Hey everyone! The folks here at Teamrankstar have been loving Legends of Runeterra and we wanted to share our early impressions and opinions about how the metagame is shaping up. I asked some of the most enthusiastic members of our team about several categories: The best Champions in each faction, the best Cards in each faction and the most under rated cards! Here’s what they said:



Best champs: Lucien and Garren

Best Cards: Judgment, Senna, Dawnspeakers, vanguard Defender

Underated Card: Laurent Bladekeeper

Demacia is a Good faction that can be used to play a lot of styles: from aggro/midrange/control with Lucian/zed , Lucian-Hecarim Aggro, and Elite Midrange. The Region also has a lot of controlling tools like Single Combat and Judgment. Overall, a lot of fun and good decks can be made with the help of Demacian cards


Best Champs: Lucian (S-tier), Fiora (B-tier)

Best Cards: Senna, Judgment

Notes: While powerful, Demacia has trouble dealing with certain strategies like Elusives and is more reliant on a good curve than other factions.


Favorite Champ: Fiora

Favorite Card: Brightsteel protector

Notes: Sometimes, this region can be a little too honest, but overall has solid units. there can be an elegance in simplicity.


Favorite champion: Fiora

Favorite Cards: Back to Back, Dawnspeakers

Under rated Cards: Laurent Protege, Radiant Guardian, Detain

Notes: I feel as if Demacia is usually going to play a support role in a lot of decks, but also has some of the most powerful cards in the game, like Back to Back, and a champion that literally wins you the game. Dawnspeakers is also quite good and makes your board really scary, really fast.

Shadow Isles


Best champs: Hecarim, Elise

Best cards: Ravenous Butcher, Shark Chariot, Rhasa the Sunderer, Commander Ledros, The Ruination

Underated Card: Darkwater Scourge

Notes: The stronger faction in the game at the moment. Playing this region lets you play Hecarim, the strongest champ in the game. Also, Elise is played in one of the best decks in the game, Dawnspiders. This faction is filled with strong combos and cards like Cursed Keeper into Butcher for insane pressure early game. This faction, just like Demacia helps you complement a lot of decks since it has a lot of good aggressive cards, while also having value cards for midrange, and hard removal and board clear for control decks.


Favorite Champs: Hecarim and Elise

Favorite Cards: Commander Ledros, Cursed Keeper, Glimpse Beyond

Notes: Overall, a top-tier region, with card draw, removal, healing, and aggressive units to fit any sort of strategy.


Favorite Champion: Hecarim

Favorite card: Glimpse Beyond

Notes: Shadow Isles kicked off the open beta by giving us the most refined early list in spiders, which is an indicator of raw power. Also, Ephemeral Aristocrats is sweet.


Favorite Champ: Thresh (but he’s not the best), Elise (probably the best)

Favorite Card: Rhasa, the Sunderer.

Notes: I m already seeing a ton of Shadow Isle cards in almost every style of deck, which tells you how simply powerful the cardpool is. A lot of the cards are built in two for ones, and the removal is really great, though most of it takes a little bit of work to utilize. I love the flavor of these cards as well, and look forward to making a ton of spooky decks.


Demacia is a place of order and balance, and that is reflected well in the preferences of our players. There is not a clear consensus on who is the best champion or even what the best use for Demacia is. Is it a support faction, or a tempo builder to huge board state? What do you think? As for Shadow Isles, it lives up to its predilection for dominance and is overwhelmingly considered a stronger, or even strongest faction on the onset. Hecarim is by and large considered to be the strongest champion in the faction and possibly the game as a whole. We would love your input on what you think about each of these factions, and the others

And that’s it for part one of our initial impressions. Tune in throughout the week to see parts two and three where we will cover the rest of the regions and continue to discuss our favorite cards!

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