Hello and welcome to the Weekly Stream Recap with Weissenberg! In this segment, your humble servant and the loyal subject to the Nilfgaardian Emperor provides a written testimony of his adventures in the realm of Gwent. Each week we will try our luck with a creative deck and non-competitive and each week we will design a set of rules we have to follow throughout the broadcasts.

Swarm Like Never Before

While Gwent has drifted towards the tournament meta and the inevitable dominance of Francesca Findabair, we kept moving in the opposite direction… the direction of memery that by no means offers any level of competitive experience. Last week we took our beloved soldier leader, Movran Voorhis, for a spin. But, in terms of pure memery, that was not enough, we had to go deeper.

And that is how this deck was born. A quick look at the deck list is enough to realize it’s full of unconventional plays. Renew? Operator? In a soldier deck? I know how it sounds, so please allow me to explain.

As we concluded last week, soldiers usually struggle with having two solid rounds. So, I figured, if we play Operator onto Daerlan Soldiers and then spam their copies with the Duchess’s Informant, we could potentially save Vrygheff for round 3. And Renew Vreemde. On paper, that would give us two really good rounds, given they would be long enough. Especially if we take the Morvran – Vilgefortz – Tibot Eggebracht combo into account. You can find the list below, and as always, feel free to swap cards as you please.


Considering how many mini-combos this deck contains and how painful the mulligan is, adding more rules seems unnecessary. With that being said, same as last week, no specific rules were applied this episode.

Match #1: Harald the Cripple

Whenever you play a deck that requires your units to stay on the board, queuing against Harald isn’t necessarily fun. Skellige has quite a few engine cards that benefit from your units being damaged, so we did not expect any of our Daerlans to actually survive. And that means, we had to deploy a different strategy.

Luckily, we were going second. That allowed us to play suboptimally and try to bait all removal early on. The only problem was that every Skellige deck also includes the Svalblod Priest – Tuirseach Veteran combo, so our opponent did not have to spend any removal at that point and could rely solely on his bronze engines. So, the roles were now reversed and it was us who had to play control. After denying our opponent both Vets, we started to establish our desired state of the board. Meaning it was time to spam Daerlans. Unfortunately most of our plays were rather low-tempo while the lonely Priest on the opposite side of the board kept generating points. We briefly considered passing which is not the smartest thing to do against Harald, but in the end decided to use Vilgefortz offensively. That was enough for our opponent to pass. Thank God, cause our hand was pretty much dead.

Round 2. We drypassed. Sure, most people would say you have to bleed the leader ability, but I felt having the last say is more important, especially if you’re not sure if you have enough points in hand to bleed successfully.

We knew what was coming… a never ending stream of staple Skellige cards. Svalblod Totem, Hjalmar an Craite, Harald Houndsnout and so on and so forth. Well, creativity has never been the strong side of Skellige mains. What felt really frustrating was the fact that despite having so many tools to spawn, copy and revive our brave Darlean comrades, all of them were consistently being removed. The sodium level in my blood had risen significantly and we messed up Roderick’s placement. He then repayed us in full by showing us two golds that we did not want to play. So, we had no other choice but to pick Vreemde. An 8 point play, despite all the effort to make this combo the center piece of our list. After our opponent’s last play that predictably involved Dagur Two Blades and the leader ability we were trailing by 24 points. Not great, not terrible. We played Peter who reduced the gap to 11. And then it was time for the grand finale, Renew into Vilgefortz into Tibor. We won by only 2 points, but a win is a win and we gladly took it.

Match #2: Ardal aep Dahy

Ardal, another control deck that can either remove or yoink all our Daerlans before we get to play our combos. At least, with out trusty soldiers boys being only 3 power, we knew our opponent was to lose a bit of value on each play.

Once again we were going second and we immediately decided to start doing our own thing. That means we played Operator and copy the Daerlan we had in our hand… only to have it stolen by Sweers. Another of our Daerlans was quickly removed by the Tourney Joust, but we kept going. Duchess’s Informant into another Daerlan… which in turn was answered by Imperial Diplomacy into another Joust. We only had one soldier left in hand and none in deck, so we had to pass. We couldn’t afford losing the last of our comrades.

Round 2 and the circus started again. We renewed our Operator and copied the last Daerlan we had. Then we copied the copy we gave to our opponent… And if you think this can’t possibly get any more ridiculous, we played Roderick into Artorius Vigo into Duchess’s Informant to make another copy of the copy that we gifted our opponent with. After playing Vrygheff, and having some of our copies either yoinked or killed, we still had 6 soldiers on the board. That allowed us to play Vreemde for 16 points! Double the value we got out of him the last game! At that point it seemed our opponent had seen enough and they passed. We took the round at a card advantage with our finisher still available!

And just like that we got to the final round of the match… where it seemed our opponent did not have any units of their own. Only removal and create. While we didn’t get any value out of our Peter, we still had the finisher left. We were only trailing by 2 points, so Vilgefortz into Tibor was more than enough to win.

Thanks for reading!

That does it for this episode of the Weekly Stream Recap! Thanks for joining us today, I hope you enjoyed the read. You can catch us live at: www.twitch.tv/weissenberg

See you next week!

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