Tune Star here, through Noah by proxy, to talk to you about my thoughts on the latest Mythgard patch. Patch 0.17.4 has hit the Mythgard world and taken over the ladder by storm. With buffs to over 30 cards in the Harmony faction and a couple nerfs to even the playing field, we’ve got a lot of content to cover, explore and test. We’re gonna split this all into two articles. Be sure to read part 2 here for the rest of my thoughts!

Before anything else you can find a link to the official patch notes here: https://www.mythgardgame.com/permalink/patch-notes-v0-17-4

Without further ado, let’s get into the thick of it!

Baku Bogeyman

  • 7[P]P → 6[P]P

This is a change I’m excited to see and appears to be holding up in play. I’ve played with this card before and loved the effect and the gameplay offered by the unique combination of discard + Suppression. However, at 7 mana, Baku just didn’t hold up to the powerhouse 7-cost cards in other factions like Sapo, Armageddon Angel and Seven Ring Ritual. I’m happy to see him drop down a notch to 6 mana where his stats are a little more reasonable. So far my favorite moment was getting to discard two cards from an opponent’s hand using 1 Baku Bogeyman and a Hopeless Necromantic bringing back a 2nd Baku Bogeyman the first one discarded.


  • 4[P]P → 3[P]P

If you had asked me when the patch dropped, I would have said this probably wouldn’t be enough of a buff to make Balance truly viable. I would have been very wrong. The significance of dropping just that 1 mana down means it’s far more likely to hit those early boards of Mazes and Recruits before the pressure gets too high. Later in the game you can play easier it alongside power cards like Misanthropia to make sure you don’t lose out too hard on tempo. It’s not enough for me to cry foul and say it’s too good, but it’s definitely a big winner coming out of this patch.

Brass Bouncer

  • 1/6 → 1/5
  • Defender → Removed
  • After defending in combat, return the attacking minion to its owner’s hand if it survives → After combat, return the surviving enemy minion to owner’s hand

Now I’ve yet to actually play with this card myself but I will say it honestly feels better from a lore perspective. I can imagine a bouncer walking up and tossing out a problematic patron. This was previously one of the few cards I considered unplayable so I’m glad to see it swapped to a more proactive role. This will be fun to test out.

Celestial Dragon

  • Warded

This is another of the big winners to come out of this patch; not only is it more of a threat in play, but it mitigates the downside of the demise. Warded will force players to use more removal that would ignore the Demise in the first place like Seal of Exile to effectively deal with the Celestial Dragon. This should help Dragon in its quest of proving itself worthwhile in almost any Purple deck.

Compulsory Curse

  • Give a minion ‘At the end → start of its turn, deal 1 damage to its controller and adjacent minions’

I don’t have a lot to say on this one. You always get guaranteed value out of casting this and will sometimes clean up clumped X/1’s. I’m not entirely sure where I’d want to play this at the time of writing, but it certainly has the potential to be included in my decks now!

Corrupt Prayer Wheel

  • Whenever a Spirit minion is created, deal 1 damage to your opponent → and gain 1 life

Jaded Courtier

  • Lurker
  • Awaken: → At the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to your opponent and gain 1 life

These two changes must be talked about together. I may or may not have lost a game to a Fires of Creation Spirit deck that played Corrupt Prayer Wheel on turn 2 and prompted to drain 13 life from me with it. Lurker serves to help keep your Jaded Courtiers alive for multiple turns. With these both now gaining life as well as damaging your opponent, they can be the centerpiece of a control shell and help to show what Spirits can do as a theme. (House Elf says hello) This pair together make for a great buff and finally has me excited to try them both out.

Daigoju Supreme

  •  → Swift

This is not an exciting change, but it is an effective one. Honestly, movement-based effects are some of the most fun mechanics Mythgard has to offer and Daigoju Supreme is no exception. Like Baku Bogeyman, this is a card I have played before the patch and I expect to continue playing it many more times post-patch.


  • Demise: Gain (3) temporary mana and Draw a card
  • → When a minion attacks this, draw a card

Spiteful Mimic

  • 0🗲 → 2🗲
  • +1🗲 at the start of your turn while in Stealth → -1🗲 at the start of your turn
  • ▼: Your opponent takes 🗲 damage and discards 🗲 cards → When a minion attacks this, its controller discards 🗲 cards at random and disable this ability

Two members of the 4PP Stealth family got changes this patch and while I was initially excited for these changes in practice, I found they were a little skewed because of Mimic. Basically, when playing, if I see a 4PP card I must assume it’s Mimic and go “I don’t think Decoy is strong enough to ever worry about after testing and Thriving Shade is a little too slow.” Personally I would like to see the mana gain returned to Decoy in addition to this buff and to see Thriving Shade get an ability that activates when it’s at 8 Strength or more (such as Teleport) to really get a payoff for leaving it in Stealth for the 2 turns since that’s what Mimic liked as well. This is a great change to Mimic and ultimately although I personally thought the Decoy change would be enough, I feel the Decoy change missed the mark. It’s unfortunate but understandable due to the nature of the 4PP slot needing to balance 3 cards at once.

Defy Death

  • 2[P]P → 0[P]P

This is another change I’m really excited for. It’s subtle but what this does is allow you to keep Defy Death up without giving itself away and stops the issue of you spending 2 less mana each turn than YG control while you hope to protect against their Volition bust damage. Ultimately. I’m very happy to see this one and it’s already helped me out of a tough spot!

Divine Compass

  • Cost: 1 → 0

There’s not much to say here; a strict numbers buff that makes Night Market even more attractive than it was previously in Rainbow decks.

Emperor Koi

  • 3/3 → 3/4
  • Awaken: Gain (2) temporary mana → Give the top minion in your deck +2/+2 permanently

This is a really interesting card to try evaluating. For the time being, I’m treating it like a 4 mana 5/6 across 2 bodies, so around the same cost/effect ratio as Avenging Alpha and Back Alley Ronin but better against single target removal and worse against area of effect such as Misanthropia. This is a really fun change that has taken a card almost never played and turned it into a card that people will not only play but maybe even try to build around. So far my highlight has been getting to slam 4/3 Racer of Shadows into people.

Feng Shui Master

  • 2/3 → 3/3

This is a card I didn’t think needed a buff but that I’m glad to see get one. Strong enchantment removal is hard to come by in Mythgard so I’m more than happy to see a buff to any of them.

Five Spirit Gate

  • When you create a non-Ephemeral minion in this lane, you may return a minion in your boneyard with a lower mana cost than the created minion to your hand and make it an Ephemeral Spirit → with its mana cost increased by (1)

I don’t have much to say on this one. This is just a flat buff. I’m pretty happy to see a buff, and especially one that synergizes with the buff to Grandma Meng’s Tea House! With so many of Harmony’s enchantments seeing buffs, I suspect we will see quite a few attempted and maybe even some good Rainbow’s End deck utilizing them.

Flame Scroll

  • Cost: 2 → 1

Another strict numbers buff that helps put Shinobi of Fire up near the levels of the other two Shinobi. It’s a great change I’m already making use of in my Orange/Purple Aggro!

God of Gamers

  • 5[P]P → 4[P]P

A good buff to another purple Mythic… overall, we’re making all the purple mythic’s more exciting! While not quite as good as Oak or Kara from other factions, this is a very solid midrange 4-drop now with the potential of reusing a powerful Awaken effect through the use of his Homeward Crown.

Grandma Meng’s Tea House

  • When you create a minion in this lane, the top minion in your deck gets Stealth → and its mana cost reduced by (1) permanently

This is good. This is real good. I finally have a reason to actually consider playing this card. I can already see synergies in Purple between this and Five Spirit Gate in Rainbow decks.


Be sure to check back on Thursday, Feb 6 for the second half of this article, where I give my thoughts on the rest of the balance changes this patch has to offer! Thanks for reading.

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