TESL Academy: How to effectively spend money in The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Hi Everybody! My name is Ethan, but you may have seen me on Reddit or in game as WaitThisIsntMTG. I’m not a top ranked player like the majority of Team Rankstar, but, as I’m going to focus on content for newbies, I don’t think I need to be to have good advice. I’ve played card games for close to a decade (can you guess what I started with? ;)), and I am an Administrator for The Elder Scrolls: Legends Facebook

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TESL Academy: How to Effectively use Lanes

Hi everybody! WaitThisIsntMTG back again with some more tips for newbies. Today we are going to focus a bit deeper into the theory of the game itself, in the form of discussing how to use lanes adeptly. I won’t go through every possible scenario, as this is meant to focus on the theory at a high level. To gain even deeper knowledge of this, watch some of the community’s high legend players on twitch and ask questions about their plays!

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TESL Academy: How to play around and effectively use Runes and Prophecies

Hey Everybody! WaitThisIsntMTG back again with some tips for improving play. Last time we discussed lanes, today we’re going to discuss Runes and Prophecies, which are the other major defining characteristic of The Elder Scrolls: Legends (TESL). To cover the basics, every player starts the game with 30 health, and 5 unbroken runes. Every 5 health you lose, one of your runes breaks. Whenever a rune is broken you draw a card, and if that card has prophecy, you may

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends New Player Guide

**As TES:L is updated, we will keep this guide updated accordingly** Table of Contents 1.0) Game Overview 1.1) Cards 1.2) Card Anatomy 1.3) Main Keywords 1.4) Other Effects 1.5) Game / Community Terminology 1.6) Game User Interface 1.7) Packs 1.8) Titles 2.0) Your First Hours in the Game 3.0) Game Economy 3.1) Twitch Drops 3.2) Login Rewards 3.3) Soul Gems 3.4) Daily Quests 4.0) Leveling Rewards 5.0) Game Expansions 5.1) The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood 5.2) Heroes of Skyrim 5.3) Houses of Morrowind 5.4) Return to Clockwork City 5.5) Madhouse Collection 5.6) Forgotten Hero Collection 5.7)

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