Hello everyone! My name is Nathan “noverb” Overbay and today I will be walking you through the Justice cards of The Flame of Xulta. For the rest of the set review click here. This set features six new keywords, to find out more about them click here. My rating system is somewhat pass/fail and goes as follows:

  • Playable: I think this will see play in a relevant capacity.
  • Borderline: This card is close to playable. Often just shy of the pure power needed for Constructed play.
  • Niche: This will only see play in select decks that can utilize a specific synergy with this card.
  • Build-around: While similar to niche, this wants you to focus your deck around this card.
  • Meme: This card has applications outside of trying form the best deck possible and instead do something fun or eccentric.
  • Unplayable: This card is not powerful enough to see play or requires too much effort to be properly utilized.
  • Market: This card will likely only be played as a Market card.

Please note that the thoughts and judgement for each of these cards is with Throne Constructed in mind. The Expedition format is too undefined for me to be sure about each card’s power. My initial thoughts are that most cards would receive a significant rating boost when making the change from Throne to Expedition.

Ageworn Vestige

This card is an Armory player’s wet dream. Harsh Rule attached to a weapon? It’s too good to be true! It is and it isn’t. The weapon itself, while resilient due to high armor, doesn’t have much for offensive capabilities. I’m not jumping at the chance to play a 6-cost 3/9 Relic Weapon. The option to play Harsh Rule for 9 does change things quite a bit. With how much it costs, I don’t see many decks wanting more than one of these. However, it’s going to be a welcome addition to a Rise to the Challenge or Dragon Forge package in Armory.

Judgement: Niche.

Cleansing Rain

You never want this main deck. Usually Stand Together will be a better Market option, but if you aren’t playing Time it becomes more enticing.  It does remove curses and gives you Aegis, both notable distinctions from Stand Together. So there may be a world in which they both exist and you want to play Cleansing Rain instead.

Judgement: Niche/Market.

Crowd Queller

These the cost does not match the payoff for this card. Not on either mode. Hard pass on this Spellcraft Weapon.

Judgement: Unplayable.

Draw Strength

I can’t imagine this sees a ton of Constructed play. The decks that would want this are aggressive and if your opponent is amassing a board state you are probably falling behind. The Decimate is cute but the +1/+1 is not likely to make too much of an impact and you aren’t even guaranteed to draw them in time.

Judgement: Unplayable.

Edict of Kodosh

This Edict is not as exciting but still worthy of note. It does Silence then kill the Unit. That’s relevant for Units with good death triggers like Makto or Tasbu. Justice has some great Market options and this card will definitely have to compete to make it into your Market.

Judgement: Market.

Ezuzi, Kodosh’s Listener

It’s hard to be truly bad when you draw a card upon playing something, but this body is so frail. I do think this has the highest upside of any of the Invoke cycle. I’d argue that it’s the second easiest to trigger the Mastery on. Grabbing a good weapon or spell could work very well with Ezuzi’s Double Damage. You don’t necessarily need to be a combat OTK deck to play Ezuzi, but it wouldn’t hurt.

Judgement: Borderline.

Forgemark Scrivener

I’m under the impression that the reward just isn’t quite worth the effort here. The body is subpar and will likely not get the Masteries off without outside help. I think Onis have better payoffs.

Judgement: Unplayable.

Ghostblade Outcast

A somewhat better Ardent Convert. The Outcast trades Cultist for Unseen and gains Lifesteal, a very useful ability to pass on. Add Ghostblade Outcast to the toolbox of Crownwatch Press-Gang.

Judgement: Niche.

Hanaka, Loremaster

On its own Hanaka is nothing to look at, however, paired with the strong Oni theme of this set he could find a home in constructed. Hanaka is costed just right for what he does. On average, if you can play him on turn two you will be drawing a weapon on turn four. Which lines up well with Auric Runehammer. There is only one deck for Hanaka, but he may be strong enough to make the cut.

Judgement: Niche.


You’ve gotta question who named this card. In reality, you are the one casting the hexes, this Mage is just grabbing a Sigil for you when you do it. Jokes aside, this card may see some play. In the same way that Oni Quartermaster and Lethrai Courtier see play in their respective decks, Hexcaster may generate extra value for the Curse decks. I do think this card is a good deal worse than the aforementioned cards, but it’s passable.

Judgement: Niche.

Inflict Conscience

Constructed has better ways to remove Units. This is one of those cards that lets your opponent choose the when and how they lose their Unit. That’s not usually a good thing.

Judgement: Unplayable. 

Kodosh Evangel

This Evangel has a little more going for it than the others of the cycle in that it is a Paladin. So it may find a home in the Even Paladins deck. Gaining the extra Justice is relevant in that deck for the extra +1/+1 on Mantle of Justice.

Judgement: Borderline niche.

Kodosh Sees All

This is one of those Curse payoff cards that may actually be playable. Unfortunately in most cases it’s going to be a worse Svetya’s Sanctum. Yes the Gryffyns fly but it also requires you to have a lot of curses in play. That inherently leaves you open to mass Attachment removal which could really blow up in your face.

Judgement: Unplayable.

Lay Siege

This is a great tech Market card for a few different scenarios. The first being that is protects your units when you send everything into the red zone. Then, if your opponent doesn’t take the bait it works just the same if they try to go for the crackback. It even breaks Permafrost, which I can see being played a lot more with all these Curse-matters cards.

Judgement: Market.

Mercy of Kodosh

Now this is an interesting card. Nightfall, Fate/Echo, and opposing draw spells will all get you card advantage. I can’t imagine you would want multiple main deck but I could definitely see one in the Market against grindy matchups. This could be compared to Cauldron Cookbook but the biggest distinction is that it’s justice. Giving Argenport a draw engine out of the market seems fantastic. One downside to this is that a lot of controlling decks are playing Garden of Omens. So definitely be wary of that when you bring it in. 

Judgement: Market.


I am not excited by this card at all. If i wanted two units for 4 I would stick with Xulta Convoy. The upside here is that it’s a Curse for cards that care about that. The downside is that you don’t get to choose when or even if you will get to play the two Paladins.

Judgement: Unplayable.

Nivia’s Inquisitor

Decimate is an effect that I like on some of my cards but ideally I don’t want to have to Decimate all the time, that would be counterproductive. So having a card that needs you to activate a mechanic of another card to ever be considered playable doesn’t sound good to me.

Judgement: Unplayable.

Oni Stalwart

Talk about draft chaff. This card is not making its way into anyone’s Constructed deck, I hope.

Judgement: Unplayable.

Prancing Gryffyn

Aside from the possible Press-Gang shenanigans, I don’t see this Gryffyn prancing onto the Constructed stage.

Judgement: Unplayable.

Press the Advantage

Thematically I don’t understand why it doesn’t give two of your Oni Aegis. I mean come on, share the loot, right? Joking aside, I think this card is playable so long as you are playing a dedicated Oni deck. Giving your Jishu or Quartermaster Aegis is a great boon to making sure you can Press the Advantage.

Judgement: Niche Market.

Rent Seeker

You won’t be using this in constructed. The body is sub-par and there is no real payoff for Mastery.

Judgement: Unplayable.

Seasoned Drillmaster

My first impression is that this card could see play. A 3/3 for 3 is about par but the lack of keywords is not helping here. The upside is you get a one-time boost to one of your units to smash in for damage. This could be played on curve for the raw power or held to make sure your units can swing through the opponent’s defenses just as they stabilize.

Judgement: Borderline.

Shen-Ra, Unbreakable

Shen-Ra seems amazing for a 1-drop. Invulnerable to damage on your turn means that her climb to Mastery 8 won’t be impeded by combat. However, like most 1-drops, she is weak to Snowball and the like. She will easily find a home in aggressive Justice decks.

Judgement: Playable.

Soothing Shortbeak

The body is frail for the cost, but even if it is removed it did something. If the opponent isn’t playing a ton of Units this card goes way down in power level. On top of that you need to value Curses or the -1 really isn’t doing much on it’s own. This card seems unexciting.

Judgement: Unplayable.

Soulflame Rider

Soulflame rider does one thing very intuitively, it doesn’t punish you for having a lower maximum power. I think this could work very well with the Emblems, Cast into Shadow, and Immortalize to name a few. It won’t see play in just any deck, and for that it’s getting the niche rating.

Judgement: Niche.

Stand Strong

Oh how I wish this was a Fast Spell. At slow speed there’s no guarantee the unit will die unless you do something else to sacrifice it. There are better ways to give a Unit Exalted.

Judgement: Unplayable.

Storm of Feathers

This is another card that will be decent in Draft but won’t do enough in Constructed.

Judgement: Unplayable.

Xultan Paladin

This card is beyond good. Craft four of these immediately!

Judgement: Constructed all-star.

Overall, I am unimpressed with Justice in this set. The best cards are very niche or Market options. I think my favorite card from Justice is Lay Siege, there’s a lot of play to it. I hope you enjoyed this review, if you haven’t already you should check out the others!

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