Teamrankstar is excited to announce our 4th Gwent tournament spearheaded by our team member lordbushwook: Bushy’s Brawl. The swiss stage will take place on November 23rd at 2PM CET and double elimination top 8 will take place on November 24th at 2PM CET.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All games are expected to be streamed to twitch. (if your PC cannot stream Message lordbushwook#7545 on discord)

How to install and use OBS to stream:

1st: $50
2nd: $30
3rd: $20

The whole event will be streamed on, due to the lack of a spectator client individuals will be expected to stream their games.

Registration for the event can be found here:

Final decklists must be submitted by November 21st at 11:59pm CET / 5:59pm EDT to [email protected]

Rules for the event can be found here:

Finally join the discord server here:

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