Eternal Meta Snapshot – July 2018

TeamRankstar’s very own NotoriousGHP is pleased to present TRS’ first constructed tier list of The Fall of Argenport! The new expansion has shaken up the Eternal metagame: with new cards like Aurelian merchant, Rizahn, Greatbow Master, and Answer the Call, we saw many of set 3’s greatest hits drop down a few tiers, and some old archetypes revitalized!

Because The Fall of Argenport has only been released for 2 weeks, we have very little tournament info and refined data to go on, making a lot of this speculative. I expect the next tier list to have some significant changes. Without further delay, let’s jump into the tier list explanation.

Tier 1: This tier represents the strongest archetypes in eternal. Generally speaking, these decks should at minimum hold a 55% win rate or higher over large sample sizes if played optimally, and are what I would recommend for those just looking to climb or pick up some quick victories.

Tier 1.5: This tier represents the decks are the most likely to fluctuate between Tier 1 and 2 in future tier lists, as they are powerful archetypes which haven’t entirely found there place in the metagame. These are the ones to keep your eye on!

Tier 2: These deck’s are all generally powerful and fine to play in both tournaments and ladder. Often slightly out classed by Tier 1 decks, these deck’s have more matchup lottery involve with them, but are often very polarizing in their games. Although these decks are often less consistent then the Tier 1 decks, sometimes they’re even more powerful.

Tier 2.5: This tier represents the deck’s are the most likely to fluctuate between Tier 2 and 3 in future tier lists. These archetypes are generally a little too weak against the best decks in the metagame, but are still viable choices on ladder.

Tier 3: This tier represents the deck’s that are still played and apart of the metagame, but are not decks I would recommend playing due to there generally low power level or consistency problems.


Tier 1
TJP Berserk
Praxis Midrange
Combrei Aggro
Removal pile
Praxis tokens

Tier 1.5
Argenport Midrange
Rakano Midrange
Charge Rod

Tier 2
TJP Midrange
Elysian Midrange
Mono Time
Stonescar Aggro
Xenan Midrange
Skycrag Aggro
FTJ Moment

Tier 2.5
FPS Scream

Tier 3
Feln Control
Feln Aggro

Deck Explainations:

Tier 1

TJP Berserk: If you had told me on day one of The Fall of Argenport that this deck would be Tier 1, I’d have laughed. This deck kinda came out of nowhere. The Berserk decks that showed up in the Kaelari’s Saturday Challenge proved how powerful they really are. I believe the TJP version is the strongest version, as it offers a lot of consistency and still has a phenomenal beat down plan. I am scared of this deck existing.

Praxis Midrange: Regardless of my opinions of Praxis, this deck continues to perform. It has gained two of Set 4’s most powerful cards: Teacher of Humility and Auralian Merchant. These two pushed this deck over the top in terms of consistency and power level. Teacher has given Praxis a amazing early blocker that completely destroys control decks. Auralian Merchant offers so much flexibility in deck building, allowing the deck to consistently ramp even more and always have gas. I believe Praxis Midrange is the strongest Time midrange deck.

Combrei Aggro: Oh boy, did this deck gain a lot from this set. Teacher of Humility, Vanquisher’s Blade, Sword of Unity and Crest of Progress pushed this deck from being a powerful-but-inconsistent deck to the very top of the metagame. Winning the Kaelari’s Saturday Challenge is just the start for this archetype, and I do not expect it to stop. Teacher of Humility gives this deck another amazing 2 drop. Vanquisher’s Blade and Sword of Unity give the deck a lot of flexibility in buffing its units, which will swing tempo in your favor and lead to snowball games. The weapons themselves are already good, and spellcraft makes them even better. If you want a deck that’s tempo positive and aggressive, this is the deck.

Removal pile: When the metagame is about playing efficient units, recurring dawnwalkers, and playing Berserk combos, removal pile shows up. Removal pile has been, potentially, the best deck so far in The Fall of Argenport. This deck has gained even more card selection with Cull the Deck and a fantastic finisher in Rizahn, Greatbow Master. Alongside the merchants, the deck has truly became a powerhouse that doesn’t always need Icaria to win. This is also the best Statuary Maiden deck, a card that is amazing into the Time midrange metagame. This deck will continue to impress: it already put three people into a Top 8 in the Kaelari’s Saturday Challenge.

Praxis tokens: I hate this deck. Everybody hates this deck, unless your name is Magikarp. Hell, Resheph tried to bribe me into putting this deck into tier 4. We hate it because it’s incredibly hard to play against. It is by far the best Xenan Obelisk deck. With a metagame about playing bigger and better units then your opponent, going wide with a bunch of small units is a powerful strategy. Although it hasn’t put up results yet in Set 4, it likely will, as it became even more consistent with the merchants being able to fetch its most powerful cards.


Tier 1.5

Argenport Midrange: Tavrod doesn’t particularly match up well against the time midrange decks, and is no longer the king of midrange. Argenport gained several new tools, including the efficient weapon Vanquisher’s Blade and other options like Thief’s Pick to better kill your opponent. Although this deck is still incredibly powerful and is even better at staying ahead then before, I believe other decks are capable of beating it in tempo and breaking up its early game advantage. Regardless, it is still a great deck for ladder. I could see this deck shifting up or down a tier depending on how the metagame continues to develop!

Rakano Midrange: Aetherllama took down the first tournament of Set 4 with Rakano Midrange, and the deck has consistently performed on ladder. I do believe this deck is weaker then Removal pile, but this deck got a ton of improvements since the Dusk Road: Rakano crest, Lingering Influence, Sheriff Marley, and Rizahn all drive Rakano into a powerful Midrange Shell. I could easily see this deck becoming tier 1 once the optimal build is found.

Charge Rod: I have a confession. I almost put this deck at tier 0. Answer the Call Revitalized this deck alongside Bulletshaper to create a incredibly powerful midrange combo deck that preys upon slow decks. I believe this is likely the most powerful deck in the metagame right now, as it has the consistency and power level to win on turn 4, even if that’s ramping out Icaria or kaleb attacking for 50. The only reason I didn’t put this deck higher is it’s TJP Berserk matchup is quite terrible, and sometimes the deck simply does nothing as it needs a ton of power. I believe once the correct build of this deck is found, this deck may be the very best deck. I am also scared of this existing.


Tier 2

TJP Midrange: Although this may have been the best deck in Set 3, this deck has lost some of its power in the metagame. Card’s like Xenan Initiation and Predatory Carnosaur, which cause this deck a lot of problems, have become a lot more popular. In general, the metagame has become a lot more hostile towards flying, which is bad for the deck. I still believe this deck is incredibly powerful, and with the right tuning, it may sneak back into Tier 1 depending on how the meta shakes up.

Elysian Midrange: Elysian is a deck people have given the short end of the stick for a very long time. The deck is powerful, but sometimes inconsistent. This is the time deck to beat all Time decks, and in a metagame filled with Time, Elysian gets significantly better. I believe elysian got improvements this set with Teacher of Humility and Auralian Merchant. Elysians problems still exist, as its aggro matchups are quite bad and the more aggro we get the less elysian should exist.

Mono Time Midrange: Honestly. This deck is here for completion sake. I do not think Mono time is the Time deck you should play if u want to play a Time based deck. Mono Time is the most consistent Time strategy, but is also the least powerful deck. I believe Mono time will always be an okay deck, but doesn’t currently have the tools to stay on top.

Vodacombo: The only time midrange deck not playing Teacher of Humility, this deck gained Crest of Progress and Auralian Merchant which pushed this deck into relevancy. This is likely the best Time deck if your expecting a very slow meta game, as it’s the one that goes over the top the most with Vodakhan, Temple Speaker. I think this is a deck to look out for depending on how fast the metagame, but is placed Tier 2 as the metagame is about currently about interacting efficiently with your opponents.

Stonescar Aggro: Stonescar gained Territorial Elf and Merchant’s to compliment an already powerful archetype. This deck has continued to impress, and could easily move up the tier list. The merchant’s have allowed this deck to play less conditional cards like Annihilate and instead load up on efficient tricks and removal to progress its game plan. I think this deck is being criminally underplayed right now.

Xenan Midrange: Apparently, Teacher + Crest would fix this deck. It didn’t. Although LightsOutAce has had some success with the deck post Set 4, I do not believe this is the Time deck you are looking for. Xenan, although its card quality is high, did not gain as much as the other Time midrange decks, and because of this, I ranked it Tier 2: still solid, just the weakest.

Skycrag Aggro: Skycrag Aggro is still a very solid and powerful deck, but with the rise of Time midrange decks and removal pile I do believe that this deck took some tough hits with the release of The Fall of Argenport. The Berserk package Paradox brought to a second place finish in the Kaelari’s Saturday Challenge was a fantastic innovation, and is how I believe skycrag should be built going forward.

FTJ Moment: “This deck looks terrible.” These are the exact words I told Aetherllama, who has been sat at rank 1 playing only this deck for awhile now. I played this deck, I won a lot. Everyone else plays this deck, they win a lot. I don’t have a explanation. Just try it.


Tier 2.5

FPS Scream: Everybody knows I love this deck, and Crunch was definitely an amazing addition to the deck, but the rest of the decks in the metagame got better and gained more answers to scream. Teacher of Humility absolutely destroys this deck, which is a common trend for the tier 2.5 and tier 3 decks. There may be a way to build FPS Scream correctly, but I don’t believe this deck is in a good position.


Tier 3

Feln Control: Feln Control gained a lot of new tools post-Set 4, such as Rindra’s choice and the Merchants. The problem is that every other deck gained a lot as well, and even Champion of Cunning got worse with the amount of Killer effects and units around. Feln Control will always be a popular deck because people love it, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone currently, especially now that this deck struggles to beat a hit from Teacher of Humility.

Reanimator: First Flame is not Vara. This deck still isn’t consistent enough to tackle the metagame, and often struggles with how fast the game is right now. Its non-Control matchups are very poor, and sadly can fall apart even against control. As awesome as First Flame is, I would not recommend playing reanimator in its current state.

Feln Aggro: While I think this deck is a very solid and powerful, I simply believe it is weaker than the other aggressive decks. It can struggle against decks such as removal pile, as it lacks reach that other aggro decks possess. There may be a very strong Berserk scream list out there that I haven’t experimented with yet, and if that is so, then this deck may end up higher on the next tier list if it proves to be strong.



That’s a wrap! Thanks for reading our first Tier list of Set 4: The Fall of Argenport. I’m sure not everyone will agree with my choices, so I’d love to hear from you about them either on the Reddit post, or on my stream which you can catch at Until next time, keep brewing!