Epics Crafting Guide

Epics Crafting Guide by EndoZoa, Karakondzhul and Warriors7

Epics provide powerful utility tools to a deck, and they are often worth crafting before legendaries. The cards will be rated from a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the weakest and 5 being the strongest, and there will be brief descriptions as well. There will also be a top 5 list to craft, which means story mode cards or cards from gold expansions will be excluded, though they will be rated since some can be dusted if you are not too concerned about full collections.

Ratings (in terms of crafting):

1: Not seen in any decks; the memiest of memes; just trash. Safe to dust

2: Very niche, useable as tech cards or in a currently unknown archetype. Dust with caution.

3: Key cards in certain archetypes and/or in certain metas. Don’t dust unless you hate the class/archetype.

4: Powerful Card found in many decks. Don’t Dust

5: Extremely Powerful or auto-include status regardless of archetype. Don’t dust




Top 5:

1. Earthbone Spinner (4.5)

She fits in nearly every single red deck, though the decks don’t often run 3 copies of her. Silence is an extremely powerful tool in every archetype. In aggro or midrange, she can get rid of drain, guard, as well as shackle or even rebuff your creature after a prophecy Cloudrest or a curse effect. For control decks, she is useful for revealing creatures in the shadowlane, get rid of pesky effects such as Haunting Spirit or Sower of Revenge. Overall she is very versatile, and many red decks often run 2 of her, if not 3.

2. Belligerent Giant (4.5)

An extremely powerful card that provides insane tempo swing, and has the extra utility of destroying support cards. Typically played in midrange strategies to completely swing the board into your favor, as a “silence” effect to get rid of buffs, or even generate value by destroying supports and sometimes bouncing your own minions that generate value such as Wardcrafter or Harpy (I’ve bounced Merric once or twice that have helped me win games). His mere existence makes a lot of 6 drops unplayable.

3. Withered Hand Cultist (4)

If you want an anti control card, he is the card that will make most control decks go crazy. His ability to clog opponent’s hand is ridiculous, considering its stats. However he is still a meta choice and does not always go in all red midrange decks.

4. Hlaalu Sharpshooter (3.5)

She is similar to Earthbone Spinner, but she requires a very specific deck, as her effect is conditional.

5. Dushnik Yaal Archer (3.5)

Primarily a control card, though he is somewhat playable in orcs. Versatile defensive card, and support removal is an extremely valuable asset to have in a control deck.


Mage Slayer (2): 3/2 body is not good for a 2 drop, and its effect is not super strong. He will still die to Sorcerer’s Negation or Drain Vitality.

Plunder (2.5): Decent resource extension card, but the randomness can be a little too much sometimes. For more information, go contact Dust103 or his twitch channel: TheadventuresofDust.

Blighted Alit (2): Probably only playable in Prophecy Battlemage, which is a very weak archetype. Statline is not amazing, and the effect is only useful against control.

Fearless Northlander (2.5): Looks decent on paper, but not found in any decks. Could potentially find a home when self-harm becomes a thing or an East Empire Crafter deck.

Alikr’s Survivalist (2): Eyenie card, played in his Voice of Balance items deck. Card is too slow and fits in a niche archetype.

False Incarnate (3): Effect is often not relevant, but it has a decent body.

Gladiator Arena (1.5): At 4 mana, it is too slow in an aggro mirror, and it can easily be removed or outraced.

Hit and Run (2): Has potential in combo decks, though not found in one. If you’re not a combo player or Ksedden, it is a safe card to dust.

Imposter’s Mission (1): Arena card. Better off running an actual 4 drop.

Stormcloak Avenger (1.5): Nord Tribal.

Trebuchet (5): Nord Tribal. I mean come on. It can use counterweight to launch a 90kg stone projectile over 300m. What’s not to love? Please don’t dust.

Lumbering Ogrim (3): Playable in the right meta, but not having the ability to gain cover means that you either need to be ahead on board or go on the other lane to race in order for this card to be effective.

Burn and Pillage (1.5): Too situational to be good, though you can surprise your opponent as it is a forgotten 2016 card.

Fetcherfly Golem (2): 5/5 for 5 is okay… just better options.

Grahtwood Ambusher (2): Playable in Doomcrag and Prophecy Battlemage, but not extremely strong archetypes.

Markarth Bannerman (3.5): Although she has lightning bolt syndrome, once she hits, she usually swings the game or outright wins the game as her effect is that strong.

Child of Hircine (2.5): Belligerent Giant syndrome without an amazing reward. Fun card to play with and has cool OTK potential.

Dread Clanfear (1): Intimidate on a stick! The existence of this card prevents the existence of a guard roleplay deck!

Stampeding Sentinel (2): Again Belligerent Giant Syndrome without major upsides. 6 drops need to have immediate impact or win the game if it is allowed to survive.

Whirling Duelist (2): Board clear with Whirling Duelist and Daedric Dagger, but combo is pretty bad.

Ancestor’s Battleaxe (1): Exists for random item generators like Merric/Haafinger and the almighty Plunder.

Duel Atop of the World (1): Breakthrough synergy? haHAA

Hunter Killers (1.5): Combo with World-Eater’s Eeyrie! Might as well get 100 dust.

Wrothgar Forge (1.5): Fun card, but too slow and there are better support win conditions.

Unstoppable Rage (3.5): Powerful win condition for control, and one of Reddit’s favorite card.


Top 5

1.Tel Vos Magister (4.5)

Only reason this card is not a 5 is because he isn’t playable in aggro and faster midrange. Other than that, he is playable in most blue decks, and he is meta defining. The existence of this card has pushed out traditional midrange, as he will easily absorb 10+ damage against tall decks. He is prevalent in many top tier decks, such as Midrange Battlemage or  Control Dagoth.

2. Icestorm (4)

One of the most effective and powerful AoE spell (other than Drain Vitality) that can be found in almost every blue control deck.

3. Breton Conjurer (3.5)

Known as the “Santa” that generates a wall factory; a very fun combo card when he goes off. He is a core card in a top tier deck that has existed since 2016: midrange/combo battlemage, and in a similar deck, midrange Dagoth. Wouldn’t recommend dusting unless you are Bones who is incapable of playing midrange battlemage.

4. Vigilant Ancestor (3)

Most commonly found in Midrange Battlemage or Daogth, as it combos well with Ash Berserker, and protects your other threats. Solid card in general.

5. Master of Arms (3)

Archetype defining card; the reason why dedicated item decks exist. Item decks go in and out of the meta, but they are definitely fun.


Blood Sorceress (2): There are just better 1 drops to play, namely Crown Quartermaster. Too easily answered at 7 magicka when it has an effect.

Balmora Spymaster (2.5): Fun RNG card that doesn’t see too much competitive play, but exists in lower tier decks such as Altar, Unite the Houses etc.

Falling Wizard (5): Watch the animation before dusting!

Moment of Clarity (1.5): Playable in Unite the Houses, and perhaps spell decks?

Shimmering Peddler (2.5): Fits in niche decks like Stealer of Secrets.

Wisdom of Ancients (1): Balances random spell generation cards.

Arcane Enchanter (1): Wouldn’t recommend even in item decks.

Brilliant Experiment (1.5): Oh how far you’ve fallen. Doppelganger, Night to Remember or Dark Rebirth does the job better.

Dark Rift (1): Oh how far you’ve fallen. Only good on 3, even then it will probably get destroyed and the Storm Atronach comes too late.

Desperate Conjuring (1.5): Petamax card that has sadly fallen due to Tinkering.

Keeper of Whispers (2): Funny when opponents forget what this card does, but not particularly playable in any decks.

Thalmor Embassy (1): High Elf Tribal.

Ice Wraith (1): Infinite draw… when your opponent is AFK.

Dragonstar Rider (2): Playable in eyenie’s Voice of Balance item deck.

Memory Wraith (2): Definition of tech card that will see play in a Petamax meta.

Thief of Dreams (2): Fun in a steal roleplay deck.

Winter’s Grasp (2.5): Strong card in Shackle Assassin, but only sees play in that deck. Contact Pdmd28 (PauloDiogo).

Battlereeve of Dusk (1): Fun trivia card.

Conjuration Scholar (2): Sees play in Altar deck and if you want to atronach roleplay.

Dragonpriest Mask (2): Exists in item combo decks. Other than that, exists for highlight reels when it Merric hits the Mask.

Heirloom Greatsword (1.5): Not very good resource extension, would run Enamor’s Keeper before this card.

Studium Headmaster (1): Blue Jarl that draws you 100 soulgems. Maybe mill archetype will exist one day, but even then, 100 card decks will just counter the archetype.

Summerset Orrery (5): What Lich’s Ascension aspires to become! Gets rid of bad prophecy cards while buffing Arcaneum Librarian. Seriously dust this card.

Mages Guild Retreat (1.5): Horrible win condition. However if you do win with this card, you will probably make the opponent uninstall the game (ex. Pdmd28).

Traitor’s Flame (1.5): Cool premium I guess? Effect is just too slow for 7 magicka.

Wispmother (2): Why do you always get hit by Deathpriest? After Tullius’ Conscription was printed, this card has been replaced in generating more use out of your 1 or 2 drops. Key card in the Wispraider combo.


Top 5: 

1. Cloudrest Illusionist (4.5)

It is very rare that a willpower deck won’t run the full playset of Cloudrests. This is a card you are very happy to play on curve at its mana cost and allows you to take positions where you are ahead on board and make it impossible for your opponent to recover. Oh, and sometimes you prophecy it and the game just ends. Cloudrest should be the first epic or legendary willpower card you craft.

2. Divine Fervor (4)

Like Pit Lion this is an auto include in any tokens list and sees little play elsewhere. However there are several tokens builds and tokens is a very powerful archetype in TESL.

3. Pit Lion (3.5)

If you play a proactive go wide (token) deck, this will be in it. There is a real cost associated with it but a 3 cost 5/5 is an absurd card and there are enough other cards that incentivise building a go wide deck that it is well worth playing.

4. Dawnstar Healer (3.5)

A tech card to enable racing against other aggro/mid decks. While it is always a meta call because of this, it is super powerful and key to a couple midrange willpower decks gameplans in those matchups.

5. Praetorian Commander (2.5)

In most cases divine fervor will do the same job but do it better. This is a massive tempo loss (6 mana 3/3 is way behind curve) and so requires you to not be under pressure but also not want to increase the pressure you put on your opponent. It’s hard to see a home for this card but with flicker effects and Tulius’ Conscription maybe there could be something there.


Blackmail (1.5): Instead of a random card you could choose a card to put in your deck! (wowie!) However, Unite The Houses…

Helgen Squad Leader (2.5): Some people *cough* Link, Superthx *cough* are convinced this is a very strong card in decks like token mage. It is extremely niche as it requires you to go wide to be powerful and almost mandates that you have a 1 drop or a way to buff it on turn 3 to play it. But the reward for getting it to work is high and once it gets going it can snowball itself. Also, unlike Morthal Executioner it does not require you to hit face which is a huge difference.

Ravenous Hunger (2.5): Sees some play in control crusader and conscription haalu. Neither of which are super relevant decks but can certainly be solid meta calls. (Most of the “conscription Hlaalu” decks you see on ladder are not conscription decks but bad aggro decks that people put 11 drops in for some reason. There are actual conscription haalu decks but their presence is minimal)

Arteum Savant (1): This card is bad, the only application i can see is you could use it in a therana otk deck to skip all runes instead of breaking them one by one with ice spikes. (you could ping your own creatures with mage’s trick as the loop card but even then you run into turn time issues)

Conjurer’s Spirit (2): To my knowledge, a shell that can adequately take advantage of this does not currently exist, but make no mistake, bitterblossom is a busted card. As more cards come out this could become an archetype staple, that archetype does not yet exist however.

Elsweyr Lookout (1): For all intensive purposes this is unplayable garbage, your opponent can easily kill a 1/1, the reward for it surviving one turn is very minimal, it removes flexibility and makes face the only place you can go. Maybe there is a wacky world where you build a deck that uses master of thieves and swift strikes to get an otk with this the turn after you play it and shadowmaster it, but at that point you should just be playing monk strike mid.

Reconstruction Engine (1): A deck that wants this card does not currently exist. The way this sees play is in a deck that actively wants its creatures to die since it can start killing and making a 1/1 after the first activation to trigger “when a creature dies” effects. But with the full-lane overwriting mechanic of tesl this is probably not even the best way to go about achieving this effect. (see abomination)

Tower Alchemist (2.5): Support mage used to be a very powerful archetype. It hasn’t been in a long time but if it sees a resurgence this will be part of it. This allows for potentially “infinite” value given time and so becomes a win condition when combined with Wolf Cage, College of Winterhold, or Orb of Vamira. It also enables the archetype to close the game after stabilizing with elixir of vitality.

Alpha Wolf (1): Even if wolf tribal ever was to become a real deck (god forbid), this would likely only see play as a 1 or 2 of as the body is so atrocious for the cost and so easy to answer you should think of it as 4: your wolves get +2/+0 until end of turn.

Morag Tong Nightblade (2.5): Capable of generating a lot of value given the perfect conditions but if those conditions occur you are probably winning the game anyway. If there is ever a way to put cards on top of your deck in the future then maybe the cost reduction aspect of the card allows it to see play, but as is it’s simply a marginal random upside.

Pack Leader (2): Hilariously better than Alpha Wolf, but still probably not in a wolf deck. If there’s ever a Conjurer’s Spirit deck this might go in it but it’s more likely to end up seeing play as a decent body in a midrange deck. The biggest issue of course is that willpower’s 4 slot is already stacked with hive daddy and cloud mommy.

Cauldron Keeper (2.5): Like Tower Alchemist, this is a critical part of (the currently dead) support mage decks. Notably, it also adds serious oomf to Altar monk, turning durdly turns into actual tempo swings.

Dagi-Raht Mystic (1.5): To my knowledge this has never been viable. However, this kind of effect is something to keep an eye on. Particularly since most decks don’t lose much by cutting most of their supports, if there is ever a deck that has a mid-late game plan built around a particular support this can help ensure you get it. For instance, while I don’t think there is a viable High Hrothgar deck, the best build probably uses this so that it can consistently get it.

Hero of Anvil (1): This card is not playable however with a significantly larger card pool maybe there could be enough strong 1 or 0 drops to make an all in aggro deck that can make use of it. This does not seem likely though.

Imperial Might (1): Way to big of a tempo loss to ever justify. We’ve come a long way from Kjeldoran Outpost for control win conditions in tcgs/ccgs and there are simply better ways to win games.

Kwama Queen (1.5): Similar to Pack Leader, Kwama queen is very unlikely to see play in a Kwama tribal deck but rather might see play if a deck wants the stat line distribution it offers. I don’t think that exists right now but could be wrong and it could go into some sort of deck looking to gum up the board but with a slower game plan than current token decks. There isn’t a known deck that uses it right now so it’s pretty safe to dust but isn’t out of the question to be a card in the future.

Light of the Three (1.5): Very niche. A 5 mana 4/4 is really bad so you really shouldn’t play this unless you are exalting it and giving up to 3 creatures +2/+2 is hardly worth 7 mana. Maybe this sees play as a 1 of at some point but I doubt it will ever really be optimal.

Loyal Housecarl (2.5): This saw play in prophecy mage for a pretty long time and while most lists don’t use it now, if you wanted to make a list that maxed out its prophecy count to run as a hard counter to aggro for a tournament or if the ladder meta is really one dimensional you could definitely use it.

Pillaging Tribune (2): While Tribune has not seen much play, it has always sat right outside of the realm of playability and was often overlooked in the past. The usefulness of Tribune as a tech choice stems from the overall strength of healing in tesl relative to other tcgs/ccgs. Dawnstar generally performs the role significantly better so it really only gets brought in in decks that want to heal through trading rather than going face. As an example the card is sometimes played in control crusader, although that archetype is very niche and a meta choice.

Spiteful Dremora (1): This card is not horrific, however it is almost strictly worse than Grisly Gourmet and as a result almost never sees any play as the amount of execute effects you want in your deck is limited and critically Dremora does not come out fast enough to answer Daggerfall Mage on curve.

Bandit Ringleader (2): Simply put there are far better sources of card draw available in the game. However draw is very limited in spellsword specifically so a very low to the ground spellsword deck could maybe use this at some point. I highly doubt it though and think it’s safe to dust.

Immolating Blast (2): Has seen very marginal play but generally doesn’t do enough and is too inconsistent. Could potentially see some play in a closed deck list format for surprise factor or as a 1 of in an open decklist format to give the opponent something else to play around.

Wolf Cage (1.5): At one point this was the win condition of choice for support mage decks. If there is a resurgence in the archetype it will likely use a different win con but who knows. Don’t be fooled, this doesn’t go into wolf tribal, it’s a grinding card if you can get extra activations out of it.

Shrine Guardian (2.5): Not thoroughly tested but not very promising. Shrine guardian is mediocre at best and as much as yellow control might wish it, it’s no vigilant giant. It might see some niche play, but if it does, its a bad sign for yellow control.

Mantikora (2): Oh how the mighty have fallen. Mantikora has been a staple of yellow control for the entire history of TESL but its recent nerfs render it nearly unusable. It is now in a very bizzare spot where it acts more like a proactive tool as half its cost goes towards a vanilla 6/6 and can be compared to cards like belligerent giant… but a lot worse. Maybe this sees some top end play out of a true midrange deck in a meta where hard removal has a high value associated with it but at this point yellow control has moved past it.



Top 5: 

1. Mournhold Traitor (4)

An insane tempo swing, this card is often a game winner when played early. The last gasp is a downside which makes it somewhat of a risk but every aggressive/midrange deck that uses green should consider this card.

2. Leaflurker (4)

Once a must-craft staple in all green decks, leaflurker has fallen out of flavour in the recent meta. However, the tempo swing from killing a wounded minion is still a very big reason to play it.


3. Cornerclub Gambler (3.5)

This card has a unique effect that can be of a huge advantage. Coupled with the fact that it’s a very good statline, it’s a really good choice for decks that often run out of steam.

4, Murkwater Skirmisher (3)

The goblin king; this card is insane value in the goblin archetype. However, it has no place elsewhere.

5. Murkwater Shaman (3)

The only reason this is played is because green has very few decent 4-drops. However, shaman can sometimes snowball out of control – especially in decks that can utilise the curses through leaflurkers or shearpoint dragons.


Deepwood Trapper (2) – Decent way to stall, it only sees play in Petamax’s abomination or in hyper aggressive lists that don’t care about card value.

Barter (1) – If you put good cards in your deck, you will have no need to trade them away. Insane combo with Lich’s Ascension!

Cog Collector (1) – Pilfer is a difficult mechanic to get value from and the reward from cog collectar is not enough.

Leafwater Blessing (2.5) – It’s only usable in leafwater blessing OTK and doesn’t do much elsewhere.

Arenthia Swindler (1) – There are better ways to improve your matchup vs item decks.

House Kinsmen  (2.5) – A decent option in midrange decks, it helps when racing or pushing through the last points of damage. However, the statline is rather weak.

Shadowmaster (2.5) – It has a very unique effect that hasn’t found a place yet but it’s possible that it will be relevant in the right deck.

Cliff Strider (1): This card would be a 5/5 if Jiub wasn’t a thing.

Hidden Trail (2) – Has seen very marginal use in a couple of decks but not even they utilise the shadow lane aspect. The attack buff is useful in some cases but way too slow.

Moonlight Werebat (2) – While this card has seen some competitive play, it’s very weak when played from hand and relies a bit too much on the prophecy tag.

Tenmar Swiftclaw (1) – Not even pilfer decks (which are quite bad in their own right) play this card.

Torval Crook (2) – Marginally playable in combo decks such as leafwater OTK but not even great there.

Blighted Werebat (1.5) – The effect is too often a downside and the stats are not good enough for a 5 drop.

Camoran Scout Leader (1) – Hard to think of a situation that this card is ever good.

Elder Centaur (1.5) – Cool flavour effect but too weak of a statline.

Fleeting Apparition (2.5) – While this card is insane in a perfect RNG world, there is typically too much variance in its outcome.

Giant Snake (3) – It’s one of those cards that are either insane or does nothing at all. It’s a staple in shackle assassin but it can be seen as a meta call for control decks such as shout scout.

Green Touched Spriggan (1) – Hard to imagine this ever being meta.

Pahmar-raht Renegade (2.5) – A flexible threat that has a decent body but can also fight for value. However, it excels at neither.

Snowy Sabre Cat (2.5) – It synergises really well with all items, especially Ring of Imaginary Might. However, this kitty has no immediate impact on the board so it doesn’t see any competitive play (other than in a #1 ladder finish by eyenie)

Smuggler’s Haul (1) – A lot of people have tried to make this card work – like in Unite the Houses or in Swindler’s Market decks. However, as bad as those archetypes are, even they find Smuggler’s a bit too slow.

Wild Beastcaller (2.5) – The average beastcaller is really good value for 6 magicka and this is one of the few 6 drops that don’t get as punished by shackle/belligerent giant. It could potentially see some play in the future but this card has no home as of now.

Shadowgreen Elder (2) – Compare this card to Goblin Skirmisher and you will see why animal decks are nowhere to be seen.

Spider Lair (1) – Terrible tempo. Sorry Matt, you know it sucks.

Eclipse Baroness (3) – Used to see play in rage archer and scout but very few people play rage archer now and scout has found new tools. Still an amazing value card with very little tempo.

Chaurus Breeding Pit (1.5) – 1 HP minions are usually a problem in the first few turns, not on turn 10. However, imagine Mushroom Tower + Breeding Pit! Basically a better Atromancer.



Top 5

1. Shadowfen Priest (4)

Very flexible card: the silence effect on a 4/4 makes it playable in every deck and the support removal makes it desirable in a lot of control archetypes. However, the statline is not amazing and most purple decks have been including only 1-2 copies if at all.

2. Disciple of Namira (3)

The effect is very powerful in decks that can support lots of cheap minions – like Doomcrag Warrior with firebrands. This card is also the main reason Petamax’s abomination is a deck.

3. Corrupted Shade (3)

It’s a very aggressive 4-drop that you almost never want to use for trading. It has seen play mostly in midrange sorcerer and can be useful to cement your board position.

4. Iliac Sorcerer (2.5)

One of the few playable 1-drops, Iliac sorcerer is a great way to establish field lane dominance on turn 1. It has good synergy with commonly played red cards such as morkul or orc clan captain.

5. Necromancer’s Amulet (2.5)

It’s an interesting card that belongs in dedicated fast cycle decks – such as Petamax’s abomination or Control Doomcrag.


Dragon Cult Ghost (1.5) – Its a card that is designed so that it’s always average value for stats but never good.

Siege Catapult (2.5) – The statline is insanely strong for a 2 drop but the condition is not that easy to meet. However, there is some value in forcing your opponent to play around the possibility of silence or filling the lane. Existence of Trebuchet makes the card sees minimal play.

Wrothgar Kingpin (1) – Even dedicated orc decks should not be playing this card.

Blackrose Herbalist (1) – What does this card do again? Heal quest card?

Hackwing Feather (1) – Bad stats for the mana cost – paired with how bad regenerate is, Hackwing Feather has nothing going for it.

Knight of Gnisis (2) – It’s not a bad card but Endurance has the best 3-drops and Knight of Gnisis is not powerful enough to compete with the likes of Young Mammoth or Haunting Spirit.

Angry Grahl (2.5) – The condition is not that difficult to meet but the card is unplayable without it and decent with the added benefit so it’s not worth the risk most of the times.

Frost Troll (1) – It’s way too slow for how little value it provides.

Grim Champion (1.5) – Okay in arena but Grim Champion has seen no play in constructed. Skeletal Tribal.

Hist Grove (1) – The nerf hit Hist Grove very hard. At 3 magicka it was already a dead card in a few matchups but at 4 magicka it’s considerably worse.

Imprisoned Deathlord (2) – It’s fun in self-silence decks but this card needs too much support to be efficient… and most of the silence cards are not that great.

Lion Guard Strategist (1) – As good as ward is, it’s just too slow with a bad statline.

Preserver of the Root (2.5) – The condition is easy to meet in a ramp deck and the effect is insanely powerful. However, it has fallen out of flavour because ramp cards were nerfed.

Skeleton Champion (2) – It’s not a bad card but there aren’t enough playable skeletons.

Hallowed Deathpriest (3) – Endurance has a lot of beefy minions but very few that do something on the turn they are played. Deathpriest stands out in that regard. However, it is not a traditional value card because it denies your opponent’s value rather than generating your own but it’s certainly good enough to be included in a couple of decks.

Indomitable Ordinator (2.5) – Not a great statline but Endurance lacks decent 5-drops so Indomitable Ordinator is better than the other options.

Stampeding mammoth (1.5) – Just passable statline with weak effect. Mammoth tribal.

Flesh Atronach (1.5) – There is an OTK deck with Shadowmere, Mentor’s Ring and Flesh Atronach but it’s one of the worst OTK decks out there.

Night Predator (1) – Terrible statline… not even regenerate can make up for that.

Night Shadow (2) – It’s not a very good stabilisation tool because of the breakthrough that can break enemy runes and the high magicka cost. It’s a decent racing tool but too slow for that.

Pure-Blood Elder (2) – Very slow card that sees play in a few greed decks. Good news is that shackle doesn’t answer it’s effect… but belligerent giant does.

Waves of the Fallen (1) – If you thought mummify was already too situational, a full lane mummify is so niche that it’s safe to say it will never be good.

Mushroom Tower (2)  – Way too slow to see play as of now, Mushroom Tower might find a home in the future because of its unique effect.

Gravesinger (1) – There are just better and cheaper options if you want to get on the value train.


Rift Thane (4): Very powerful in almost all decks that can play it. Simply well above curve in stats. Even controlling strategies are able to make use of it as its guard mode is quite mana efficient as well.

Blackhand Messenger (3.5): Used in slow assassin and telvanni builds. Provides decent interaction, a body for betray cards, and synergizes well with Ulfric’s Uprising. Some players have even experimented with it in more aggressive builds as a combination of decent interaction, guaranteed face damage, and a sac outlet for Blood Sacrament.

Edict of Azura (4): All but the most aggressive decks that can support this will run it. It is the most mana efficient version of its effect available and the option to blow up supports is just gravy.

Emperor’s Blade (4.5): Extremely powerful but critically competes for its spot with a number of other extremely powerful 4s, Cloudrest, Hive, Edict. Sometimes the full 3 don’t get played as a result.

Master of Thieves (2.5): Pilfer monk is not a real deck right now but this can do some silly things with Thieves’ Den. I wouldn’t recommend working on the deck but it is critical for the archetype.

Sadras Agent (2.5): A card that always seems almost there. Frequently seen on ladder but rarely makes the cut in competitive lists.

Sentinel Battlemace (3.5): Very powerful tool in aggressive and midrange battlemage decks. Competes with an overstacked 4 slot and so sometimes you’ll see a copy get cut. Also is fairly 1 dimensional in what it does so doesn’t see play in rage dagoth as an example.

Ulfric’s Housecarl (3.5): Huge part of the success of aggressive crusader decks. Preventing gasing out is a huge asset and allows the deck to focus on maximizing tempo with its other selections Makes it possible to run naked nords, scimitars etc.

Militant Chieftain (2.5): Orcs have mostly taken a backseat to Joe Warrior, however Orc Warrior usually does run 1 or 2 of these.

Protector of the Mane (2): Monk’s 5 slot is super contested so even control monk usually doesn’t run this. Shouldn’t be discounted though, the card isn’t bad in a vacuum.

Shornhelm Champion (1.5): Virtually unseen in mid sorcerer these days. Similar to Protector of the Mane the card is not that bad though so shouldn’t be forgotten about.

Sower of Revenge (4.5): The best card in any aggressive Warrior deck. Isn’t played in controlling warrior decks but if you want to lean forward this is the first card you should craft. The existence of Hand of Dagoth and Tel-Vos makes the card a 4.5 rather than a 5.

Thorn Histmage (3.5): Virtually every scout build plays 2-3 of these but it is still somewhat of a flex spot and of course isn’t played in mid scout, though that decks is more used for surprise factor in closed decklist environments.

Skywatch Vindicator (1.5): 🙁 Mage didn’t get an epic.

Worm King’s Agent (2.5): Too slow for mid sorcerer and not generally run in telvanni. Still a powerful card that occasionally rears its head.

Falinesti Reaver (1): Unlikely to see play again but who know where control archer might go next.

Frostscale Dragon (1.5): Surprisingly not too horrific. Doesn’t make the cut in Giants BM but reasonable and effective in opponents lack of respect for it in closed deck list environments.



Haunted Manor (4.5): Token Hlaalu is a tier 1 deck and plays a playset. It doesn’t see play elsewhere.

Inspiring Kinsmen (2.5): Mid redoran hasn’t made a major splash yet but some high level players are convinced there is a powerful build out there and if it’s found this will likely make an appearance.

Hand of Dagoth (5): The first thing you should put in any Dagoth deck is 3 copies of this card.

Power of the Almisvi (1.5): Very underpowered but maybe gets played as a 1 of at some point.

Divayth’s Experiments (2.5): Doesn’t see much play currently but capable of some very powerful things. Key card in Rei’s Nix-ox telvanni.




Top 5:

1. Mudcrab Merchant (3)

One of the harder cards to evaluate in the game. Effective in several aggressive decks because the cards you and your opponent get will be worse than the ones you put in your deck on average so if you expect to run out of cards first, you will be able to use the card you get and your opponent won’t. If you can give it one extra power its body is very cost effective.

2. Stronghold Eradicator (3)

Not a great card but a very reasonable card and there is enough colorless synergy not to forget about it. Enabling shadow interaction is a real ability. Contact TurquoiseLink to see why Stronghold Eradicator is our lord and savior.

3. Halls of Dwemer (3)

Halls of the Dwemer (3): I’m crying inside giving this this rating but I’ve been curved out on by dwemer decks in top 100 legend enough times I can’t not.

4. Brass Arquebus (2)

Surprisingly a real card, letting you tutor out your 1 drops is a powerful ability in some archetypes and it is worth noting that if there are ever any combos between 1 drops (ex. Relentless Raider) this can grab all the pieces at once.

5. Mechanical Ally (2.5)

Bigger payoff than steam constructor, will be core in Dwemer roleplay.


Forsworn Looter (2): This card can do some very powerful things and synergizes well with itself. (hit: get a scimitar, scimitar hit: get a treasure map etc.) It is unlikely to see play again but it has potential to do powerful things.

Steam Constructor (2.5): Link has made colorless token mage look like a very real deck. Whether or not it is remains to be seen but the colorless synergy cards have real power and should not be discounted. This is a major incentive to work on that puzzle.

Stolen Pants (5): Greatest flavor win on a card ever. How dare you dust the pants.

Flesh Sculpture (1): Cool premium!

Heroic Rebirth (1): Unite….. The…… Houses……….

Star-Sung Bard (1): Nope

Voice of Balance (2.5): Absurd ceiling but requires a deck to be built around it. Upside is there but requires a very real sacrifice.

Clockwork Dragon (2.5): Flexible role player, not key anywhere but not a bad card by any stretch.

Forsaken Champion (1): If you have to work this hard to make a tribal deck work you shouldn’t be playing it.

Prized Chicken (5): I dusted my premium Prized Chicken and I forever regret my decision. Makes your Eldergleams sometimes whiff cuz why not?

Stronghold Incubator (1.5): I really hope this never sees play but DW loves to print great Dwemer synergy so who knows.

Dwarven Armaments (2): Merric/Haafingar lul

Illusionary Mimic (2): If there are cards that put things in your discard on top of your deck in the future this could be a real card. Until then it really isn’t.

Ulfric’s Uprising (3.5): Uprising Scout and Uprising Telvanni are two of the best decks in the game and pre-nerf  Ox combo may have been the most powerful deck TESL has ever seen for high level play. The most mana efficient plays and largest tempo swings in the game are possible because of this card.

Dwarven Centurion (1): I don’t think this can ever see play even in a colorless deck.

Dwarven Colossus (1): Same as above. There are just better options at this cost.

Tullius’ Conscription (3.5): Fundamentally changes the meta of the game. There are legitimate TC decks in every single house and Assassin.

Top 10 Epics to craft Overall:

The list considers power level but more importantly the card’s prevalence in the meta.

  1. Tel Vos Magister
  2. Hand of Dagoth
  3. Cloudrest Illusionist
  4. Earthbone Spinner
  5. Haunted Manor
  6. Belligerent Giant
  7. Ice Storm
  8. Sower of Revenge
  9. Withered Hand Cultist
  10. Divine Fervor



If you have more questions, you can contact us here.

EndoZoa: Willpower, Class/Houses, Neutral cards.


Karakondzhul: Master of Scout, Agility and Endurance cards.


Warriors7: Battlemage one-trick-pony, Strength and Intelligence cards.



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