This week in TRS 4/25

Eternal Sunday ECL: Calebovitsch 3rd place, Magikarp 2nd place. Tuesday ECL: Notorious GHP 1st place! Gwent Magic: The Gathering Mythgard The Elder Scrolls: Legends “… we’re partnering with Team Rankstar for the qualifiers! They’ll be running the live-streamed broadcast on

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Guide to Tempo Action Telvanni

Author: Matthew Ryan Borchers Code: SPAIaAmxignobOqfhRixAFjYpVdKdVovATjEdInCnLoedPkgjHjJhknMoMblpTrCkVsmgynr   Table of Contents Introduction Card Choice and Substitutions Mulligan Guide General Strategy and Important Interactions   Introduction For quite some time I have been trying to build a reasonably strong Hexmage Assassin/Telvanni. I

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