Team Rank’s Magikarp brings you the October edition of, “Magikarp tries his best at guessing.”  We decided to call it that because this meta is wiiiiiiiide open.  Most, if not all of these decks listed have potential and there are so many more that should and will be looked at.  We would like to disclaimer this with: there has only been a week or so of the brand new meta so this tier list can be open to interpretation.  We hope that it helps but don’t take this as the final word!  Keep brewing and keep emoting BAHAHAHAHA when you top deck that lethal torch! (jk that hurts. Stop please, it hurts poor Magikarp)  

 Times up, let’s do this:

Tier 1: This tier represents the strongest archetypes in eternal. Generally speaking, these decks should at minimum hold a 55% win rate or higher over large sample sizes if played optimally, and are what I would recommend for those just looking to climb or pick up some quick victories.

Tier 1.5: This tier represents the decks are the most likely to fluctuate between Tier 1 and 2 in future tier lists, as they are powerful archetypes which haven’t entirely found there place in the metagame. These are the ones to keep your eye on!

Tier 2: These deck’s are all generally powerful and fine to play in both tournaments and ladder. Often slightly out classed by Tier 1 decks, these deck’s have more matchup lottery involve with them, but are often very polarizing in their games. Although these decks are often less consistent then the Tier 1 decks, sometimes they’re even more powerful.

Tier 2.5: This tier represents the deck’s are the most likely to fluctuate between Tier 2 and 3 in future tier lists. These archetypes are generally a little too weak against the best decks in the metagame, but are still viable choices on ladder.

Tier 3: This tier represents the deck’s that are still played and apart of the metagame, but are not decks I would recommend playing due to there generally low power level or consistency problems.


Tier 1
Rakano Valks

Skycrag Aggro

TJP Control

Combrei Aggro


Tier 1.5

Praxis Tokens

Xenan Midrange

FJS Removal Pile

Feln Scream

Xenan Mask Talir Combo

JPS Control



Tier 2

Praxis Midrange

AP Midrange

Elysian Midrange

Big Combrei


Tier 2.5

FPS Scream

Icaria Blue



Tier 3


FTJ Moment

Stonescar Midrange

JTS Mask Midrange

Rakano Aggro

Feln Midrange

Stonescar Aggro


Deck Explanations:

Tier 1

Rakano Valks – Rakano Valks (in this meta) is one of the “safer” decks to bring to ladder and tournament play.  It has been around for quite awhile now, namely showing up as two different variants.  The first, and my personal favorite, is the version that plays Marley and no Harsh Rule (Aetherllama Version).  The second, which was popularized by the very good player, Kroge, plays Harsh Rule and less units. Both are viable, I play both on ladder.  If I had to give my opinion, Llama’s version is better for tournament play and Kroge’s versions are better for ladder play.

Skycrag Aggro – Skycrag aggro is a deck near and dear to my heart.  It preys on TJP Control (Temporal) and is one of my favorite choices if you are looking to get into tournament play.  If you hit your right match-ups, draw well, and do some pretty good combat math you’ll most likely find yourself in the top 8.  For ladder play, this deck does not shine due to it’s very polarizing match-ups.  It’s still a good deck and very well positioned which is why I’m leaving it at T1.

TJP Control – TJP control is the best deck for ladder play as well as tournament play at this moment.  It could change tomorrow, but as of now, if you have the cards and are wondering what to play, this deck is a great choice.  The matchups can be polarizing at times (bad matchups to skycrag aggro and combrei aggro), but for the most part, this deck is a solid play any day.

Combrei Aggro – Combrei aggro is an interesting deck right now.  It has a good match-up against temporal, insane match-up against skycrag aggro, and a halfway decent one against Rakano Valks.  So, if you line this deck up with the other popular decks in the meta, it looks amazing (which is why ET keeps winning with it).  On ladder play this deck can falter due to issues with power and the metagame being so diverse right now.  This deck was popularized by Camat0, one of the best metagame brewers in Eternal.


Tier 1.5

Praxis Tokens – Word on the street is that Praxis Tokens dies to hailstorm decks (hint: it doesn’t).  Another word on the street is that this deck is very easy to play (hint: it is in certain matchups).  If you’re looking to beat temporal with this deck, grab your closest hipster control player friend and start jamming games (mine is GHP, what a hipster).  This deck can and will beat temporal if played correctly.  It lines up decently well against Xenan mid and if that deck takes off, I could see a resurgence in Praxis Tokens. 

Xenan Midrange – BBG and Soono look for every opportunity to play Xenan midrange (it’s like they want a handicap against the field or something), but now that the deck is probably very good, watch out.  I could see multiple players from Seek Power Gaming top 8’ing this week with this deck.  It’s very good into other midrange decks and if they figure out a way to beat Temporal with it, I would push this deck into T1.

FJS Removal Pile – Removal pile is a deck that tends to gain power and popularity during early metagames to feed on sub-optimal decks.  This doesn’t feel any different as this deck has gone from T1 to T3 to back to almost T1 again.  I could see this deck gaining in popularity on the ladder if time midrange decks take hold again. 

Feln Scream – Everyone knows there’s a good build for this deck, we’re all just waiting for someone smarter than ourselves to figure it out.  One of these days this deck will take down an ETS and we’ll all jam it for a day on ladder, cursing our opponents for drawing more Nightmaul’s than us (this deck feels a lot like Owling Mine from MtG, doesn’t it?  I love it!)

Xenan Mask Talir Combo – I was play testing with a friend before an ETS and they proceeded to lose (I believe) 9 out of 10 games with this deck playing against me on random meta decks.  I wasn’t playing out of this world, I was just chugging along, sipping my coffee, and trying to keep the cat off the keyboard.  The. Deck. Just. Didn’t. Function.  Talir combo just doesn’t draw the right stuff sometimes.  When the deck does, it’s amazing.  When you hit the 10% of the games that the deck just had a weird draw, you’re in for a rough time.  Additionally, playing against someone that “knows” how to play against it makes this deck a good ladder deck and a sub par tournament deck. 

JPS Control – Speaking of hipsters, Tinman loves to show up with decks like these and casually top 8.  I would argue that this deck has a favorable matchup against everything but temporal control.  JPS control makes for a good week 1 meta deck, but I don’t see this deck sticking around (plus, Tinman could probably top 8 an ETS an intro deck at this point).


Tier 2

Praxis Midrange – I’m keeping Praxis Midrange at T2 just based off the times I’ve played against this deck on ladder the last couple days.  It’s not well positioned as it has a poor matchup against temporal as well as Xenan variants.  With Vara becoming one of the better cards in the game, Praxis players will need to adapt or I don’t see the deck being a top choice.  Dear lord, this hurts to type this! 

AP Midrange – I noticed a very good player, Flash, showed up to the first ETS with this deck.  He proclaimed that TonyGeeeee told him to play it and told him that no one would show up with temporal control.  Unfortunately for Flash, many temporal players showed up to the first ETS of this format and fed on AP players. There is most likely an AP control deck with Vara or Telut, Queen’s Hand that someone hasn’t discovered yet. 

Elysian Midrange – Elysian midrange is most likely a 50/50 deck.  It’s a time deck that is good against Rakano mid, decent against combrei aggro and skycrag aggro, but struggles against temporal control.  I would play this deck at your own risk, but I could see the reasons for picking this deck up this month. 

Big Combrei – Big combrei has most likely fallen by the wayside but I am keeping it at T2 because it is still a good deck with a decent plan.  The whole plan of this deck was to clog the board, aegis up your units, and then just hang out for awhile until you had enough power or enough owls to dominate your opponent.  If Telut finds his way into this deck, I could see it making a come back. 


Tier 2.5

FPS Scream – I worked closely with two of the best “Haunted Highway” or “Scream” players in GHP and Overmaster.  Neither of them could break the deck due to power issues.  I don’t see the deck functioning at 100% until after the power is figured out.  It’s always a terror to play against on ladder and a very rewarding deck to play. 

Icaria Blue – The fall from T1 to T2.5 may look drastic, but that is just a day in the life of Icaria Blue.  One week, it feeds on the meta, the next it becomes one of the weaker choices.  I would always recommend crafting and playing Rakano Valks variants over this deck, but if you’re looking for some variety in your life, look no further. 

Kennadins – SecondBlue is another one of those players that I just can’t figure out.  After watching him navigate turn after turn during the last ETS team series on stream, my brain was melting out of my ears (He’s SO GOOD).  SecondBlue is far and away one of the best tournament players and consistently shows up with decks that are off meta.  Kennadins may have the lowest win rate of any deck on the ETS these last few weeks, and I don’t see that changing.  As the opponent of Kennadins, you can play around certain interactions which is why I think it is never a good choice to bring to a tournament where players are practiced and informed. 


Tier 3

Monotime – We’re going to go a little faster with the ol’ T3 decks.  Why you ask?  No one reads this part.  Right?  Ok here goes:  Monotime is sheer beauty.  It takes the best faction and stops there.  Is this deck ever going to be T1?  No.  Is this deck a good entry level time midrange deck that stomps on sub-optimal builds?  Yes!

FTJ Moment – This deck is so fun to play.  Ever since Aetherllama 6-0’d an ETS Swiss with a deck like this, it has been one of the favorites from Team Rankstar when laddering.  I never expect this deck to be close to T1, but it’s very fun and pretty competitive into the right meta’s. 

Stonescar Midrange – Another deck that I’ve worked too hard on to make mediocre.  This deck on paper should look good.  I would say that this is the Carmelo Anthony of Eternal Card Game.  Touted as awesome, puts up a lot of sweet plays, but at the end of the day, not even close to the playoffs ( AKA top 8).  My apologies for the sports reference, we’re way too deep into tier 3. 

JTS Mask Midrange – This deck takes the best of Xenan and the best of AP mid and just makes each a little worse.  In all seriousness, this deck is another fun one to play and I do see some potential in tournament play in the coming weeks.  This is one deck to keep your eye on due to it’s late game capabilities that could potentially “go over” other time decks. 

Rakano Aggro – BBG brought this to the first ETS of the new expansion and didn’t do particularly well with it.  It doesn’t mean it’s bad, just maybe not positioned to do well in tournament play.  I want to test this deck on ladder, it has potential. 

Feln Midrange – One thing that I really like about this deck:  It “overloads” your opponent’s torches so that eventually, they’ll run out of them and you’ll break through.  The huge reason that Midnight Gale is not positioned well and never will be is that it dies to both Torch and Vanquish.  I would argue that decreasing it’s power by one would be a HUGE buff for this card. 

Stonescar Aggro – This deck is bad and I should feel bad for even posting it.  I was going to put this deck in T4 but that’s not a category.  And that’s not to knock the deck builder of this.  The reason I posted it is because it was better than everything I brewed in the last 48 hours.  Move along, move along.

That’s a wrap! Thanks for taking a look at our fourth installment of Team Rankstar’s tier list.  Feel free to check me out at my stream, and yell “bad streamer” in chat when I misplay.  Also, follow me on Twitter.  I promise I won’t retweet political things:

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