This guide was originally created by YurdleTheTurtle, and has been updated by DrDenuz, Gulox2 and Sevenzh.

So you want to play Gwent? Then you’ve come to the right place! The purpose of this guide is to act as a useful beginner’s guide to the poorly explained aspects of Gwent, some of which are quite important to game. It will also hopefully clear up any common hesitation / anxiety about the first steps of playing Gwent. If you have questions, for example, about how deck building works, deciphering card anatomy, or what the Arena and Seasonal mode are, you’ll find answers here. This guide will be updated over time as more changes come to the game, accounting for any major relevant changes like gameplay mechanics. In addition, the goal is to slowly build up to what will be the ultimate beginner’s guide, complete with images and videos too.

The hope is that this guide will answer nearly all questions a beginner may have, helping them spend less time confused and more time enjoying the game.

Note: This guide assumes you have played the tutorial.

While I’ll go over aspects of gameplay, I won’t be outright teaching how to play for total newcomers, as the tutorial does that. In terms of advanced gameplay there is a section that goes over ‘playing properly’, covering topics like mulligans, round progression, etc.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Should I try Gwent? I finished the tutorial, what now? How do I acquire the resources to craft cards and build decks?

Part 2: How do resources work? How should I navigate the reward book and what should I unlock? How does deck building work?

Part 3: What to do with all of your cards? How do I win? How do I get more cards?

Part 4: What are the difference between the factions?

Part 5: Advanced gameplay and progression

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