Due to client issues that directly affected the ladder ranking system this season, we are implementing some changes for the qualifications for our Preseason TRS Classic found here.

We will be expanding the tournament from 16 to 32 players. We will be giving 24 slots to the top 24 players in the LWR. This was based on the six WarpMeta tournaments in September (the last two were cancelled due to client issues) as well as the pre-client ladder rankings rather than the end of the season. The reason for this being after the client swap some players experienced a huge drop in ranking as well as many players simply could not play ladder or were earning wins or losses simply by queuing and never entering a match. The season also ended 7 hours earlier than the normal time.

We will be hosting a 128 person capped open bracket on Saturday October 13th at 11am EDT / 3pm UTC. The top 8 will earn the remaining slots for our Preseason Classic that is being held on Saturday October 20th at 11am EDT / 3pm UTC.

Registration for the tournament can be found on Battlefy

The top 24 in the LWR for September are as follows:

  1. Trator-Joe
  2. TheSirChoate
  3. Frenzy1
  4. Superthx555
  5. Thuldir
  6. Harkos
  7. Reireibarker
  8. FierceInfinity
  9. Plzdonhakme
  10. Immortalaugust
  11. FrozenXylem
  12. LuckyLuckNOR
  13. Airship12
  14. Petamax
  15. Ikarus
  16. Korzelvus
  17. Calldacopshelp
  18. Akatosh38
  19. Gumchoo
  20. Eyenie
  21. Eaglefort
  22. Rocketboy273
  23. TurquoiseLink
  24. KoverasBG

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