Team Rankstar would like to announce a monthly qualifier for our TRS Classic. These will take place in the months between our Classics. Our first Qualifier will be held on Saturday Feb. 16th at 11 am EST / 3:00 pm UTC. There will be another Qualifier in March and in April we will host the Season 2 TRS Classic. You can catch the tournament on our Twitch and will be casted by Lazergician, Silverfuse, LordKosta and new to our rotation, DeadBrokeNerd!

The qualifiers will be an open tournament for all players to join. The format will be the same as our Classic: Best of 5, Last Class Standing. Players will bring 4 decks, and there will be 1 blind ban.

We are excited to announce we will be hosting this qualifier on TESLegends.PRO to try a new platform!

The prize breakdown will be as follows for the February Qualifier:

1st: $100 Bethesda Store Gift Card + TRS Mousepad

2nd: Black TRS Hoodie + TRS Mousepad

3rd: Black TRS T-Shirt + TRS Mousepad

The TRS Qualifer will offer the most points of any tournament thus far. The breakdown will be as follows:

1st: 24 points

2nd: 18 points

3rd-4th: 12 points

5th-8th: 8 points

9th-16th: 4 points

As you can see, doing well in our Qualifier tournaments will greatly help you qualify for our Seasonal Classic every three months and greatly improve your seeding. Be sure make the most of the opportunity!

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  1. hello everyone, someone can send me a video or detailed instructions on how to participate in a tournament, especially how to load the deck..

    1. Hi! This tournament is open to all. You can sign up here:
      Battlefy has a video on their site showing how to register for a tournament should you need that. As for uploading decklists go to and create a deck in deck builder. Before you submit, simply grab a screenshot and upload to your choice of media site. Copy that link and input in the registration field!

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