Eternal – Bronze III Boys

The “Bronze III Boys” is the name of the Eternal arm of “Team Rankstar”!

Our current roster includes:

  • Aphelion

A long time Magic player, he played a ton of Hearthstone before feeling like something was missing. Having a friend who was campaigning for Eternal, and feeling bored with the games he was playing, Aphelion decided to give it a shot. Since then, he has been immersed in the small (but growing community), and has fallen in love with the game design. In hopes to see the game grow, and do his part to help with that! He also enjoys Commander and Legacy (MtG), and is planning to contribute some content around those as well!


  • arbitraryarmor

arbitraryarmor started playing Eternal at the recommendation of a friend, and it didn’t take long for him to love the game. Tired of MTGO’s clunky interface and Hearthstone’s over-the-top RNG, he found that Eternal strikes the perfect balance between the two, making the most of Magic’s strategic depth and Hearthstone’s sleek gameplay. One of his biggest pleasures in card games is playing cards that his opponents have to read for the first time, followed closely by fooling an opponent with a savage bluff. arbitraryarmor also plays Magic extensively, participating in every tournament format available. No matter what format or game, arbitraryarmor is always excited to pick up an interesting-looking deck and take it for a spin.

  • chPIG

Hailing from Northern Ireland, chPIGs grand illustrious card career started with Stud Poker at the tender age of five before moving on to Kitchen Table Magic in the late 90s. After dipping his toes in the Irish competitive MTG community, he quickly pulled them out again with the release of Mirrodin before committing to DAoC, and later WoW as a competitive PvE player instead. With the release of the WoW TCG, chPIGs love of card games was rekindled and he quickly returned to MTG as a playtester and deck-tuner for his far more competitive and far more irresponsible friends. After shelling out too much money on his legacy deck in a fiery decision to “go for it!” he was suitably chastised by his partner and “gently encouraged” to investigate a more cost effective way to find his fix. After briefly toying with Hearthstone, he found Eternal in early 2017 and has been a consistent constructed masters player ever since. When not playing cards, chPIGs biggest loves are rugby, design, music, and cigarettes.

  • Dunkelwerk

Dunkelwerk is an Armory aficionado and Magic: the Gathering legacy player. When not slinging buffed beyond belief Daisho’s or casting Brainstorm, you can find him trolling his teammates or brewing up some sweet removal pile jank.

  • HeyWhyYou

HeyWhyYou started with card games by playing casual MTG back when M13 and Phyrexian block were around. He played with some starter decks and really enjoyed it, then played some common drafts with friends. He wasn’t much of a competitive MTG player by any means and it was too expensive a hobby to continue. Later, he came back to TCGs in finding “Infinity Wars”, and fell in love! Unfortunately this game died a couple years ago so he moved to “Spellweaver”, another CCG with some features from both HS and MTG. Soon he started playing tournaments managing to get 1st place in official launch event.. After seeing “Infinity Wars” completely dead and “Spellweaver” slowly dying, he left the CCG scene until I looked at “Infinity Wars” forum to see a post when some random person said they had moved to Eternal and loved it. He tried it, and in a couple hours, figured it’s the game he had been looking for! Now, he finally enjoys limited, play competitive ranked with good decks and the tournament scene at the same time!



  • Magikarp

Mitch “Magikarp” began online competitive play back in 2013 grinding Magic Online Limited formats. He won an online MTG PTQ going 13-0 in the process qualifying him for PT Montreal. Since then he has been a long time MTGO, Hearthstone, and Eternal grinder finding some success in all three games.

After taking the competitive scene a little less seriously for awhile he decided to go for one of his dreams, streaming on Twitch. While he streams part-time, he is always trying to improve his game and help others improve. He can be found at sporadic times throughout the week, practicing for whatever card game he is competing in next.

He is a proud member of Gaby Spartz’s stream team, Viperbrood, and is a community ambassador for his local gym in Corvallis, Oregon, Hammerheart Strength and Conditioning.



  • NotoriousGHP

GHP hails from the cold NE corner of North America. With several years of MTG success under their belt, then went looking for something to scratch the itch without needing so much preparation. Hearthstone was the first mistress to tango with the Notorious one, after a few years of hearthstone, GHP wanted to try something new. One day, a friend introduced GHP to eternal. Within a few hours, and the competitive rush coursing through their veins, they were hooked. Now, you can find GHP at the top of the competitive ladder, brewing, tweaking and innovating top tier strategies. Follow them at:




  • SifuDanny

Sifudanny has been playing some form of collectible card game for 15 years, the major one being Magic: The Gathering. Since August 2017 Sifu has been playing and streaming Eternal in hopes of helping to encourage the growth of Eternal and make the game more competitive while also improving his own skill at the game and meeting some fellow Eternal players and friends along the way. Since then he has had 1st , 3rd , 4th, and 5th places respectively in the late, great TCG eSports Weekly Tournaments. He came in 2nd in a SPG Weekly with his home brew Matrollol list. His most accomplished finish is Top 4 at ETS Weekly. He currently just started a Youtube channel where he post deck tech videos and other content for Eternal.




  • The_Mantid_Man

The_Mantid_Man brings a whole new perspective to the TCG and CCG community. With an practical and analytical approach to the game he is consistently in the top tier of the games he sets his mind to. With multiple seasons at Legend in hearthstone as well as 2 Darkmoon faire semi-finals, 2 national top 32 finishes, and a top 16 finish at Worlds in the WOW TCG he has proven his worth time and time again. He has also brought his savvy and experience to deck evaluation articles, sneak peak reviews, and a weekly podcast to multiple TCGs so that no one has to go without his insight should they want it. The_Mantid_Man is now focused on the quickly growing world of Eternal, spending time in Masters in Ranked and Draft formats. When he isn’t slinging digital cards he is either building or playing in Dungeons and Dragons games, working on his pursuit of Voice acting, or spending time with his two sons and wife who are closing in quickly on his heels in Eternal as well!


  • Theovermaster

Theovermaster has been playing TCGs ever since he picked up Magic: The Gathering at the tender age of 8 with a starter deck of 4th Edition. He started playing competitively around the end of Apocalypse / start of Odyssey era, becoming a force in his local scene (Nova Scotia); even winning a few tournaments. He took a hiatus from the game (with a brief resurgence in the Zendikar era) after Mirrodin block, but came back in force in Theros block, where he took the local scene by surprise with many top 8 finishes in PPTQs / GPTs; even winning a Team Sealed event.
Mostly he comes from a background in limited, where he uses this brewer- type mentality to come up with some of the most innovative strategies yet seen in Eternal. Some of the decks you can see Theovermaster with (sometimes at the top of Masters even) are 4F killers, Memory Dredger Killers, 3F Torgov Scream, Revenge Hour, among others too numerous to list. Eternal allows the brewer itch to be scratched with the 75 card deck size limit, and Theovermaster certainly knows how to utilize every single slot to his advantage. Theovermaster is known normally as a deck-builder, but has brushed the edge of the top of the ETS tournament scene with a top 8 finish in an LCQ as well as numerous top 8 misses due to breakers. Currently, in addition to providing Team Rankstar with the latest in tech from the frontier of Eternal’s deck-space, he produces / casts for the Casual Friday tournament series offered from The Great Parliament as well as streams occasionally.



  • ThePlatypusKing

ThePlatypusKing would tour across the United States performing music and grinding Magic tournaments. Would theorycraft decklists on the long drives which led to a couple SCG Top 8s and Top 32 finishes on the Grand Prix circuit. Eventually, all that experience lead to a Top 8 finish at Grand Prix Los Angeles 2016 with Abzan Company in the Modern format. He is now channelling his energy into streaming every day (or close to it) on and a growing game by the name of Eternal.



  • Thatresolves

Started off by playing Magic and grinding around the PPTQ circuit but gave up when I didn’t feel the travel was worth it anymore and it coincided with the re-release of Vs System. Really went deep with Vs winning the first UK Nationals which resulted in a card getting “banned” and coming second in the next UK Nationals losing to my team mate and close friend which resulted in people calling for a ban of the deck I was playing.

Now that game is barely supported, I played Eternal right at the start of open beta but never took it seriously until about 10 months ago where I came back grinded my way to masters and haven’t missed a season since. I started making videos recently because Ilyon was talking about there not being enough content creators for the game and as I’d just completed my collection I thought it was time to get involved.



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