nerf Auralian Merchant. It it well known at this point that the Time Merchant is the best merchant. It has a good body, it ramps, and it gets you insane cards (looking at you, Sword of Unity!). I think the body should be a 1-3, so it dies to your own Hailstorms (Temporal nerf yay!) and gives Fire a way to deal with this unit (Torch). This change doesn’t remove the problems I have with Talir Combo, but it would slow them down, as well as the slew of other very strong decks that use Time Merchant (Temporal in particular)

2) I think this was Flash’s original idea, but it was repeated multiple times: Talir should grant Destiny to mono Time units only. This makes it so Vodakhan doesn’t get the Destiny treatment and the combo falls apart. This effectively kills the combo, but doesn’t change any other deck.

MantidMan: Both are ideas I would sign off on, probably more so the first rather than the second (because I would hate to see another core scion nerfed). Now I hate to journey down a rabbit hole and make accusations, but I will anyway for the sake of entertainment value. All of the stuff you talked about previously lends itself to a type of “predictable order”. The decks and style you like let you be reactive in a way that gives you an advantage. I would like to venture a guess and ask if you are against the high-roll-y sort of jank decks. Not that you do not like the fact that they could exist, but they you do not enjoy playing them. Is that the case?

TonyGeeeee: You’re right, I hate playing ”high-roll” decks. When Charge Rod was one of the best decks, I tried to counter it, rather than master it. I feel like when you win, it’s because of your deck and the same thing happen when you lose. I prefer having the feeling I worked for my wins. Of course, sometimes it just means I’m gonna play weaker decks and I’m just going to lose. It’s unfortunate, but I truly believe my pride is sometimes holding me back. I could just bite the bullet and play Temporal, Talir Combo or any deck I feel is degenerate. I didn’t play TJP blitz when it was all the rage, same thing for Combrei aggro, etc… I kind of gatekeep myself for no good reason except I’m prideful, which is probably why I haven’t had any good results since the Season 1 invitational.

MantidMan: I understand the mentality, and outside of playing Charge Rod when it was first coming up, I actually tend to think somewhat the same way. I think as the game gets more defined and continues to grow that stance will pay off. Or at least that is what I tell myself. Counter-culture can breed some really cool new interesting metas and I wish more players would embrace it sometimes. I have faith that we will see the rise of TonyGeeeee once again very soon. In speaking about the community, you are very active in day-to-day participation: I see you on Reddit a lot, active in the discord, and I am sure your team cannot get you to shut up sometimes. Do you have any thoughts around how the community is growing and changing? Anything you would say to new players that are just dipping their toes into the discussion (and sometimes drama) side of things?

TonyGeeeee: I feel like we’re truly lucky to have this community. Everybody is nice! (with a few exceptions here and there) I think it’s because we’re still part of a pretty small game and we really can’t have anyone quitting because people are shitty to them. If (or when) we grow, we’ll probably lose this sense of being part of a tight-knit group, which is unfortunate but also unavoidable. One this is certain, we need to grow. If we want this game to survive, I believe we need to keep on creating content (such as your interviews) or keep on playing in tournaments. When a new player arrives and asks how big is the tournament scene and we have to answer: ”Well…. we used to be 100 participants every Saturday, but now we’re 40”, it’s not much of an incentive for them to start playing in tournaments. What I’d say to a newcomer is: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It might get downvoted on reddit, but someone will take the time to answer. As long as people keep an open mind about how to improve, I don’t see how asking a question could be a bad thing. We’ve all been there. As for the drama, well… I don’t think there’s too much of that. (thank god!) ALSO PLAY IN TOURNAMENTS!!!!! It’s the best way to improve and you’ll meet lots of friendly people who just want to play the game! It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, as long as you get better!

MantidMan: And if you make any sort of name for yourself, you may get an invite to some sit around the campfire!

Tony, the last part of the interview is open ended, and can be one of my favorite parts. The floor is yours to promote what you want or who you want. You can talk about anything you are passionate about, in this game or the rest of the world. We have had people talk about mental health, and others who have pitched their team’s new tournaments or content. Now that the forum is yours, what will you be spilling your guts about?

TonyGeeeee: Thank you very much for having me! Paradox and I are part of the Seek Power Podcast, which is focused on everything related to competitive Eternal. Also, a big shout out to everyone on Seek Power Gaming!

Most importantly, I really want people to try playing in tournaments. It’s free! If you don’t do well, it doesn’t take a whole lot of time and if you do well, you’re gonna feel great!

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Tony, thank you again for joining me. It has been enlightening, entertaining, and enthralling to spend some time with you. I wish you great success moving forward and I look forward to seeing your name in lights again with more competitive play announced and upcoming!

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