We’d like to announce the Team Rankstar Classic tournament series! This will be a seasonal event featuring both the best ladder and tournament players in the world. Our preseason tournament will be held on October 6th at 11am EDT / 3PM UTC. It will be casted here by Lazergician and Silverfuse! We will use a point system to determine the participants in each tournament. The points system that the Team Rankstar Classic will use for qualification will be the Legends World Rankings or LWR.

The LWR will be a ranking system for the most elite players in TESL. It will award points based on high ladder finishes and tournament results. Points earned will contribute to that season’s LWR which will be reset following the Team Rankstar Classic at the end of each season. Normally each LWR season will last three months and will therefore include up to three ladder finishes as well as numerous tournaments; however, there will be a Preliminary Legends World Ranking Season beginning September 1st and ending October 1st. The purpose of this preseason event is to gather feedback and make any improvements we can for Season 1.

The table below shows a breakdown of the criteria being used to award points in a season of the LWR. The values for WarpMeta tournament finishes and ladder results will be used for the preliminary season of the LWR and all future seasons will include the results of the Team Rankstar Classic as well. As and when future tournaments are announced by any tournament organisers, they will be considered into the LWR and will be given an appropriate LWR points reward.

Points ValueLadder FinishesPoints ValueWarpMetaPoints ValueTRS Classic

The preliminary tournament on October 6th will be the top 16 point earners. Each full season afterwards will be the top 32 point earners. The format will be Last Hero Standing, single elimination, best of 5. The preseason Rankstar Classic will feature a $300 prize pool among other gifts. Future Rankstar Classics can expect an increased prize pool, but final number is still TBD.

Full rules and details can be found on Battlefy!

Season 1 will begin October 1st and end December 31st. The Rankstar Classic Season 1 Tournament will be held in January. Date and time TBD.