Dumpster Decking Challenge

Team Rankstar is hosting a deck building challenge based around “Brenn, Chronicaler of Ages”!

First place will receive a $25 Steam Gift Card! Perfect for completing your set of Knucklebones!

The rules:

– We pick a card that is not particularly popular or appears in a tier deck

– We will offer 1 week for deckbuilding

– You will develop a deck list for Sifudanny to play 5 games on stream

– Lists will be submit in The Dojo (https://discord.gg/A62XzMT)

– You will be competing against Team Rankstar’s deck builders (we are submitting a single deck list)

– Sifudanny will stream games with each of the decks on 05/20 at 9pm CST (2am GMT)

– If more than one deck gets a perfect record, he will have a tiebreaker where he plays the top decks until they lose

How you win:

– The deck can win at least 4 games of 5

– Bonus points given for creativity

– Stream chat will have an opportunity to vote on their favorites

– A deck will be considered “different” from another deck if it has at least 8 non-power cards different from another list

The contest ends on 5/19, so please have your screenshots submitted by 11:59 PM PST (UTC-8) on that day in the “homework_assignments” channel (The Dojo). This is the first instance of us doing this, and we hope to do it again! We think we thought of everything, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask here or in Sifudanny’s Discord!

We will post the decklists on www.TeamRankstar.com after all of the submissions are made!

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