Nero is the newest addition to TEPPEN’s hero roster. So naturally he is seeing a lot of play on the ranked ladder. However, his story is a little different than Jill’s release. That’s because Nero has plenty of tools to solidify him as one of the strongest heroes in the game right now.

Two of his hero arts are viable in their own way, but this guide focuses on True Power. That’s 12 AP to level up one Growth unit. If you’re not familiar, Growth is a new mechanic in “The Devils Awaken” expansion. Think of it as an experience point bar for these units, with experience being the cost you pay to play units. The higher the cost, the more points a Growth unit will receive. Each level adds new stats and effects based on the card. Consider it a more reliable version of Victory units. Growth is the focus of this new deck.

Your win condition is straight forward: utilize growth units to strengthen your board while keeping your opponent’s open at the same time. The epic version of G, Desert Tyrant Diablos and Basarios are your most destructive units. The new Rebecca Chambers will give your damage dealers more health to stick around longer. This is especially important for G, who deals damage spread among all enemy units equal to his health at growth level 3. Use your seals to keep enemy threats from getting too big to handle.

This deck is a contender for Tier 1 – falling just a little short to the Devil Breaker black/green variant in my opinion. True Power has a good match up against most of the cast. This includes Shinku Hadoken Ryu who is one of the more popular choices on the ladder right now. It does struggle against Big Resonate purple decks with Dante and Morrigan.

Let me know what you think! I’m certain I’ll cover the Devil Breaker deck in the near future. May it serve you well.

Deck Codes

Budget Version:

Expensive Version: dyWWWjNv0yWWWjd6tsIwXyJwRwJnFaFLWJb59oXLWJlnFo1LWtb59ZXLWWpY2WIW7WW4f9WWvJqLWnlnXytLWJb59l=LWWlnFbayW9pp7WWTU9eZLIlvPVXWNJRfRwI593EW

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