Boom-Zooka OTK Hunter

Hey y’all, today I want to take a look at an OTK Hunter deck. The idea of this deck is to use Flark’s Boom-Zooka and Revenge of the Wild to deal up to 22 damage to your opponent (2x Charged Devilsaur, 1 King Krush). The nice thing about this combo is Flark’s Boom-Zooka also acts as a board clear to some degree, clearing away those pesky Taunts that could potentially break your combo.

Before I get too deep into it I want to mention AudreyKills (Twitch/ Twitter). This deck has been her baby since day one. Anytime she gets to bring it up she’s more than happy to push this deck on the Twitter community. I don’t know where she got the deck idea from but she has put in a lot of time with it, and was the first person to expose me to the combo.

So let’s take a look at the cards that make this combo work.

Essentially you’re aiming to play Flark’s Boom-Zooka summoning some Big Ol’ Beaty Charge Beasties to wreak havoc across the board, do their job, and die. The next step is to play Revenge of the Wild re-summoning all the dead beasts to bring that havoc to your opponent’s face.  This works really well with Charged Devilsaur because anytime he’s played from Oondasta, Revenge of the Wild, or Kathrena his Battlecry doesn’t trigger and you can aim those jaws straight for your opponents throat. The beauty of Kathrena Winterwisp is her synergy with Flark’s Boom-Zooka since it will summon her from your deck and slam her into a minion,which will kill her, activating her Deathrattle and bringing a beast into play. The only real problem of the Boom-Zooka OTK build is you are practically only able to run these minions, since it will summon anything from your deck; I’m pretty sure your goal is not to have a legion of Snowflippers screaming across the board on turn 8.


Running minion-lite Hunter isn’t really much of a problem right now though. Spell Hunter is a thing in the Rastakhan meta with Kat (Twitch/ Twitter) currently holding a few high legend finishes with the deck. Rastakahn Hunter boasts strong defensive spells, and a wide array of minion summoning spells – things that essentially don’t interfere with Boom-Zooka’s ability to pull out your strong minions.




I think at least one copy of Dire Frenzy is an obvious choice in this deck. This card ensures that even if you draw your beasts before crucial combo pieces, you essentially can build-a-combo with the tools at hand. Dire Frenzy a Charge minion created from Deathstalker Rexxar, Huffer from Animal Companion, you can even Dire Frenzy any combo beast that has stuck on the board for more than one turn. This card is amazing because even if the combo has already played out and the end game is drawing to a close, Dire Frenzy on any Charge minion will at the very least deal 12 extra damage from hand at some point; twelve damage is more than enough to bring a Hunter game to a close.





58724.pngRight now Deathstalker Rexxar is Hunter’s MVP. He is practically an auto-include in every deck since his value generation can close out games Hunter has no business winning (looking at you Garrosh). Depending on how the game plays out you can build 10 mana Zombeasts and summon them out with Oondasta. If for some reason you had to Dire Frenzy Oondasta, those 10/10 Oondastas are a great way to drag Zombeasts out of your hand.

Combine this with his early game AoE Battlecry and Deathstalker Rexxar puts you in a very good position for the end game.

Before I discuss a few takes on Boom-Zooka OTK Hunter I would like to address something:





The combo nets no value if you’re dead. Flark’s Boom-Zooka and Revenge of the Wild are good cards in multiple situations.

Boom-Zooka can be used to summon minions from your deck as removal if need be. If you summon Oondasta or Kathrena not only will they slam into enemy minions, they’ll also summon more minions to work for you. These minions will usually have Charge or Rush, and large bodies perfect for controlling the board. This is always worth consideration and has saved many a game for me.

Revenge of the Wild is another great board control tool outside of the combo. If you run Emerald Spellstone, the 3/3 Wolves can be summoned, used to trade, then resurrected with Revenge of the Wild. Use this tactic against Zoolock or Odd Paladin and it can be insane value. On turns when you’re going to use Boom-Zooka and Revenge of the Wild, also consider that you can trade beasts on the board before playing the combo and you’ll get those beasts back along with the beasts summoned from Flark’s Boomzooka.


OTK Audrey



This deck is my first experience with Boom-Zooka OTK Hunter. While I feel this list isn’t optimized for this meta, it is a nice place to start for theory crafting. Besides the Boom-Zooka combo all of the cards in this deck feel like they interact well with each other. I’m not quite sure where on the ladder she was when she built this but I feel like its too greedy for the Odd Paladin meta. I have lost plenty of games where I had nothing to deal with my opponent’s board and ended up doing nothing effective until turn 4.

The notable thing about this list is Witchwood Grizzly since it has saved me in plenty of matches versus faster decks. Baited Arrow is not bad with Houndmaster Shaw since it can create situations where you can 2-for-1 with the 5/5 body from the Baited Arrow. Spider Bomb also has interesting interactions with Houndmaster Shaw and Boom-Zooka but suffers from lack of any other Deathrattle activators.

I cut Zul’jin from my list but Rebobson also includes Zul’jin in his list. I think that this card is a nod to the greedier decks out there as it generates insane value. Its major draw back is that it costs 10 mana, and its Hero Power doesn’t help you close out the game any faster.

Rebobson (Twitter) pointed out on the Around the Hearth podcast that Eaglehorn Bow feels slow in this deck and rarely creates enough value from the secrets to be useful (consider this when looking at my build as well).



OTK Carnage.png



After I played AudreyKills’ OTK Hunter for a while I figured that a Spell Hunter was a good place to start with the deck. So I removed Spider Bomb, Baited Arrow, a few secrets, and Zul’jin for some better early game removal. Flanking Strike’s consistency is your best friend since it’s removal and a minion for trade. I also decided Secret Plan was worth substituting over Snake Trap/ Venomstrike Trap due to its flexibility. 2x Explosive Traps felt necessary versus the surge of Odd Paladin I was facing at the time but feel free to remove one for any other card you feel is necessary.

I kept Houndmaster Shaw since he has synergies with Flanking Strike and Emerald Spellstone. I usually drop him on curve since I don’t feel you need to save him for any extra value. He is hard to remove and if you follow him with a Spellstone or Flanking Strike he can be quite formidable at holding the board.

I removed Zul’jin because unlike Audrey and Rebobson my goal is to have the game over before I need the value of Zul’jin. It is a very strong card and worth running but not necessary.  If you don’t have this card I don’t feel it’s a big deal – any card from my list is probably a good substitute.



OTk rebobRebobson’s take on Boom-Zooka Hunter may be the strongest deck on this list.

The notable thing here is his heavy focus on drawing. It runs 5 secrets and Subject 9 as well as Tracking. I at first considered Tracking but I was too worried I would discard essential combo pieces. After playing this version of the deck I can ensure you that is a very rare occurrence (in fact, it hasn’t happened to me once). If for some reason you feel like you discarded an essential beast you can easily get a replacement Huffer or Zombeast and copy it with Dire Frenzy. More likely you’ll have to choose between a Hero card and a combo piece – in this situation just ask yourself if you need to win through the sheer value of either Hero or do you need the explosive finish of the Boom-Zooka combo.

As you can see he has a very heavy removal package. He felt like 2x Deadly Shot was a necessary on top of 2x Hunter’s Mark. With this heavier removal package he can get away without running Grizzly or Shaw.

Rebobson also sold me on Zul’jin. With a heavier array of spells, that Zul’jin is a lot scarier coming into the end game. It is an extra board fil l/ board clear, and it almost takes you back to the glory days of Yogg-Zoth.

You may feel Subject 9 weakens your combo but is usually a non-issue – its benefits outweigh that little disadvantage.

If you want to take this deck to ladder today, this would be the version to run.


Going Forward

$ (1)

I’d love to revisit this deck post-rotation. This deck looks like it’ll suffer the loss of Kathrena, Charged Devilsaur, Deathstalker Rexxar, and Emerald Spellstone.

What remains? Flark’s Boom-Zooka, Revenge of the Wild, and Dire Frenzy. We have the combo pieces! These cards will allow some sort of combo shenanigans post-rotation. This gives Boom-Zooka OTK potential in the Year of the Dragon. The deck might take a completely different form but the core remains. So, I am confident that Flark’s great invention will have a place in the upcoming year: The Year of the Dragon might be the year of Boom-Zooka OTK.

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