Brad is a multifaceted professional card gamer! Within card gaming, he has had professional success in Hearthstone with multiple appearances in the Hearthstone Championship Tour featuring a top 8 finish in 2016. In The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Brad has finished #1 and has multiple top 10 finishes in the games monthly ranking system. His top #1 finish lead to the nerfing of the control Mage deck that he played to a 100% win rate on the last day of the respected month. In Magic: The Gathering, Brad has seen success at the Grand Prix level and has been on the Magic Pro Tour.

Additionally, Brad is a professional streamer. Starting in early 2015, Brad began running his personal stream at You can still find his CCG related content on that channel. In 2017, Brad ran and managed the streaming, broadcasting, and logistics for the competitive scene in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Today, you can also find Brad on Twitch via. his newest streaming venture GrubTruckers is an IRL based streaming project that looks into his life outside of the card game world.

With Brad’s ability to adapt to the highest level within all strategy card games, he is a perfect fit to bring some of the best competitive content for Artifact. Based on his resume, you can expect Brad to design decks and strategies that will give you the best competitive edge within Artifact. You won’t want to miss any of the Artifact content from this card game veteran.

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