Hello and welcome to the Weekly Stream Recap with Weissenberg! In this segment your humble servant and the loyal subject to the Nilfgaardian Emperor provides a written testimony of his adventures in the realm of Gwent. Each week we will try our luck with a creative and non-competitive deck and each week we will try to design a set of rules we have to follow throughout the broadcasts.

Viva Vivienne

With the season slowly coming to an end and the game changing expansion around the corner it was time for a meme deck that was going to be the cherry on the cake. And for our list to achieve that status we needed a card that sees so little play most of the players aren’t even aware of its existence. That card was Vivienne de Tabris.

It is one of those cards that were considered overpowered upon reveal and yet almost nobody played it afterwards. At 10 provisions it’s a fairly expensive card that requires multiple other expensive cards to be consistent. But, with all the sweet 4 and 5 provision bronzes who cares about cards being expensive? We most certainly do not. And that is way we filled our gold package with cards like Dandelion: Poet and Triss: Telekinesis. Then, in order to make our combos as consistent as possible we included a number of staple thinning tools like the Artorius Vigo – Impera Brigade combo and Roderick of Dun Tynne.

Now that our gold package looked all memey and spicy we needed a proper bronze core. And when playing Nilfgaard there is only one group of bronzes that gets you solid value if you’re on a tight budget: the tactics. Tourney Joust, Imperial Diplomacy, Assassination… then add an engine like Nauzicaa Sergeant and Imperial Diviner, which is also a tech card that counters bounties, poison and bleeding. Easy. As always, you can find the complete list below. And as always, most of our cards are flexible. If you think Vreemde is too draw dependent, you can play any other 7 provision gold. If you don’t like the assimilate synergies, you can swap Anna Henrietta and the Diviners for anything that is more to your liking.


Considering how many mini-combos this deck contains and how painful the mulligan is, adding more rules seems unnecessary. With that being said, same as last week, no specific rules were applied this episode.

Match #1: Brouver Hoog & Aglaïs

Aglaïs, oh sweet Aglaïs. One of the very few decks that date back to the early Homecoming. And also one of the very few lists that rely solely on having the last say.

Going second against an Aglaïs deck doesn’t matter. The only thing that counts is fighting tooth and nail to secure the last say. Okay, and maybe drawing one of your reset or tall removal options. Unfortunately, our miserable hand didn’t make the task any easier for us. Our opponent opened with Portal. After all, thinning and consistency are rather important if you rely on a single card to win you the game. We answered with Nausicaa Sergeant and then Menno Coehoorn into Royal D into Artorius into Imperas. A play that obviously also triggered Roach… and that was instantly countered by Schirrú, that we honestly did not expect. Because, who on Earth plays Schirrú these days? Considering our situation after the next few turns we had no other choice but to spend both our leader and one of our more valuable cards, Assire var Anahid. Our opponent answered with Xavier Moran… wait, are they really running both Xavier and Aglaïs in the same deck? Well, well. Unfortunately we were unable to match and our opponent did something they should have never done. They passed.

With the last say secured, we drypassed round 2. Thanks to some earlier carry-over our Vivienne was rather thick. 8 points and potentially another 8 if played in combination with Dandelion, so things were looking good…

…until Dandelion pulled a dead Roderick in the very next round. Well, at least we had both the last say and our reset tool in Peter Saar Gwynleve. Then our opponent placed two Crushing Traps. That forced us to play Vivienne a little bit earlier, but it didn’t matter, cause now Peter was our finisher. Now, with everything set up it was time for our opponent’s grande finale, the Aglaïs play… wait, what? Syanna? All that effort, all that talk about the last say, and they didn’t even draw their wincon? We honestly felt bad for our opponent.

Match #2: Nilfgaard Mill

When you bump into Emhyr var Emreis, you know it’s mill. There is a tiny chance it could be soldiers or a fellow memer, but it’s more than likely you’re playing against mill. And playing against mill requires you to take certain additional measures. Are you using any thinning tools? Well, then make sure you don’t over-thin yourself. Also, prepare for a shorter match, because playing against mill usually means two rounds of Gwent, rather than three. Take all of it into account and you should be ready to go.

Round 1. Our opponent had to go second, which was pretty damn problematic for yours truly. Without even trying to disguise their filthy modus operandi, they started to mill right away. Artorius into Viper Witcher, Traheaern var Vdyffir, Cantarella. Nothing you wouldn’t expect from a mill player. But, mill has one problem. All those plays put very few points on the board. Our opponent knew that as well, so they passed after using most of their mill options and Vilgefortz.

As we already said, a usual mill match lasts only two rounds. That means that we had to generate more points with one card less in our hand. Luckily that hand looked pretty solid with Annarietta, Triss, Dandelion and Vivienne all ready to smash some value. Even though Peter provided us with meager 3 points, we were in the lead after playing the last card. 46:23. Our opponent had to find 24 points in the two cards they had left. If they played Damien and Renew into Vilgefortz, that would be absolutely possible. If they didn’t… well, tough luck. So, what is it going to be? Forfeit? I guess they didn’t run Damien and Renew.

Thanks for reading!

That does it for this episode of the Weekly Stream Recap! Thanks for joining us today, I hope you enjoyed the read. You can catch us live at: www.twitch.tv/weissenberg

See you next week!

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