The purpose of this living guide (meaning it will be updated as meta changes with new content, balance patches, or discovery of new decks) is to provide you the Epic cards worth crafting or having in your collection. I will notate their role in the meta and what they major decks they can be found in and their importance in those decks. Epics tend to be some of the backbone cards for decks. It can often be recommended to craft a play set of Epics rather than a single Legendary. Story mode and Promotional Set cards will be excluded from the cards worth crafting and/or having, but I will mention the ones that have an impact and should not be soul trapped. If the card is not mentioned on the Epic list, I would not recommend crafting them and if you’re trying to refine your lists, can likely be soul trapped although some not mentioned can serve as fill-ins.


  1. Withered Hand Cultist– One of the best cards in the game and a huge reason why red aggro/midrange is successful. An auto include in any red deck trying to be the aggressor.
  2. Belligerent Giant – Seen in Midrange Battlemage as a big tempo play. You do find them in other midrange decks near the top end to close out games.
  3. Earthbone Spinner – A flexible card. Usually the go to silence in decks with red.
  4. Hlaalu Sharpshooter – Some decks prefer this over Earthbone based on the construction and curve of the deck, but Earthbone is a little more universal.
  5. Dushnikh Sharpshooter – Solid card when there are important supports in the meta.

Honorable Mentions
Markarth Bannerman – Once a staple, but now only sees fringe play, though a little more so in recent weeks. It is a fine filler as you build your collection, but not worth crafting currently.


  1. Ice Storm – A staple in any blue based control deck. This card warps the meta. You want a full play set.
  2. Breton Conjurer – The card that makes Midrange Battlemage tick. A must have for that deck. Also found in Midrange Dagoth shells.
  3. Vigilant Ancestor – Found in various midrange decks such as Midrange Battlemage and Dagoth.
  4. Master of Arms – If you want to play an item deck, you need him. He is the reason you can grind control decks with infinite value comboing with Tome of Alterations. Item Sorcerer is currently a tier 2 deck in terms of power.
  5. Tel Vos Magister – Victim to recent patch. Doesn’t see nearly as much play before its nerf, but is still found in some blue control decks and some midrange shells.

Honorable Mentions
There aren’t any other epics that I could recommend crafting. Anything else is currently a safe soul trap.


Shadowfen Priest – Utility card that sees much more play on ladder than in tournaments currently. Its validity increases with the number of important supports in a given meta.

Siege Catapult – Currently the hype to help combat control decks. While powerful, it has never been as popular as it is now. Likely due to a predominately control meta.

Corrupted Shade – A staple in midrange sorcerer. Also sees play in midrange warrior. Solid card for a purple based deck trying to be aggressive.

Illiac Sorcerer – Has seen rise in popularity to be thrown in some Siege Catapult decks since it offers a low curve body to proc the trigger and can be a solid tempo play.

Disciple of Namira – A staple in Doomcrag Warrior and Abomination Scout. Cannot play the decks without it. However, both of those decks are much more powerful in a tournament setting than the ladder.

Honorable Mentions
Necromancer’s Amulet – Found in the same two decks as Disciple of Namira, though not as crucial nor do you typically see a full play set.


  1. Mournhold Traitor – One of the best two drops in the game. You want three in an aggressive green based deck.
  2. Cornerclub Gambler – One of the better cards in Houses of Morrowind. Its “high risk” is often mitigated by the cards played with it and its reward can be game winning.
  3. Leaflurker – Has recently fallen in popularity, but can be a solid removal choice in tempo or control oriented decks.
  4. Giant Snake – Currently only really sees play in Tempo Assassin which is only really powerful vs aggro decks. It does see some play in Item/Shackle Assassin which is not a popular or really powerful deck currently.
  5. Snowy Sabre Cat – Sees some fringe play in Midrange Monk/Hlaalu Strike decks.

Honorable Mentions
Murkwater Skirmisher – A must have if you want to play Goblins. Goblins have been playable at certain points and always seem to be just short of what they need to be relevant. A single card to help them out could be all it takes to make them popular again.
Shadowmaster – Currently only sees fringe play in tempo oriented decks.


  1. Divine Fervor – Played in all token decks and many aggro or midrange yellow decks. Also sees play in Conscription Redoran.
  2. Cloudrest Illusionist – A staple in any deck trying to play for board control. You find them in Redoran, Hlaalu and Token based decks.
  3. Pit Lion – This has been a staple in token decks forever. Starting to see some play in Siege Catapult shells as well in Spellsword and Redoran.
  4. Dawnstar Healer – Sees play in aggro based yellow decks like Tokens as a tempo swing and the fringe Namira’s Ring Monk Combo deck.
  5. Praetorian Commander – Currently a staple in Conscription Redoran. Doesn’t see play elsewhere currently. Has a powerful effect for slower metas.

Honorable Mentions
⦁ Shrine Guardian – Sees some play in Tribunal control shells thought most top players typically don’t run it. This can be a fine substitute if you’re building your collection still.


  1. Mudcrab Merchant – Has fallen off since its nerf, but still is a viable card in red aggro decks. Also sees play in Unite the Houses combo decks.
  2. Halls of the Dwemer – A must have if you want to play any Neutral/Dwemer based decks such as Dwemer Mage.
  3. Steam Constructor – See above.
  4. Mechanical Ally – See above.
  5. Stronghold Eradicator – Sometimes sees play in Dwemer Mage decks. Small number of players are playing it some in Midrange Battlemage.

Honorable Mentions

  • Ulfric’s Uprising – Play in most Telvanni and Tribunal decks. Tend to be tier 1 or 2 decks. You get this in The Forgotten Hero Collection. A must have.
  • Tullius’ Conscription – A card that typically single-handily makes your deck viable. Is played in Tier 1-3 decks such as TC Telvanni and TC Redoran. Also found in The Forgotten Hero Collection.


  1. Sower of Revenge – One of the best cards in the game in one of the best decks in the game – Aggro Warrior.
  2. Hand of Dagoth – It is THE reason you play Dagoth
  3. Emperor’s Blade – If you’re playing Tribunal or Spellsword, you should be playing Emporer’s Blade
  4. Black Hand Messenger – A staple in Telvanni variants that are tier 1/2.
  5. Thorn Histmage – Played in All Telvanni Variants

Honorable Mentions

  • Divayth’s Experiments – Must have for Nix Ox Telvanni
  • Azura’s Edict – See Emperor’s Blade.
  • Thorn Histmage – Played in All Telvanni Variants
  • Rift Thane – Sees a lot of play in Crusader and Hlaalu decks. Both tend to be tier 2.
  • Sentinal Battlemace – A must have in Midrange Battlemage.
  • Ulfric’s Housecarl – Solid choice in Aggro Cursader.
  • Blackwood Distiller – Sees play in some Nix Ox Telvanni lists.