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GHP Reviews the New Campaign!

Tchamber5 is AWOL, but Gerry doesnt let that stop him! Check out what he has to say about the newest Eternal Card Game set! //iTunes //Soundcloud//Spotify FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @NotoriousGHP @Tchamber5 @TeamRankstar SUPPORT THE CAST:

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Meta Monday: October Week 3

Welcome to Meta Monday, presented by NotoriousGHP.The following people made this article possible: ThePlatypusKing VNodosaurus Susuexp truxcer TheScot Isochron Doobs Kekswal t3544 Sabnitron EdenGardenz Mancio1982 bA1ance Crafty Muso drAlvio Reynard_Fox SasquatchBrah Sspifffyman Deedub Sakarnen gothunicorn Distrbed10k I_Am_Monstrum LordPerth Noverb LightsoutaceKingAndrewChriseay As always, if you’d like to contribute data and have your name featured in the article, make sure to submit your games to both the Throne Ladder and Expedition Ladder forms. If your opponent was on an off-meta deck, please just write a little

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Saying Goodbye To The Mythgard Alpha

With today’s final patch of the Alpha release, all eyes are looking forward to the Mythgard Beta. We’re going to take today to review the last alpha patch notes and remembering fondly this stage of the game’s life. I’ll follow this up with an article about things I’m looking forward to during beta some time next week. Features & Bug Fixes New Cards: Draugr, Norn Datacore, Serpentine Empress, Notarize Reality, Sideshow Chimera, and Iku-Turso We saw Iku-Turso actually added last

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