Team Rankstar’s Magikarp (Praxis party-boy and lover of all that is Heart of the Vault), is pleased to present TRS’ third constructed tier list of The Fall of Argenport! We have seen decks come and go already, with new decks and metagames shaking things up quite nicely.  

 Times up, let’s do this:

Tier 1: This tier represents the strongest archetypes in eternal. Generally speaking, these decks should at minimum hold a 55% win rate or higher over large sample sizes if played optimally, and are what I would recommend for those just looking to climb or pick up some quick victories.

Tier 1.5: This tier represents the decks are the most likely to fluctuate between Tier 1 and 2 in future tier lists, as they are powerful archetypes which haven’t entirely found there place in the metagame. These are the ones to keep your eye on!

Tier 2: These deck’s are all generally powerful and fine to play in both tournaments and ladder. Often slightly out classed by Tier 1 decks, these deck’s have more matchup lottery involve with them, but are often very polarizing in their games. Although these decks are often less consistent then the Tier 1 decks, sometimes they’re even more powerful.

Tier 2.5: This tier represents the deck’s are the most likely to fluctuate between Tier 2 and 3 in future tier lists. These archetypes are generally a little too weak against the best decks in the metagame, but are still viable choices on ladder.

Tier 3: This tier represents the deck’s that are still played and apart of the metagame, but are not decks I would recommend playing due to there generally low power level or consistency problems.


Tier 1
Rakano Valks

Praxis tokens

Skycrag Aggro

Icaria Blue

TJP Control


Tier 1.5


Praxis Midrange

Big Combrei


Tier 2

Combrei Alessi

TJP Midrange

Xenan Midrange

Hooru Flyers

Removal pile



Tier 2.5
FPS Scream

Argenport Midrange

Elysian Midrange

Feln Control

Rakano Aggro

Xenan Mask


Tier 3

Stonescar Aggro

FTJ Moment

Feln Aggro

Mono Time

Stonescar Midrange


Deck Explainations:

Tier 1

Rakano Valks:  Rakano Valks, Rakano Mid whatever you would like to call it, has been one of the most consistent and powerful choices since the release of the Fall of Argenport.  I don’t see this deck losing steam anytime soon.  Plus, Icaria is one of the most loved cards in this game so I don’t see a nerf coming from DWD, like ever.

Praxis tokens:  Tokens – love it or hate it, you’re going to need to learn how to play against the deck sooner or later.  Cards like hailstorm keep this deck from getting the hard nerf, but in metagame’s where board clears is low, this deck shines.  I would say the best meta ever for it is when decks like TJP flyers and Skycrag aggro are at the top.  Which brings me to…

Skycrag Aggro:  Skycrag is a deck that you can log on with and lose 8 games in a row in 15 minutes, or, you hit the right match-ups and hit masters with it.  This deck is played at the very top of the ladder, as well as the bottom.  Why is this?  This is a very matchup and meta dependent deck.  But when you queue in the correct matchups, this deck will take you far.

Icaria Blue:  I always consider Icaria Blue as the “ladder police.”  It always is a viable choice on ladder due to the nature of decks being played.  It lines up great against Skycrag Aggro and Praxis Tokens and sometimes has Icaria draws against control that can’t be dealt with.  That being said, this deck isn’t represented well at tournaments because, honestly, cutting the blue and playing Rakano Valks will give you much more consistency.

TJP Control:  Crankypanda can play card games.  One of the best players on ladder and the panda can pilot this deck SO WELL.  Play this at your own risk.  Don’t get me wrong, its a powerful deck, but it’s very hard to play and the games take a very long time.  If you’re looking for a deck to ladder up to masters with, I don’t see this as a good deck to play.  But, if you’re at masters and you’re looking for a deck to make your opponents rip their hair out, swipe right for the match made in heaven. *EDIT* I originally “soft” published this tier list 8 days ago and I had this deck at a solid tier 2.  Well, times have changed (but I kept my old post still up for reference) and players like GHP have been completely wrecking ladder with this deck.  It has been a great choice for tournament play as well.  I FIRMLY think this deck is tier 1, so we all better figure out how to beat this thing. 


Tier 1.5

Kennadins: As Tonygeeeee said the other day on his podcast, “When you play against this deck for the first time, it feels like the most unfair thing you’ve ever played against.”  The reason this deck isn’t tier 1 is that you can play around A LOT of interactions that this deck has.  Once you have a few games under your belt against it, Kennadins feels strong, but not oppressive.  One of the coolest decks of all time (imo) and it’s a treat to play if you have the extra dust for it.

Praxis Midrange:  Just when you think Praxis is down for the count, it comes back and hits you in the face with a Worldbearer Behemoth.  This deck is extremely well equipped to battle the current ladder metagame, having a good matchup vs Icaria Blue, Skycrag Aggro, and Rakano Valks.  The deck falters against it’s cousins, Praxis Tokens, Big Combrei, as well as Xenan Midrange.  

Big Combrei:  I put this at 1.5 but it could easily be at tier 2.  The deck is just so powerful and well built that I think it needs to seriously be considered.  I think one of the potential reasons you don’t see it as much on ladder as other decks is due to it’s expensive cost to build.  I could see this deck popping up more in future tournaments and ladder meta’s.


Tier 2

Combrei Alessi:  It was thought that this deck suffered mightily due to the nerf of our friend, Safe Return, but the deck just grinds on (much like how it defeats you on ladder).  The nerf to Safe Return (increasing it’s cost by 1) feels like a very nice, but subtle nerf.  People who crafted the deck aren’t out a bunch of dust, since the deck is still viable but now it’s just not oppressive like it was before.  Fair and balanced!? 

TJP Midrange:  Many thanks to SooNo for labeling this deck T2.  I don’t play this deck much and thought it was dead.  Additionally, most of the decks I play on ladder (see: Praxis) gobble up little flyer decks like this.  VERY hard deck to play, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately.

Xenan Midrange:  Deck has some weaknesses: It’s slow, clunky, has power issues, and rolls over to a few decks, but the power level is undeniable.  When you see Xenan across from you, be prepared for a slogfest.  With cards like Auric Interrogator coming back from the dead with Dark Return, this deck utilizes their cards about as best as any deck.  Always a nice choice for the ladder, and a very rewarding midrange deck that requires some very non-intuitive lines at times. 

Hooru Flyers:  BruisedbyGod took down an ETS about a month ago with this deck.  I still feel it’s a great choice for any tournament as I took it to an ECL event the other day and had a lot of fun with it.  Another very rewarding deck that has way too many subtle lines for anyone to play it perfectly (BBG comes close).  Expensive deck, but again, if you have the extra resources a very nice deck to have in your back pocket for a rainy, Sunday of laddering.

Removal pile:  Much like Icaria Blue, the viability of this deck depends on the ladder/tournament meta.  When this deck is good, its great.  Also, this list was played by Mouche (the best player right now) and designed by Camat0 (the world champion), so I feel like this list is about as close to perfect as you’ll get.



Tier 2.5

FPS Scream:  If you know TheOvermaster, you know that this is one of his favorite decks.  The power base may not be the best, but it makes up for it in pure synergy.  Another difficult deck to play with a larger than average need to hit the correct matchups (it doesn’t like to play against Sandstorm Titan decks).

Argenport Midrange:  A favorite from tournament’s past – this deck has many issues with it’s ability to hang with other decks in the meta.  One huge issue is the 2 drop slot.  To remedy this, people have been trying cards like Suffocate in addition to Annihilates to deal with cards like Teacher of Humility.

Elysian Midrange:  This deck was positioned at tier 1 in the last meta glance.  So why has it dropped so far?  Praxis Displacer’s nerf actually hurt Elysian Midrange the most.  Elysian was previously a “tempo” deck disguised as a midrange deck.  With the loss of displacer, the deck is just a midrange deck without as much tools as Praxis, Xenan, and Combrei.

Feln Control:  A couple of people in my stream’s Discord have been jamming Feln the last few weeks.  Notably, a player by the name of Aesthetic posted a list that got me back into the winning ways last month with an above 70% win rate over around 40 games.  The deck is a pretty nice choice for ladder, but I don’t see it making a resurgence any time soon in the tournament metagame. 

Rakano Aggro:  I have added Rakano aggro to this list because I have actually played a couple top 50 masters players on the deck.  I haven’t seen a list place in a tournament, but due to it’s popularity on ladder and it’s ability to steal games, I feel like it’s a decent choice.  Especially if you’re on a budget.

Xenan Mask:  Why is this deck tier 2.5 and not tier 3?  Well, because I WANT TO BELIEVE this deck is real.  After watching Aetherllama jam his list multiple times, the deck has some for sure weak points (board wipes lol).  But, once this machine gets going, it’s very hard to stop.  If you want to have fun and beat aggro, try this deck out.


Tier 3

Stonescar Aggro:  Stonescar Aggro is the deck that everyone needs, but nobody wants.  The interaction in SS Aggro mirrors is some of the most fun I have had playing Eternal.  When SS is good, the meta is healthy due to Aggro, Midrange, and Control being represented.  When it’s not, that probably means that board wipes and Midrange are king. 

FTJ Moment:  This deck hasn’t shown any tournament results since Aetherllama 6-0’d the swiss of an ETS with it.  The funny thing is, I don’t know if anyone is playing it.  This deck is always something to keep an eye on.  I could see this becoming tier 2 or higher if more people start playing it.

Feln Aggro:  I don’t know how people win with this deck.  It puts up results, but I can’t seem to pilot it well, and it just doesn’t seem to be as powerful as it should look on paper.  TheOvermaster put up an amazing result with it at the Invitational, coming in second place, so it has legs.  I can’t put it any higher than this though just due to my matches with and against the deck.

Mono Time:  Mono-Time hasn’t been played at top level masters for awhile.  It’s basically Praxis Midrange without two of the best cards ever, Heart of the Vault and Torch.  If you’re thinking about building towards Praxis, this is a nice place to start.

Stonescar Midrange:  Last month, I showcased a build on stream of Stonescar Midrange that was based off of the deck that Paradox top 8’d the first event of the Fall of Argenport with.  The deck felt extremely powerful and consistent.  Some of it’s draws just didn’t like up with what your opponent was doing (lots of kill spells vs a control deck, for example).  JoeyJoJoJr has evolved the build by Paradox even more and come up with a super interesting deck.  This is the deck that I’m most exited to play moving forward.  This isn’t a deck to build straight away, but it’s something to keep on your radar.


That’s a wrap! Thanks for taking a look at our third installment of Team Rankstar’s tier list of The Fall of Argenport.  Feel free to check me out at my stream, and yell “bad streamer” in chat when I misplay. <3

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