Greetings, my name is Joshua but you probably know me as Babyjosus. I am 23 years old and live in the Netherlands in a city called Leeuwarden. I have been playing Gwent since the end of 2017. This was during open beta. I got into it because of the Witcher 3.

In season 9 I reached pro rank for the very first time after playing the game for almost 800 hours. You might know me from twitch or saw some of the decks that I uploaded on GwentDB back in the day.

My next goal after reaching pro rank is to improve myself more so I can get top 500 and maybe top 100 even. The reason for this is to participate someday in a tournament but I know I will have to work hard for it. And this is also the reason I joined Team Rankstar. I feel like joining the team can help me achieve my goals since I can work together with like minded people.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you will cheer for me while I am in Team Rankstar!

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